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Nightmare Fuel / Alphas

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  • Stanton Parish suffocates his dying granddaughter in her bed, presumably to end her suffering. The fact stands that he's willing to murder his own flesh and blood.
  • The episode Gaslight. Flickering lights, dark hallways and vivid hallucinations.
  • Nina's usage of her power when she's not on the straight and narrow. While her usual usage is hardily "good" when she's snapped she's downright evil. Look at her actions during "When Push Comes To Shove":
    • Forces her childhood sweetheart to leave his wife and kids to stay with her note 
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    • Forces Rachel to kiss her knowing exactly how Rachel would react to such a thing with her powers
    • Casually commands a waiter to go and get a certain condiment knowing that he'd jump in the sea to get it - and laughing almost manically at it
    • Making Hicks shoot anyone who attempts to stop them. Somebody who should know better than anyone how Hicks felt after Ghost used him.
      • This was made worse the fact of how deadly efficient Hicks is when pushed.
  • While captured, Scipio (Who's ability is to light fires when full of adrenaline), taunts Dr. Rosen about his daughter. It should be noted that Scipio's left hand is right over his heart, in case he attempted to break out. Rosen calmly explains that he's going to inject Scipio full of adrenaline, simulating the experience all of Scipio's victims (which include his parents and sister), which, in Scipio's own words, is "Making their skin sizzle." Scipio's screams while he burns himself are horrifying, and fully show what Rosen is capable of.
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  • Parish's "self-made armageddon" is a very disturbing concept that embodies the term Paranoia Fuel: There you are, living your life, when a sudden light flash causes your brain to break down and you spend the last seconds of your life debating like a squirming fish as you lose consciousness. It may be quick and painless, but damn Parish, that's some horro movie level stuff you've got there.
  • Also take note that when you're being restrained and you see Kimi Milard walking towards you ... unless someone saves you, you're freaking screwed!
  • Rachel's daily life. She hears every footstep, every fart, every screaming argument, every squeaking hinge, the hum of every flourescent bulb and the whine of every mosquito in probably all of New York City. Then consider how much everything must stink. And the fact that she can see the mites and germs and bug droppings on everything, including her food. And how her clothes must feel like chain-mail and the breeze sandblasts her skin with airborne dust. And she can't turn it off!
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  • The effects of The Ghost's brainwashing on Hicks in the Pilot: He is constantly reminded to carry out the suggestion, with people like his boss, an elderly customer at the store, and even a child telling him that it's "time to kill" and to "pull the trigger." Even newspapers and the Stock Exchange ticker won't let him forget. And The Ghost can do this to anyone he wants just by calling them.
  • The "Alpha vaccine", Renestrin. The government is on the verge of distributing a drug which will keep babies from being born as Alphas. Allegedly, it prevents birth defects, but what it really does is interfere with the fetal development of more evolved children. Treating birth defects in-utero is a matter of highly advanced gene therapy that is being seriously researched IRL, but it's a delicate procedure, not something that can be provided via an OTC medication. OTOH, if all you want to do is eliminate "defective" fetuses? That's far easier. The government is planning on giving countless unknowing women abortions because they don't want the children running around.

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