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Nightmare Fuel / Assassin's Creed: Unity

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For once, it's not the Animus that produced this glitch.

  • Remember John from IT? That descendant of Aita who died trying to use the research analyst in Black Flag as a vessel for Juno? He's received the same treatment as Desmond Miles, and is being used by Abstergo to find other Sages in order to unlock the Precursor genome to unlock even more Pieces of Eden.
  • The prologue of Jacques de Molay's death is pretty spooky. Especially when he gets burnt at the stake and curses the King who watches him die with sadistic satisfaction with his cold gray eyes. The shot of his eyes with the burning flames reflecting is especially spooky.
  • The Mushroom Samba of Arno's initiation is pretty much an Arkham Scarecrow mission, with collapsing floors made of bones and skulls and statues with glowing eyes that follow you.
  • The bug that randomly removes character faces and leaves only their eyes, hair and mouths. For players who dodged being spoiled concerning the bugs, it's a shocking first experience to show just how utterly Ubisoft's QA team screwed up.
    • Germain's death looks unpleasent enough. Now see Arno with the face glitch savoring the moment as he slowly shoves his blade into Germains throat. Sweet dreams.
  • The scariest thing in the Dead Kings DLC, is not the Raiders, not the First Civ ghost illusions, not the piece of Eden at the end, not the rats and bats, nor even the claustrophobic catacombs with piles of skulls dotting corners. It's Napoleon "motherfucking" Bonaparte who coldly keeps his subordinates in his place, burns a pack of rats with oil cooly and gives an epic Start of Darkness speech.
    Napoleon: "I know the human animal. What you fear, what you love? Is Rose a bad man? Undoubtedly. But I, Napoleon, can control him and turn him to what's best for France. The masses will gladly renounce their freedom if all can entertain the hope of rising to the top. With the artifact inside the temple, I will bring them the illusion of hope. And I will lead us to glory."
    • The scary part, he's right, and he ends up doing all of those things, making France and Europe his bitch and Arno Dorian can do nothing but watch in slackjawed shock at how Napoleon made a total fool of him.
  • From the Rift Data, one of Juno's rants implies that Clay and Desmond are in some way still "alive"... and stuck in The Grey with her. Bad enough their deaths were pretty horrific (and brought about by Juno's own manipulations), but the thought that even after they've died, they still don't get release...
  • At the beginning of "The Jacobin Raid" co-op mission, the cutscene includes a depiction of Robespierre's beheading. When the same fate befalls King Louis XVI in a story mission, we see it from far away, so it's not that disturbing. The same can't be said for Robespierre. We're treated to a nice extended close-up of his severed, mutilated head being held up, complete with facial wounds, a lolling jaw, and disturbingly realistic-looking eyes rolled back in their sockets.

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