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Nightmare Fuel / A View to a Kill

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For the James Bond Nightmare Fuel index, see here.
Pictured: The massacre that made Roger Moore quit the franchise. note 
  • May Day. A perfect gender-flipped Scary Black Man. When she's not throwing Death Glares, she kills people ruthlessly.
  • How utterly cold and ruthless Max Zorin is. Some of the horrific ways people die because of him include:
    • Dropped from a Zeppelin.
    • Being chopped up by an underwater turbine.
    • Drowning in a mine flood/collapse.
    • Machine-gunned while trying to escape said flood.
  • The last one? Zorin is laughing while he kills his own men. The ugly grin as he's peppering the with bullets is quite nauseating.
    • That ain't the half of his lips; it almost looks like he's talking to himself.
    • Even Roger Moore was horrified by the massacre.
  • Zorin's plan to sink Silicon Valley by triggering a massive earthquake by flooding multiple faultlines. And the fact that he very nearly succeeded having actually flooded the fault.
  • Pola Ivanova's captured partner is shoved into a water turbine head first.
  • Zorin setting City Hall on fire and leaving Bond and Stacey to their fiery fates. It takes some fast improvisation by Bond to get himself and Stacey out alive.
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  • It may be Played for Laughs, but just imagine being the officers stuck on that bridge with their cruiser hanging precariously on the edge as it's in a fully vertical position. In reality, they likely would not have survived their car coming loose and smashing into the cruiser below.
  • Bond gripping the ropes of the blimp as he and Zorin glide over San Francisco. Anyone easily spooked by heights may feel their heart skip a beat at some moments.
    • Then there's the fight atop the bridge, which ends with Zorin gripping, and sliding off the side of the cables and into San Francisco Bay hundreds of feet below. All the while, Bond and Stacy struggle to maintain their hold on the riggings to avoid a similar fate.
  • Dr. Mortner is a Nazi Grandpa who practiced horrible experiments on pregnant women during The Holocaust, and Zorin and May Day are the last surviving results of it. We don't see anything of it but it still brings the infamous Dr. Mengele to mind.


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