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Nightmare Fuel / Amanda Palmer

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  • Intention of Slide by the Dresden Dolls = mildly creepy; Effect of Slide by the Dresden Dolls = really incredibly terrifying!!!
    • On the sheet music, she's got the final note listed as, "The saddest note in the world."
  • "Lonesome Organist Rapes Page-Turner". And the fact that Amanda gets manic at various points in the song doesn't help.
  • While Amanda Palmer has said that "Half-Jack" was about far more than one subject, it could also be about a split personality in her (who just happened to be an authoritative male figure) who was forcing her to suicide.
    "It might destroy me
    But I'd sacrifice my body
    If it means I'll get the Jack part out
    AH-OH! AH-OH!"
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  • "Mrs. O" is pure terror about Holocaust denial from a teacher. Coupled with the bright chords that Amanda uses, it creates a nightmarish effect rivaling Coin-Operated Boy.
  • "Missed Me" could be about either child molestation or an Enfante Terrible manipulating an adult. Either way, it's terrifying.
  • Her cover of Nirvana's song "Polly" somehow managed to make a genuinely creepy song even more horrifying.
  • Her cover of Seerauber Jenny is legitimately chilling.
  • Her love for theatrics and doll/clown makeup and costumes brings her into this category a lot.

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