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Nightmare Fuel / Aquaria

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Despite the innocent look of the game, it still contains elements that might not make you sleep at night...

  • Mithalas Cathedral, home of creepy music, disgusting blood vessels and tumors on the walls, giant Shoggoth-esque tumors to fight, and more tentacles than you can shake a stick at. And that's all before you find out how it and Mithala got to be the way they are.
    • When you realize the Mithalas citizen had to "eat their own children" to survive and in the end...
  • The disasters which befell the various races whose former homes you're exploring... The ones who were just slaughtered by the Creator got off easy.
  • The Abyss. Deep, dark water with horrible things lurking in it. You can illuminate the area with Sun Form... which is defenseless. There's even a Blue Whale down there, which is harmless, but still terrifying when it looms up out of the murk. Even Naija gasps in fright when she sees the whale, which she normally does only to announce bosses.
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  • Swim up into a certain cave with a suspicious save crystal before it and there's a giant Faceless Eye. Hope you brought a lot of healing items, because it's the King Jellyfish.
  • Going through The Sunken City can give you a few chills.
  • The Creator. All five forms are a different kind of nightmarish. The first is a giant alabaster figure sitting on a throne with a voice that fluctuates between deep and childlike. The second form involves the giant's face popping off, revealing a black void that absorbs your partner, while the legs break off to be replaced by horrible tentacles. The third form is a horrible crablike creature with clutching arms, giant snapping pinchers, and a single staring eye (and did I mention there is a baby-shaped likeness of Li inside a hollow on its back?). This form stalks you (and vice versa) through a pitch-black maze. After you beat this form, the freakish spindly babylike puppet creature emerges from the lobster's back as the fourth (and likely easiest) form. The fifth and final form is the most nightmarish of all: A misshapen behemoth with a protruding eye (which you rip out with telekinesis), a huge toothy mouth in his chest cavity (which opens to reveal a baby's head which in turn shoots a laser that takes up almost the entire screen), and a scream that will haunt your dreams.
    • His death animation also doesn't help.
  • The last Dungeon. Walls that look like machinery mixed with flesh, blood cells flowing in water currents and on top of all, spiders hanging from ceilings with a sun-like enemy grinning at you and shooting projectiles in a circular motion. What's worse, you also see tubes hanging around and mouths jumping at you to grab a eat from Naija.
  • The Walkers. Sure, they're harmless animals, but their appearance is still frightening.
  • Imagine you've been fighting with solitude and amnesia for a long time. You finally found love and a companion, made new memories and you defeat the very source of said loneliness. You raise a kid and have a family, with everything slowly going back to normal. And then, your mother shows up and wipes away all your memories, just as she did before. Because you were meant as a weapon of destruction.

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