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Nightmare Fuel / Arcaea

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  • The effects of positive Arcaea overdose in Chapter 1-ZR, the bad ending for the Luminous Sky chapter. She's so overloaded with memories of happiness that it dulls her mind until she's rendered a mindless husk.
  • All of the Anomaly Scripted Events:
    • Chapter 1 (Vicious Labyrinth): About partway through "Axium Crisis", the game appears to glitch out, with the background image (of Tairitsu) breaking up, red lines appearing on the screen, and the playfield suddenly changing angles, before closing the shutters to introduce "Grievous Lady". If this is your first time experiencing this, you might think you've broken your (likely expensive) phone or tablet for a moment.
    • Chapter 3 (Luminous Sky): About partway through "Ether Strike", the Recollection gauge turns red to signify that it is now under Hard rules, and starts to decrease every few seconds. This ensures that the player will see the next effect: As the Recollection meter nears zero, the screen starts to slowly Fade to White, making the player feel like they're dying. Once the end of the track is reached, or rather where the track usually ends, it keeps going, hitting notes does nothing but add "max Pure" bonus points if they get them, the Recollection gauge rises on its own, and the playfield distortion effect from "Axium Crisis" also occurs before introducing the player to "Fracture Ray". Oh, and if you fail at any point between triggering the Anomaly and accessing "Fracture Ray", the screen turns completely white, the track fades out, and you don't get the usual "Track Lost" message as the shutters close.
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    • Chapter 5 (Black Fate): About halfway through Tempestissimo, the background changes suddenly to include Tempest Tairitsu, the edges of the screen darken, most of the HUD disappears, your gauge (be it an Easy gauge at the time or the overflowed Hard gauge) is swapped out for the Tempest Gauge (which decreases on its own if you aren't increasing your Recall), and the remainder of the chart is swapped out for the next difficulty's chart (Past 6->Present 9, Present 9->Future 10, Future 10->Beyond 11). As shown in the story sequence immediately before unlocking Tempestissimo, Tairitsu isn't there to congratulate you for your efforts, She's there to kill Hikari, and what you just saw was the first hit she landed on her.
    • Even the "Terminal Song" Scripted Event added with Black Fate is this. Hikari, having endured Tairitsu's onslaught and using the last of her strength, is either bearing witness to the world breaking down from instability right in front of her or is fracturing it herself. During the event, the background and even the song chart itself is glitching regularly, and at the very end, the display cuts out and the game reboots. And once you trigger the event, there is no quitting out of it early: the game doesn't even provide you a pause button.
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  • "Heavensdoor" by LeaF is a very dark and fast-paced track with lots of unexpected changes and nasty distortion effects.

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