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Nightmare Fuel / Aviators

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Tyler Shaw's ability to write music can translate into some pretty scary stuff, you know...

  • "Shadows". There's something terrifying about Discord going through a Yank the Dog's Chain-Heel–Face Revolving Door... Thankfully, From All Sides, the next track, subverts it.
  • "Spirit of Chaos". This proves that Aviators can infuse pure, undiluted, TERROR into a badass song. His inspiration would be proud, and having Discord's laughter at one point does NOT help.
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  • "Monster". He and Omnipony can turn All Love Is Unrequited into something truly scary. Wanna know what's it about? Well... Discord discovers that Princess Celestia, his one and only love, does not love him back, and he becomes the very monster she thinks she is. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!.
  • "One Last Letter". It comes with the genre, even if it IS infused with Electronic Music. Balloon Party's second album "After Party" includes a VIP Mix, which in turn infuses the song with Dubstep, and then there's the video's opening narration... On the video, the words "CHAOS IS RISING" show up with a very dissonant Scare Chord after the song proper ends. Discord's won, all right...
  • "Her Darker Side". Beware the Nice Ones indeed: The song details Twilight Sparkle's Jumping Off the Slippery Slope and causing a complete and total apocalypse.
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  • At first, The Far Side seems to be a song about transcending mortality. Then you read the description, and realize that it's actually about a spirit luring people to their death. Those lyrics suddenly take a far more sinister turn, and you almost fell for it.
    Tell me all your secrets
    I could be your key to the afterlife
    Feel the rhythm in my cold heart
    I could make your soul a work of art


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