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New media with their own pages

  • In Atop the Fourth Wall, Linkara's "Lord Vyce" story arc ended with this. Long story short, the Earth is being threatened by the feared intergalactic conqueror Lord Vyce, who claims he conquers worlds to "protect" them from being invaded by a much greater threat. Linkara and his True Companions defeat Vyce, strip him of his weapons and leave him stranded on a desolate planet. At the episode's end, we see that the evil entity Vyce spoke of is very real—and now that Vyce is out of the picture, it's free to roam in our reality. Afterward, Linkara keeps the entity's sacred tome in his possession, and he casually and routinely rattles off passages from it during his reviews. He didn't just leave our world vulnerable to attack from an Elder God—he might have unleashed it!
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  • The second season of The Black Tapes ends on the reveal that the Axis Mundi, the place where a five part symphony had to be played to usher in the apocalypse is not Mount Ararat, as originally suspected, but the Pacific Northwest Stories studio itself, and that the show has been playing that symphony on the show on the show via the Unsound and the other audio files Alex and Nic thought had been coming from someone they knew.
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  • Dead Ends: Eddie accidentally shooting Ephram's two remaining son's while in a daze which in turn causes his Roaring Rampage of Revenge.
  • In the Grand Finale of Death Note: The Abridged Series (kpts4tv) the Shinigami suggest they were going to kill L for knowing too much but Light beat them to it. Oh and Light was going to kill Matsuda and stop the Shinigami invasion that would leave the Earth as a giant craphole but Matsuda shoots him up before he can.
  • Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog:
    • Dr. Horrible is an Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain who is unable to follow through on any of his grandiose plans for world domination and is repeatedly humiliated by his Arch-Enemy, Jerk Jock Captain Hammer. But when Hammer goes to far as to steal his would-be girlfriend, he makes it personal and gives Horrible a reason to get serious. When Hammer tries to kill Dr. Horrible with his own damaged Death Ray, it explodes, injuring the hero and revealing his True Colors as a Miles Gloriosus, and killing Penny, breaking Horrible's Morality Chain and making him a true supervillain.
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    • It's also shown in the prequel comics that the anti-intellectual insults Justice Joe flings at the Mad Scientist villain he's fighting are why Dr. Horrible decided to switch from admiring the heroes to becoming a villain in the first place.
  • Don't Hug Me I'm Scared:
    • The Red Guy:
      • In the fourth video, his smacking Colin is what pisses Colin off enough to trap the puppets in a deteriorating digital world.
      • It's implied in the fifth that he was calling Duck Guy and making him realize what was going on, causing Duck Guy to rebel against the the Healthy Band's lesson. Had he not tried to help his friends, Duck Guy might still be alive and Yellow Guy wouldn't be completely alone.
      • And third time's the charm, come episode six; Red Guy makes two blunders. First he starts pushing random buttons in an attempt to get rid of the teachers before they can hurt Yellow Guy, but all he does is cause the system to start randomly switching out teachers, which only frightens his friend. Then when he tries unplugging the machine, it seems like he somehow reset/restarted the universe, leading to the puppets starting it all over again (maybe)... though at the very least he saved Yellow Guy.
    • The Duck Guy:
      • In the second video, he and Yellow Guy questioning time is what causes Tony to rot him and his friends alive.
      • In the third, his swatting a butterfly leads to Yellow Guy running away and joining a cult.
  • In Dragon Ball Z Abridged: The History of Trunks the Androids eventually get bored with killing humanity. 17 decides he's going to stop killing and become a park ranger instead... right before Gohan kicks him through a building. A pissed 17 resolves to kill every human in response, and then he'll "range the shit out of that park."
  • Dreamscape: In Dylan's attempt to foil the Overlord of Evil's plan in the flashback in "Over and Under", he just makes things worse. And in the third flashback in "The Mystery of Melinda", Dylan accidentally spills the beans to Betty about her sister Melinda, which was the key to breaking her seal.
  • At the end of Ducktalez 3, Vegeta is defeated by being thrown into the sun, which explodes the sun and covers the world in eternal darkness. Nobody seems to mind though. Every Ducktalez since then takes place at night.
  • In Dusk's Dawn Star Whistle caused a storm that ravaged Ponyville.
  • During one campaign in the Global Guardians PBEM Universe, the "ape-liberation" terrorist group Prime 8 attempted to detonate a high-yield nuclear weapon in downtown Paris. The Global Guardians stopped the simian supervillains... but during the course of the battle the heroes managed to knock down the Eiffel Tower (which, in turn, destroyed several square blocks of the city during its collapse). Oops!
  • In Happy Tree Friends, Splendid appears to be incapable of not doing this.
