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Nightmare Fuel / And the Story Continues

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Spoilers Off applies to all "Moments" pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • While the concept of Shinigami is creepy enough on the surface, the fic implies that humans who have used the Death Note like Light and L did will become Shinigami themselves when they die, with no memory of their past lives or identities. Imagine dying and expecting to end up in either Heaven or Hell, or at least Cessation of Existence...but instead you become a grotesque creature of death that literally needs to kill to survive, trapped in a land of nothingness and doomed to either complete inertia or resorting to causing chaos in the human world just to temporarily relieve your boredom, which may or may not involve terrorizing your former loved ones. Adding on to this is the implication that whatever mindset you were in when you died (which likely would be unpleasant, to say the least) is the one you're locked in forever.
    • Fridge Horror makes this even worse considering this will likely happen to Misa when she dies. It becomes Ascended Fridge Horror when Misa herself starts to realise such when she figures out that Lumen is Light and doesn't remember his old life or her at all.
    • Then there's the nightmare that Erin has in which L, with his flesh rapidly rotting off of him, begs her to free him from his nightmare of being stuck in no man's land by killing him. Either this is a dream conjured up by Erin after meeting Umbra based on her anxieties about him, or it's an active cry from L's sprit in Umbra reaching out to her.
  • Chapter 17 gives a flashback of an interaction between L and BB at A's funeral. L listens to BB's creepily cheerful Straw Nihilist philosophy and realizes just how screwed up BB has become. He looks back on it later as a foreshadowing of the Los Angeles BB Murder case.
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  • While Umbra is very loyal and affectionate towards Erin, his behaviour towards her in general carries ominous undertones. He steals Matsuda's phone to text her pretending to be him (an act resembling how some predators lure in their victims). Then he offers to kill Kimiko after she kills Erin's cat while Off the Wagon. Not helping matters is that Umbra is implied to be L reincarnated and acting on what feelings he had for Erin but never made apparent, which have presumably been corrupted like everything else about him.
  • Kiyomi's death: jumping from a balcony in a fit of suicidal despair (forced upon you by someone else, no less), and then getting your head crushed under a moving car is a nasty way to go. One hesitates to imagine how the driver of said car must have taken it...
  • Animal (especially cat) lovers may take exception to Kimiko, who was supposed to take care of Erin's cat while she was away, running over and killing him while inebriated, especially if it has happened to them in Real Life.
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  • Sochiro having to cope with how he raised a mass murderer and never knew what his son was doing and was feeling until it was too late, a struggle for many Real Life parents of murderers like Susan Klebold, mother of one of the Columbine school shooters. It gets worse once Lumen, Light's new shinigami persona, calls Sochiro to brag about what he's been up to and threaten his surviving family if the latter doesn't come see him, making sure to call him "Father" and "Daddy" all the while.

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