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Nightmare Fuel / Arcana Heart

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  • Lieselotte is a cute little kid who's actually a world class assassin Enfant Terrible. Furthermore, she carries a doll containing her sister's soul (or so she thought).
  • The bad endings of the original game. You have failed to prevent Mildred's ritual to merge the human world with the Elemental World, and her castle shakes the merging begins. Mildred flies away to watch from afar while whoever the player was using is left to tremble. Mildred says that the player character will be the first to enter the new world she is creating, but every character she leaves is terrified that they are going to die in the dimensional rift:
    • Saki in her ending tries to warn Midlred that the Elemental World is dangerous and merging the worlds is a mistake. Heart in her and Saki's ending doesn't understand what is going but she is nonetheless terrified.
    • Kamui is certain that she and Konoha will both be killed in the rift.
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    • Lilica warns Mildred that countless people will die thanks to what she is doing, but Mildred refuses to listen.
    • Maori warns Mildred that the rift will only bring destruction, which Mildred brushes off saying creation and destruction can't exist without each other. Heart and Saki show up and they attempt make their escape.
    • Liesolotte has Heart show up to help her escape, but she resigns to her fate certain that they will both die.
    • Mei-Fang's ending has her state the entire region is danger from the energy coming out of the rift. Mildred allows Mei-Fang to rescue her creator, but at the moment she is running out of power. Kira shows up saying she will save the two but the professor says that it's too late.
    • In Kira's ending, she is certain Mildred's plan will cause the end of the world. She tries to act brave saying she will rule the new world, but quickly caves in the face of the rift.
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    • After the scene with the beaten player character, the screen goes white and cuts to the news reporter. She comments on the light emerging from Mildred's castle and how it's getting brighter. In a panic, she says it's no longer safe in Tokyo and urges everyone watching to get out of the city before the screen turns white. The player doesn't see what happens next, they just get a black screen with a text box saying, "And on this day, our world was changed forever..."
  • Scharlachrot, outside of her own story mode. She is ill tempered and aggressive thanks to the Drexler Institute's conditioning. Not being able to find Weiß or Weiß not thinking of her in arcade mode causes her to go utterly ballistic and want to use the Ragnarok to destroy Japan, including herself.
  • The third game has a bad ending for each character if the timer runs out against Ragnarok. Having charged up its main weapon, it flies off into the sky to fire. Each character has their own reactions, some trying to still fight, others preparing for the end. Regardless, we see the terrified reporter who states something is lighting up the sky as the screen turns white. After this, the player gets treated to another black screen with a text box, this one saying, "And on this day, Japan ceased to exist."

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