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Nightmare Fuel / Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War

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  • The mission "Powder Keg". The vast majority of spoken dialogue is from the mission's target, a massive underground weapon storage facility, and makes no attempt whatsoever to play down just how horrible it is for the fire crews inside. While you're playing the guy bombing it.
  • Meanwhile, most of the rest of the spoken dialog is from the other members of your squadron, who by this point seem to be suffering from varying degrees of battle fatigue. You get the feeling that if they live they'll wind up as Shell Shocked Veterans, although as of the final mission they're still perfectly combat capable.
  • Just before the mission above is the no less horrifying "Chain Reaction" with the horrified airport personnel radio broadcasting all the time in response to a major terrorist attack.
  • Also in Ace Combat 5, there are the missions where you encounter the Scinfaxi. First, it manages to destroy two aircraft carriers and most of the Osean fleet. Then, you fight it again during the invasion of Sand Island. You kill it there, but hearing Kei screaming over the radio "Climb you Nuggets! Climb!" and the rest of your wingmen screaming in much the same way, then hearing the screams of terror and anguish as the nuggets fail to do so.
    • You see the nuggets (or fresh recruits in Layman's Terms) on screen following your plane as you take on the enemy. They're still following you when the Scinfaxi appears again, meaning that if you're looking at them when the missile hits, you get to watch their planes explode and disappear from radar. All of them.
      • "The eject handle's stuck!" Chilling.
  • If Tear Jerker and Moment of Awesome can also count as something scary, the mission Journey Home. Especially from the Yuke's/Grey Men point of view. After Chopper's death, the rest of Wardog become frighteningly competent, killing most if not all the invading forces on their own. Mix the frightened comments on demons from the enemy forces with the game's mythology and it's a not so subtle hint that you and your wingmen are no normal pilots, you actually are demons and at this stage they took over.
  • The third mission "Narrow Margin", features a good bit of it in its mid-mission cutscene, when a downed jet crashes into the sea among a load of sailors who've abandoned their sinking ships, spreading burning jetfuel over the area. It's presented simply as a black screen with the sounds of screaming behind it.
    Chopper: Please... somebody stop this... I can't take it any more...
    • There is a dialogue choice right after that if you let expire indicates Blaze himself is too stunned to speak
  • The missions after the first coin toss has your squadron stopping a Yuktobanian terror attack on one of the cities depending on which you got chosen. One has you stopping a terrorist attack on Apito International Airport. You can hear the controllers in the Control Tower freaking out as enemy tanks coming out of transport planes and start firing on the terminals, civilians in the terminals panicking as the airport PA tries to calm them down, enemy fighters targeting civilian jets that are flying above the airport which are low on fuel and needed to land quickly. The other mission, while more lighthearted compared to this one, still deals with the terrorists organizing a poisonous gas attack all over a city. Both situations are pretty scary terrorist attack scenarios. The fact that they both happened this deep into Osea, which should be a safe territory far away from the frontlines, gives a feeling that nowhere and nobody is safe from the terror of war.
  • The SOLG (Strategic Orbital Linear Gun) is basically a representation of the hatred of war. It was abandoned and forgotten for 15 years but now this hulking black monstrosity is careening towards a city full of innocent civilians.
  • If you fail an objective, leave the combat area, or run out of time during a mission, you're treated to the "Failed Game Over" music, a short but chilling brass horn track as opposed to the less harsh-sounding "Game Over" that plays when you've crashed or been shot down. Examples of failed objectives involve taking too long to find Nagase in "White Noise", where she's forced to destroy her radio, make her last stand against the approaching Yuke soldiers and say goodbye to her squadron, or letting the red timer run out in "The Journey Home", where you see enemy bombers destroy the stadium, killing many thousands of people still inside it.