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Nightmare Fuel / A Plague Tale: Innocence

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Yes, that is a human ribcage, making up the walls of a giant plague rat nest.
With the setting of the game, it's hardly surprising that the world is full of nightmares.

Unmarked spoilers below!

  • The rats. Dear GOD, the rats. Let's hope that you don't suffer from musophobia, because their skittering and dark matted fur is already creepy enough in the darkness they lurk in, then you witness them devour professional, armoured soldiers in seconds, the men helpless to do anything but flail as they're consumed.
  • Lion's death. He is shown stuck in a hole before something drags him into it, out of a tearful Amicia's grasp, and you don't get to see what that "something" is.
  • Sir Nicholas is shown to be an utter sociopath, having no qualms about killing innocent civilians or helpless and defeated adversaries in order to fulfil his goals. He outright taunts the heroes multiple times as cowards.
  • The attack on the De Rune estate, as the Inquisition's soldiers rampage and kill all of your servants, while you are inches away from getting detected. Needless to say, you get a very nerve-wracking introduction to stealth. Somehow made worse by the player's initial exploration of the house, with Amicia's interactions with the servants setting up the horror of the Inquisition's ruthlessness, with Amicia forced to watch as the cook getting cut down or the gardener getting dragged away for questioning ... and she can do nothing for them.
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  • Amicia and Hugo make it to the nearby town, only to find that they've lost their minds from the terror of the plague and have started to burn anyone they suspect of bringing it, with one corpse already burnt and an elderly lady begging for help. The instant they see the two children, they accuse them of being demons and start hunting them too. These aren't Inquisition mooks or black magicians, they're ordinary people gone mad with fear.
  • The rats can make their nests out of something they secrete that Amicia admits burns her throat, with the remains of their previous victims strung up around the walls and ceiling and floors. It is straight out of the hive scene in Aliens.
  • In Chapter 4, Amicia and Hugo make their way to the farm of the alchemist Laurentius only to learn the Inquisition has gotten there first. For unknown reasons, the Inquisition has slaughtered all the pigs on the farm, leaving hundreds of bodies to rot.
    • Later, Amicia and Lucas trap a pig inside the barn so that the rats will devour it, distracting the swarm long enough for the group to reach the barn's cellar.
  • In Chapter 5, Amicia, Hugo, and Lucas have to cross a battlefield. Scenery Gorn doesn't being to describe it. Bodies coat the ground, to the point that you have to step on them at several points. The landscape is ravaged and the few buildings you pass are torn to bits, looking more like a wasteland than anything else. And of course, with night falling, all those bodies attract ever more rats.
    • Speaking of, the rats make their first appearance in this chapter by bursting out of the corpse of a horse.
  • Grand Inquisitor Vitalis. While the audience initially assumes that he wants Hugo alive so he can purge him of his blood, the revelation that he wants to use the blood to position himself as a person who has the ability to grant life and death paints him as someone using religion as an excuse to hide a fanatical god complex.
  • Amicia shows off a vicious nasty streak when she sends rats towards dying soldiers and gets them killed for revenge due to how her family was destroyed. Sure, it is the Inquisition, and these members are meant to be as unsympathetic as possible, but the fact that Amicia has no trouble ensuring that people who will die anyway get Eaten Alive can be very unsettling.
  • During the scene where Vitalis and Nicholas sic a bunch of soldiers on them, Hugo is forced to direct rats to kill the soldiers, all while Vitalis urges Hugo to do it more, encouraging him to embrace his dark side. Oh, and his comments before and right after this little section have Vitalis say Hugo's family has grown larger, along with him "having faith in him" which gives off much more ominous undertones.
    • Earlier in the chapter, Hugo may discover a chamber where perhaps a dozen men have had their wrists slit open so that their blood may nourish Vitalis' new "angels".
  • The rat whirlwinds that start showing up in the overrun De Rune gardens, just when the characters have gotten used to how the rat plague works. Until this point, fire has always been a perfect deterrent and if the kids just carried torches they could walk through swarms of any size, but now the rats are organizing.
    • Vitalis goes one step further in the final showdown by commanding his "angels" to form massive pillars that can come crashing down on Amicia like a wave.