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Nightmare Fuel / A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

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Nice spotting!

  • Debbie's death involves her turning into a cockroach in what is clearly a very Painful Transformation before being crushed in a roach motel. Also, take note that out of the entire movie, Debbie's death was the longest and the most elaborate that Freddy inflicted. As if that wasn't bad enough, right before he crushes her, you can also see a close-up of an actual cockroach also trapped next to her in the motel and struggling to get free. Anyone with a phobia of those can identify what a Primal Fear it truly is.
  • Freddy gives off very lecherous vibes, especially the tongue flapping, when he invites Sheila to "suck face." It's especially creepy since Sheila is just an innocent teenage girl.
  • Freddy's pizza. It has the tiny screaming heads of his victims, begging for release, as "toppings". Freddy casually impales one with a finger claw and pops it in his mouth, as it's still screaming for help. Even worse? It's Alice's brother Rick, whom he had just killed, and he does this in front of Alice purely to taunt her since he can't kill her.

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