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Nightmare Fuel / A Quiet Place

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This ain’t Freddy Krueger. This is arguably scarier.

All Nightmare Fuel pages are Spoilers Off, so all spoilers are unmarked.

  • The Nothing Is Scarier tone of the entire teaser. Almost all of the sound is from the eerie score, with only three actual noises in the film itself being the lantern getting knocked over, the flame being put out using a carpet, and the monster's roaring.
  • The family has to live in near total silence out of fear that a monster that is attracted to sound will attack them if they make any noise. Judging by the size of the claw marks on the side of the wall (pictured on the right), their fear isn't baseless.
  • Towards the end of the teaser, one of the kids is being chased by the monster through a cornfield, looking in terror over her shoulder for it... and seeing nothing.
  • The entire Super Bowl TV spot.
    • In the very beginning of the ad where the mother is looking at the news, it’s heavily implied the monster is just one of what seems to be an invading alien force that, judging from the lack of people afterwards, have taken over the world. Shocking doesn’t begin to describe it.
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    • On that same note, from the look of the news papers, it was very much a Hopeless War.
    Joint Chiefs: No bullets! No bombs! Armor is impenetrable!
    Shanghai death toll: the hundreds of thousands
    • There was a dash board at the beginning at the right side doing an analysis of the creatures: weaknesses, motives, behavior, their attraction to sound and so forth. This also leads to disturbing implications in that the “attack in packs?” suggestion is circled like a confirmation, and how many there actually are. Likewise, the words WHY DON'T THEY EAT THEIR KILL, and the the fact that we never do learn the answer.
    • At one point, the family are walking down a bridge and the son stops to play with his toy shuttle. Then the toy’s stock sounds start going off at which point the father runs towards him as the monster seemingly starts coming towards them. Said sound then plays over most of the rest of the trailer growing louder and louder until it abruptly cuts off. In the movie itself, the boy is absolutely eviscerated by one of the creatures after activating the rocket. And this is the first scene, no less!
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    • Making it even worse as the father rushes to try and save his son the mother and Regan just cover their mouths in horror as they know his attempt is futile.
    • If you watch the movie a 2nd time, the scene is so much worse, because you know the monsters kill on-site rather than carry their victims off. When the scene cuts out, the movie is skipping over the part where the whole family is looking at the squick and trying not to have audible emotions because the creature is still nearby.
    • The final scene of the trailer shows the two children scared and alone in a silo as the door on the roof starts creeping open. The kids look around fearfully, unable to figure out the monster's location... and then it drops down right behind the girl and roars. Cue Smash Cut. Adult Fear personified.
  • Once you make a noise (of a certain volume), you're dead. It is shown repeatedly that once the monsters have you pegged, it's a matter of seconds before they get you. The creatures can move incredibly fast but the speed with which they get to their victims implies only one thing: they're always there. In every single scene without the monsters, they're just out of sight, waiting.
  • Along with their scary abilities, the creatures have quite a creepy design, arguably a combination of the Demogorgon (long limbs\claws, flaps in its head) and the Alien (namely the "Runner" variety, as it's quadrupedal and has an elongated head without eyes and a mouthful of sharp teeth).
    • When one of the creatures is freaking out after being disoriented by microphone feedback, its head violently spasms, with each individual head plate thrashing wildly and independently like it's trying to escape the monster's face. It's an admittedly grotesque sight to see.
  • Closer examination of The Big Board in Lee's workshop reveals that the monsters don't even eat their kills, which means one of two horrifying possibilities: they're doing it just out of sheer cruelty and love of killing, or there's some other reason for it that's too horrifying to contemplate.
    • Another interpretation is the monster relies on ambush tactics to kill scarier, but slower predators in its natural habitat.
  • The mother steps onto a loose nail when going down the stairs to the basement once she starts going into labour. The nail goes right inside her foot and bleeds enough to leave bloodied footprints as she tries to hide from the alien that had heard her yelp in pain, even if it was only for a mere moment.
  • Even the poster is unnerving, showing the shot from the first teaser of the woman hiding in the bathroom... and a shadow lurking just outside... It's even worse in context. The mother goes into labor in said bathtub, trying with all her might not to scream, with the creatures in the same room. Once they leave, she can finally yelp in pain, and it's bloodcurling.
  • The silo sequence, where the children are nearly buried alive in grains (something that occurs in real life). And that's before one of the monsters attacks!
  • Another poster, which consists literally nothing but Emily Blunt’s face...with claw marks scratched on it and the entire thing drenched in red. What really makes it creepy is the tagline.
    Rule 3: Red means run.
  • When Regan is in the corn field, one of the monsters slowly emerges behind her. There is no sound. . . .it's just there.
  • According to Lee's board, there are only three of the aliens in the area. Just three of them completely cleared the entire town and surrounding area of all human life. And that's just a sampling of their invincibility: an unknown quantity of them, but probably not very many, defeated the United States military and are implied to have wiped out most of the life on Earth. And with everything known about them—their hearing, their armor plating, their needlessness—this all makes perfect sense. It's entirely plausible that if creatures like this did exist, they actually would decimate the planet.

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