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Nightmare Fuel / AKB0048

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  • In episode 2, the people working on the shuttle the girls are on are looking for Sonata, a 10-year-old stowaway, and threatening to THROW HER OUT, POSSIBLY OUT OF THE AIRLOCK.
  • The battle in episode three.note 
  • In Episode 6, the hatemail Orine gets. A masked stranger threatens her, and then cuts off the head of an Orine doll.
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  • In Episode 14, the Anti-Entertainment high court has no problems with sentencing an 11 year old girl to nearly 50 years in prison.
  • Really, the DES and the Anti-Entertainment faction in general. They're not afraid to raid and harass civilian ships and towns without warning to find idols. Oh, and most of their weapons use live ammo, and they're generally not afraid to shoot to kill in battles against teenagers.
  • The DES' assault on Akibastar. It was once a beautiful city and the DES set it ablaze.
  • The Zodiac assault on the Funghi, they would kidnap the children just to lure the adults out.
  • Just as Chieri and her father are about to make up, her father is assassinated.

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