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Nightmare Fuel / Happy Happy Clover

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  • The monster which turns out to be Cinnamon and Twirl causing trouble can be pretty terrifying especially how the voice sounds in the anime.
  • The final story in volume 5 where a forest fire is heading to Crescent Forest. Compared to the other stories in the series, this is pretty dark and a lot more serious than the previous stories.
  • Clover drowning in Volume 1 and Volume 2. Especially in volume 2, where she is mentally calling for Rambler's help as she's drowning in the hole she dug to get Rambler out of the tree which is blocked by a hard rock in the middle of a storm. This is worse in the anime where Clover sounds very terrified while half passed out.
  • Mallow crashing into a stone on the way down a hill in volume 1. While we don't see her get hit, we do see her leaf fly up in the air. It's worse in the anime where the entire scene goes silent for a minute and everything's in slow motion. It's also possible that the impact knocked her out since we see her waking up in bed and unaware of her injured foot until she starts moving.