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Nightmare Fuel / ABBA

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  • "The Day Before You Came" is renowned for this - not only is the music creepy, but so are the lyrics - and it couldn't be more of a contrast to what ABBA was known for before. The song simply tells the story of a woman's mundane workday, all happening 'the day before you came'. The listener never fully finds out who 'you' is, although the most common interpretation is simply that she is recalling the day she met her current lover. However, some have pointed out that the creepy music, along with Agnetha's joyless delivery, makes it sound is if whatever 'you' is, it is not pleasant. This could be a not particularly good lover, or an abusive one, however some have gone so far to theorize that it is about a woman meeting her murderer. Frida's operatic wailing in the background doesn't help the creepy feel either.
  • You can't NOT be disturbed by "I'm a Marionette".
    • Especially if one remembers that: 1) This is from the same album as "Thank you for the music" (and is implied to be the ultimate fate of that girl), and 2) This came from a group that ended in Creator Breakdown.
    • Not making matters better is that Ghost covered it. And yet, if YouTube comments are anything to go by, ABBA's version is considered the more sinister of the two.
  • "The Visitors". It's been theorized to be about either a kidnapping, an alien abduction, a political prisoner's arrest, or a psychotic breakdown. Take your pick. Officially, the correct answer is the political prisoner one...
  • "Head Over Heels" has bizarrely creepy music, and its sequencing immediately after "The Visitors" is a big part of the reason why the album gained a reputation for being unusually dark.
  • "Elaine" is also very nightmare-ish once you listen to the lyrics. "They tie your hands and tie your feet"
    • "they have your mind, they'll take your soul" Is the poor girl captured by a cult?!
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  • From the box-set Thank You For The Music, we have "Dream World", which has rather creepy circus music in its intro. It's not helped by the way it fades in, like music in a nightmare (this was due to tape damage, apparently). Thankfully, when the song was included on the Voulez-Vous deluxe edition, it had a clean start, though it is still rather creepy.
  • You might have noticed a blonde girl looking into the side window of the car (next to Björn's head) on the ABBA cover, but I bet you didn't notice the girl in the back window between Frida and Benny.
  • "The Piper" is ostensibly about The Pied Piper of Hamelin, but it goes deeper than that. The lyrics imply that the song's title character has a much deeper agenda than just getting back at a town for cheating him-he's a Dark Messiah who charms people into giving him power. Word of God says the song was inspired by Stephen King's The Stand series, but it could just as easily apply to any number of other tyrants, from fictional ones like Emepror Palpatine to real ones like Hitler. The sinister music makes the song all the more eerie.

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