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Nightmare Fuel / Akiko Shikata

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  • "EXEC_over.METHOD_SUBLIMATION/.~ee wassa sos yehar" (from Ar Tonelico 2) is perhaps her most famous song of this category. The chorus translates quite literally to "die, die, die, die!" In context, the characters who sing it are attempting to fuse all the people into a new aspect of the planet's consciousness because the planet is dying.
    • Its predecessor "EXEC_over.METHOD_SUBLIMATION/.~lamenza" is also filled to the brim with nightmarish lyrics.
  • The "fire" songs from Harmonia:
    • "Uzumebi" is full of anger and rage, and the first line translates to "Will I feel better if I burn everything to ashes?" It also describes generally the feelings of a blighted woman.
    • "Replicare" is about a person wandering a ruined land and being eternally tormented by the souls of people who died in it. The disaster that destroyed it is chillingly described. And to top it off, the comments she wrote about it in her personal blog are closed off with this gem: "if it allowed you to feel like you were in a vague nightmare, that'd make me really happy."
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    • "Umineko no Naku koro ni~Rengoku~" has a chaotic melody and lyrics from the point of view of Beatrice. However, Shikata herself once commented she wrote it as a way to settle down how she felt after having read through the first four episodes.
  • "Kin'iro no Chōsō ~Uruwashi no Bansan~" is also from Beatrice's point of view. The lyrics have the Halloween feel of a witch promising to torment you, complete with a good ol' Evil Laugh in the middle that almost gives Sayaka Ohara a run for her money.

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