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Nightmare Fuel / Astoria: Fate's Kiss

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  • In Season 1, it's mentioned that death isn't necessarily permanent for gods - reincarnation is always an option. Season 2 explains the actual process: A human may be born with the potential to become the dead god, but nothing will come of it unless they take part in a ritual to trigger the change, whereupon the human identity is essentially annihilated from the inside as the god is reborn.note  The reborn god keeps the human's memories, but the personality that was the sum of a lifetime of experiences and relationships is gone. This is presented as an unambiguously good thing, at least as far as the gods and their closest allies are concerned. At the end of Cerberus' Season 2 story, Hades mentions finding the reincarnated Hermes, and everyone cheerfully hopes the baby will grow up soon so Hermes can rejoin them.
    • Season 2, in Hydra and Medusa's routes, it also indicates that for the ritual to be successful, it requires a living human sacrifice as well. So not only is the 'host' human subsumed by the god, but an additional human needs to die as well during the ritual.
      • Cyprin's season 2 suggests otherwise, however, as Ares is able to release Hera's power with no sacrifice - although the Heroine is able to fight it due to her love of Cyprin.

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