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Nightmare Fuel / Arad's Stardust

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  • Twilight's first encounter with the Invaders: a Chryssalid massacring three people in front of her, then attacking her.
    • Twilight's response to it, crushing it into a pulp (they literally had to vacuum pump it out of the crater) with her telekinesis, is also this. In-Universe, even for Twilight herself.
  • Twilight waking up in the X-Com containment unit, about to be "interrogated".
  • Twilight's own nightmare where she repeats her killing of the Chryssalid, only it turns into Spike, plaintively asking why she's killed him.
  • The Overseer Ethereal hallucination's Breaking Speeches in Broken are absolutely terrifying.
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  • Vahlen's Freudian Excuse as to why she is distrustful of Twilight: Her brother and niece were brutally massacred by Chryssalids, and she was on the phone to listen to it all.



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