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Nightmare Fuel / Angel Sanctuary

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Considering how Earth is currently on hold and Hell is barely any better than Heaven, you're bound to come across these.

  • The laboratory in Yetzirah. 'Imperfect' angels are used as living lab-rats and kept awake and conscious constantly to observe their nerve-reactions to all the experimenting.
  • Stakers. It's a term used for angels whose brains have been altered and doctored with specific needles to eradicate and avoid 'unnecessary thoughts'. This may also include limiting certain physical actions.
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  • In the anime, Setsuna gets his arm torn off in slow, graphic detail by a Golem. That’s right, a Golem tore the arm off an angel. Slowly.
  • The idea that God doesn't love us and created us only as an experiment.
  • The terrifying and deranged Sandalphon and what he does to Lailah.
  • Heaven and Hell are just as corrupted and terrible as Earth. Heaven as humans imagined it is a mirage.
  • What happens to an angel once its wings get cut off.

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