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Nightmare Fuel / Animal Jam

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Yeah, Animal Jam may be your "average kid's game", with its sugary Tastes Like Diabetes look and happy animals, but that doesn't mean there's nothing nightmarish.

  • The whole premise of phantoms, Anthropomorphic Personification of pollution, destroying Jamaa, turning it from a bright, colorful Ghibli Hills Sugar Bowl to dark, frightening Mordor-like Polluted Wasteland and kidnapping innocent animal citizens. And you thought pollution in Real Life couldn't be that scary...
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  • The Conversation Museum theme accidentally sounds like a horror theme. Some describe it as if a murder happened.
  • There's a graveyard in the eagle adventure which is just creepy for kid's game to have.
  • If you turn into a flying animal in the hot cocoa hut and fly upwards, you'll see an eerie carving.
    • There's also a mask in the Sarepia theater which looks similar.
  • 'Bitter Sweets' is a Halloween adventure. It looks innocent enough, but the music is really spine-chilling.
    • The whole premise of the Proto-phantoms stealing all of the candies may be looked alright at first, but when you start playing with it, it wasn't just the Proto-phantoms that was around, the normal phantoms that you kill in normal adventures are also present. And it wasn't just the worst part: you are playing the adventure as your pet you selected. And those phantoms there ARE SO ANNOYING to handle. Once struck, you are automatically lost your life and forced to revive again! Thankfully, this feature is already discontinued, as the normal phantoms are now removed, leaving the adventure being played much easier.
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    • The surrounding place that you played in has a creepy case of Scenery Gorn, with the accompanying music that fits the background so well. Here are a few examples:
      • The graveyard located on the middle left of the adventure was an unsettling place, complete with irregular-sized tombstones being placed everywhere and creepy-looking trees. There are even two tombstones that turn out being interactive, in which one of them is a weird-looking blob with lots of eyes popping out the headstone, and the second opens a mouth-like door opens wide and a ghost comes out from the said tombstones. The music that accompanies it is rather eerie.
      • The pumpkin patch music has creepy chanting in the background.
      • The shortest one (Outskirts is also the worst. The beginning sounds straight out of a horror movie.
      • The other two, the swamp and lab, aren't as bad, but can still be pretty unnerving.
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  • The "reach arm into the hole" choice in "Brady's Expeditions" involves a giant uncannily lifelike centipede grasping onto Brady Barr's hand.
  • In Dash Tag, some of the pets' descriptions or traits couldn't have come from a sane person. For example, some of the pets' favorite toys are sharp objects, an axe, and a knife.note