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Nightmare Fuel / Attack of the Clones

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  • Anakin killing the Tusken Raiders, not just the men, but the women and the innocent children too.
    • Just before he starts his rampage, just after his mother dies in his arms...the look on his face. Darth Vader was born in that moment.
    • In the formerly official novelization, it is revealed that the Sand People whipped Shmi so much, she could only feel the whip as a brush across her back. That's how badly her nerves were damaged.
    • The novelization takes it further, Anakin kills every living thing in the Tusken village, men, women, children, and animals and then burns it to the ground.
    • Another one from the novelization; the rescue attempt by the moisture farmers. The Tuskens strung a wire across the ground, resulting in at least half of the thirty farmers being decapitated, and Cliegg losing his leg.
    • Anakin's subsequent conversation with Padmé isn't much better.
    Anakin: Not just the men, but the women... And the children, too. They're like animals! And I slaughtered them like animals! I HATE THEM!
  • When Anakin charges at him during their climactic duel, Dooku casually throws some Force lightning at him, which causes him to scream in agony as Dooku then hurls him against the wall. While Anakin is laying there barely conscious, we see that his clothing is burnt and smoke is coming off of him. That must have hurt like hell.
  • Jango Fett's beheading is pretty graphic. There's no blood, of course (this being Star Wars) but look closely and you can see his head go flying out of his helmet. Now keep in mind that his 10-year-old kid just saw this happen. That would traumatize him for life.
    • Considering that kid grew up to be BOBA FETT, he probably was traumatized.
  • During the fight in the droid manufacturing plant, one poor Geonosian falls over onto a red-hot plate. As if that weren't enough, he's immediately crushed by a hydraulic press. *shudder*
  • Those creatures in the Geonosis arena. Jeesh.
    • Especially the acklay. That high pitched roar sends chills up your spine. The stuff of nightmares, truly.
    • The nexu (the tiger-like one pictured) is arguably worse than the acklay. The Geonosian warriors seem to have at least some degree of control over the acklay and the reek. The nexu gets zapped once by a shock-prod and immediately pounces on the poor alien.
    • The reek is quite unsettling due to the EU statement that it's normally a herbivore. It's been starved into a mostly carnivorous diet, which is where the red coloring comes from.
  • Palpatine overseeing the clone troopers flying off to war. Knowing what lies in store, and with the usage of the Imperial March, the sight is quite chilling.

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