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Nightmare Fuel / Assassin's Creed: Revelations

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  • Being able to hear the Assassins talk while on Animus Island is pretty creepy. What with them talking like Desmond's not there, and being totally unaware of what he's going through really cements the coma feeling.
  • It's a little horrifying to make your way up the tower where "Sofia" is being held hostage... only to realize that it's not her, and the real Sofia is being hanged from a tree in a courtyard in the distance.
  • Also, the Templar stalkers, who can backstab you at anytime. What was Ubisoft thinking?!
    • Not to mention beating them usually involves graphically jamming their knife into their face. It's up close.
  • We finally get to see what happens when someone without sufficient First Civilization DNA tries to use an Apple of Eden. It isn't pretty. When Abbas activates the Apple, it goes berserk and starts firing off randomly; knocking Altaïr around and reducing everyone else to writhing on the ground in pain. This includes Abbas himself, who is in the process of being slowly killed by the Apple until Altaïr shuts it off.
  • We see the dramatic and terrifying conclusion to the First Civilization. Storms, earthquakes, and a literal wall of flames."And then the world ended..."
    • And while its visually awesome, seeing the explosion slowly engulfing a terrified mother and her baby alive will haunt you for weeks.
  • Some of the new counter attacks and finishing moves are rather painful to watch. One involves Ezio sticking his sword in an enemy's neck and twisting their head 180 degrees!
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  • Also, the game introduces Templar stalkers who will mug and try to backstab you when you least expect it.
  • Suicide by way of a ballpoint pen. A Slow suicide that spilled enough blood to paint the walls using a pen.


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