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Nightmare Fuel / Arisa

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  • The premise of the series is that an unknown person in the school has complete control over Class 2B, can make them do anything he wants by granting their increasingly harmful wishes, and even has the power to make people disappear. Possibly even worse than what he does is how the class worships him as a god—Shiori gets trash dumped on her desk, which is referred to as "the garbage," and Tsubasa is beaten, harassed, and threatened for daring to go against the King.
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  • The King's messenger doll in chapter 7 is both a clown and a creepy doll that speaks its threatening message and then laughs maniacally. Then it explodes.
  • Those who betray or doubt the King are punished by him and ostracized from the class. This even includes his own followers, and they're often left so despondent that they try to kill themselves.
  • While posing as Arisa, Tsubasa ignores Arisa's friend Mariko in favor of her boyfriend Midori. Mariko figures out her identity and gives her drugged cookies, then pushes her into a pool to drown.
  • Class 2B seems to show some remorse and guilt after they assist in murdering a criminal, but their complaints are selfish, and soon after they join in beating up Tsubasa, while Arisa flatlines in the hospital at the same time.
  • The ending has Arisa finding true love with Midori, ignoring that Midori was an ax-crazy killer who manipulated everyone, including Arisa. Many have pointed out that one of the scariest parts of the series wasn't even intentional.


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