  • Tlaloc's death in No Evil. Prior to the series beginning, there was the Tezcatlipoca Mirror, which was created to embody the concepts of Justice, Mercy, Freedom and Peace, and unify the world. Sadly, it became an Apple of Discord, with people fighting over who had the most right to it. To shatter it, the spirit Tlaloc traded his life, hoping to end the division. Unfortunately, it turned out that the pieces of the mirror were very driven to express the concepts they embodied, which led to the "Peace" portion, the Black Tezcatlipoca, becoming a horrible ooze that sucked the life from everything it touched.
  • Noob:
    • Season 2 finale: Omega Zell tries to use a hacker-made item to quickly kill the enemys of Justice, the guild he dreams of joining. The problem is that the item works in a completely random way and all it ended up doing was erasing the avatar of Justice's top player.
    • Season 5 finale: Roxana keeps Saphir from ending a major quest so the Justice guild doesn't get the honors that go with its success. The quest's purpose? Keeping the game's Big Bad who's antagonistic to all player factions from gaining more power.
  • In Pay Me, Bug!, the protagonist has some security forces pinned in a stairwell; that is, until he mentions that he only has one pistol in a voice loud enough for them to hear him.
  • Puffin Forest: In the video "We Were Just Making Everything Worse," the players have a Heel Realization when they think about all the things they accomplished in the campaign and realized that they had unintentionally caused several disasters. They caused the sinking of a ship they were trying to save, killed a zombie who was actually trying to help them and came back for revenge, and helped a villain obtain the means to cause the apocalypse by being too trusting.
  • ReZonance Soundtrack Reviews: Izumi, the Non-Human Sidekick to the show's host, ReZ, has not only unintentionally made ReZ go temporarily crazy and give him Laser-Guided Amnesia due to an game she gave him, she also caused him to become trapped in his own mind just by talking to him while inside his mind.
  • In RWBY, team RNJR is fighting a Grimm that can possess objects. After losing an arm, it takes over a tree to replace it. Ruby pulls out an incendiary round and sets the limb on fire... which only means the Grimm is now attacking them with a flaming tree arm.
  • In the Gemini arc of Sequinox, the girls are sent to a Bad Future dimension and later find out it became that way because they were too good at defeating their Starter Villain Scorpio. The Night Queen responded by launching a full scale invasion of Earth, desolating the girls' home town just by touching it, and sending out hordes of stars and foot soldiers to wipe out humanity.
  • Suburban Knights: The Cloaks, the obstacles, and Jaffers are actively trying to stop the reviewers from finding the Gauntlet. Turns out they had a good reason to do so. Malachite was tracking Team 2's map, meaning that he wouldn't have found the gauntlet in the first place if the reviewers hadn't gone looking for it.
  • In the SuperMarioLogan episode "Bowser Junior's Lottery Ticket!", Bowser Junior tries to pay five dollars to give his ticket to the Brooklyn Guy (referred to as a "stranger" here) and make him cast it, but when he and his friends come back to his house they see on TV, of all things, the Brooklyn Guy being the lottery winner and pretending he won all by himself, without any involvement from Junior and his friends. Much to Junior's annoyance and anger.
    Anchorwoman: Sir, how does it feel to win this much money?
    Brooklyn Guy: It feels freakin' amazing! That's how it feels! Like—(chuckles)—so much money! Oh my God!
  • In Sword Art Online Abridged, Sachi's hit by a double-whammy of this. She encouraged Kirito to act nicer toward his guildmates, so he agreed to a plan he thought was stupid to make her happy. Except the plan was stupid, leading to a near-wipe and Sachi's death. Then Sachi tried to comfort Kirito with her dying words by assuring him "This isn't your fault," except due to her lag it comes out as "this isn't your fault - your fault - your fault - your fault," mentally scarring the little bastard and turning "your fault" into his Trauma Button.
  • Team Service Announcement:
    • In Ranged Combat, just as the RED Sniper Jarated the BLU Spy, his Heavy, Soldier and Scout teammates all pose as snipers, confusing and scaring off said BLU Spy. Then when the Sniper tried to get a clean kill off the running Spy, his focus got broken by the teammates trying to shoot the Spy with their short range weapons, allowing the Spy to run free. That really pissed the Sniper off.
    • In Subtlety, the BLU Spy is about to land a backstab on the RED Heavy... only for the BLU Scout to rush forward and start whacking the Heavy with a frying pan. The Heavy is not pleased, and neither was the Spy.
  • Whateley Universe:
    • Uber-mage Fey has stopped the Necromancer three times and defeated the supervillainess Hekate. Only just recently have we learned that every one of these battles has caused Fey to draw enough life energy from ley lines that she has caused ecological disasters each time. Oops.
    • During the Birthday Brawl, Bladedancer gets word from the Tao that the hostage situation to which she and Generator have been called will resolve itself without anyone getting hurt as long as nobody tries to go inside and intervene. Bladedancer and Generator are perfectly happy to just sit around and wait, but one of the local superheroes, a moron who doesn't respond to the police trying to flag him down, decides to charge right in and everything goes to hell.


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