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Nightmare Fuel / Albedo: Erma Felna EDF

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Despite the author normally avoids showing the bloodiest parts of the conflict, when he decides to do it, normally it's not very pretty to see:

  • The color remake of the Battle of Derzon shows a scene when Erma and a group of soldiers finds a room full of dead civilians recently executed by ILR soldiers.
  • Another gruesome scene from the same remake is when a ILR soldier kills an entire family with children when trying to ambush an EDF soldier. The remaining EDF soldiers captured the culprit and they tried to lynch him, albeit Erma stops them from doing so. He's later killed by his own men via a sniper, possibly to prevent him from being captured and interrogated by the EDF.
  • When Arrat and his crew tries to reach the Chishata mining colony for investigating the massacre, the whole crime scene was booby-trapped by the ILR and Arrat loses many of his men on many gruesome ways. The most bloodiest scene of all is when a non-action crew member in his work console is crippled by a projectile that hit the ceiling of Arrat's ship, turning him into a bloody red smear in the floor. While we only see the blood in the floor and the console, one of Arrat's crew members describe the victim as being sliced on half by that projectile.
    • From the same event, a female crewmember is also killed by a hidden gun inside the colony's bridge and she has half of her head blown by that trap. We don't see too much blood or gore, but by carefully observing the scene we can see how her head basically explodes.
    • And, for making the things worse, The Arrat's crew found the survivors of that colony being gassed with a brain-destroying neurotoxic agent, with their life support systems still attached of them. It turns out those systems are rigged with explosives and when one of the crewmembers tried to manipulated the system using a robot drone, it blew out, killing many of the survivors. While we don't see much of the aftermath, since the drone was destroyed, we see drops of blood floating in the colony, so you can get an idea how messy was that.
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  • While this scene is described textually in In The Beginning short story on the Refractions anthology, Dr. Phillips describes the other members of the Species sent to Arras Chanka suffered of mental shock after getting their memories wiped out by chemical means. Taking into account they're anthropomorphic animals, you can get an idea how nightmarish that scene could have been for both Phillips and anyone involved on it.
  • During the second arc, an ILR crewmember of a random ship is drowing in his own blood in his space suit when the EDF uses the Matter Conversion Cannon against his ship and the spaceship is destroyed. Another fellow member, who survived the attack, is forced to put him out of his misery by blowing his brains out with a gun.
  • In Birthright the anti-royalist forces executes in cold blood some people accused of helping the royal forces and some desserters, but not before forcing them to identify some of them at gunpoint. While we don't see the aftermath, we do see the faces of terror of the people being forced to watch the carnage.

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