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The most glorious hat ever conceived.

Minsk: Und any plan vere hyu lose hyu hat iz?
Gorb: A bad plan?
Minsk: Right again!

  • Three regulars in Charby the Vampirate: Mye, Tonius, Kavonn. Also semi-regular character Yiska. Mannick prefers to use his psychometry through the wearing of hats and can borrow them from the portal in his second mouth.
    • Tony, Kavonn and Yiska's hats double as magic hats, Yiska even has her familiars alter the apparent color of her hat to match her outfits.
  • Girl Genius is loaded with Nice hats...
    • The Jägers (and the GG Verse in general) have heavily exaggerated elements of Prussia in their role and backstory: Prussia, the kingdom that brought you this. Even the eagle on top of that hat is wearing its own, smaller, Nice Hat.note  Prussian general Gerhardt "Vorwarts!" von Blücher, having helped win the Battle of Waterloo, donned Napoleon's captured hat, thus making clear to all the world that after 23 years of constant war, it was Really Truly All Over.
    • Similarly, the Jägermonsters of Girl Genius wear a wide variety of headgear, but whatever they wear, they take very seriously.
      Maxim: A Hat iz a badge of honor! A Trophy vat must be plucked from off de head of a vorthy enemy!
      Oggie: Yah. Vun who happen to gots hyu same head size.
    • Indeed, Nice Hats are practically their hat. Dead Jägers are buried with their hat. A hat cannot be bought; only be taken by force or guile, or (rarely) given as a token of esteem. This makes the scene where Lars becomes an "honorary Jager" postmortem... well, listen to Maxim.
    • Maxim goes hatless for some time after giving his hat to Lars. Then comes the side story, "Elsewhere: Maxim Buys A Hat", where he sets out to get a new one from "Ol' Man Death! — De Big Guy Himself!" Ol' Man Death's hat is, of course, a Nice Hat on its own (though nothing special by Jäger standards). What makes it truly special is the fact that it's Old Man Death's hat, and acquiring it means Defeating the Undefeatable.
    • See also what girls in Mamma Gkika's cabaret sing for Jägers: "...but I STILL have my HAT!"
    • It does bear mentioning the Jaegermonsters have strict standards for hats. At one point, where Dimo must look presentable to be admitted into a particularly fancy event, he was already upset about cleaning up, but what really got him livid was that he hated the hat provided: A fine, if unremarkable white Commissar Cap.
    • Embi has a fine hat, too.
    • A throw- er, blowaway character with the radio tuner hat is listed in the vol. 7 cast page only as "The Idiot in an Awesome Hat". Lord Selnikov's hat is pretty epic too, though.
    • From the Girl Genius card game The Works, we have General Cannonhat and his Amazing Cannon Hat. His epaulets even have little hands to plug his ears!
    • Gilgamesh's hat, currently providing this subpage's image, takes the cake, though. Easily. It has wings, spikes, tubes, his name in big letters with "Schmott Guy!" underneath and a burner on top. Possibly the Nicest Hat ever, given by Jagers as a sign of respect. It even has a name, according to the cast page: Gil's Fabulous Hat. And someone whose job it is to take care of it.
      • Gil just doesn't appreciate it, though.
      • His hat is so nice that it instantly convinces several guards that he's Gilgamesh Wulfenbach and they allow him to pass without even bothering to check for more credentials. Since he's in a hurry, he punches out the one guard who is smart enough to demand actual proof of identity, while promising to promote him when everything has settled down.
    • Even the clanks wear hats!
    • Bangladesh DuPree's Commissar Cap is quite nice as well.
    • This may also have something to do with Phil Foglio's taste in accessories. His Author Stand-In character is always depicted with the same black bowler. In What's New? with Phil and Dixie it was scorched by an explosion, and later he lit it on fire to signify his short-lived Face–Heel Turn, and his card in one of the Munchkin expansions was "Phil Foglio's Magnificent Hat". There was even a Nodwick strip where Phil's bowler somehow wound up in the dimension of the characters and gave Dumb Muscle Yeagar epic powers.
  • The Chapel Chronicles: Chapel almost always wears a hat. In Lobster Delivery, Phone Call, and Gaga Dress Code, she wears Lady Gaga hats. In Hedgehog Constitutional, she wears her own hedgehog as a hat. In A Chobits Disaster, she is wearing a hat from Azumanga Diaoh which is a representation of Chiyo-chan’s father.
  • The Continentals: Set in Victorian England 1889, the entire cast of characters in this steampunk murder, mystery, scifi adventure webcomic wear a variety of fashionable headwear of the day from top hats to derbys, etc. The most eyecatchingly noticeable would be the gender bending, cross dressing adventress Lady Fiona Fiziwigg, whose prominent and somewhat oversized top hats have earned her the nickname "her tophattedness" by the comics readers. Find it here.
  • One of the few recurring characters of xkcd wears a black hat as a distinguishing feature. Do not mess with his hat. When startled, he actually retreats into his hat like a turtle. (And now, a challenger has appeared.)
    • Another recurring character has a beret. This one likes to go on adventures, and otherwise follow his heart.
  • Narbonic's ANTONIO SMITH, FORENSIC LINGUIST gets the all-caps treatment only when his hat is on.
  • In The Order of the Stick, it's eventually revealed that Roy's blood oath of vengeance against Xykon was originally triggered over a Nice Hat (well, a crown). No, it wasn't magic; Xykon just thought it looked nice, so he killed the guy who owned it.
  • Dina's safari-style hat in It's Walky! She only removes it when she's seconds away from death.
  • Ozy and Millie: Ozy wears a very, very large top hat. He and his best friend lampshade both his specific example and the trope on an epic scale here.
  • Relatedly, Lothar Hex, the cyborg-echidna mercenary/criminal of Exterminatus Now wears a signature hat, and is sent into an Unstoppable Rage when it gets incinerated.
    • He has a new one... covered in asbestos. The EN crew aren't necessarily the brightest stars in the galaxy.
    • He also owns a special Firefly viewing hat.
  • In Flipside, Maytag's jester hat isn't just nice, it reflects — and maybe affects — her personality. New characters quickly learn how different she is without it.
  • See this strip of Sluggy Freelance.
    • Also, Nash Straw/Reynold Strom's wide-brimmed black hat, which complements his Badass Longcoat nicely. He even gets a version with Hereti-Corp's logo when he's working for them. And his rebel soldier counterpart in 4U City has one too.
  • In San: Three Kingdoms Comic, which uses the Dynasty Warriors character models, Cao Cao's hat has a small duck atop it, and is referred to as "the Duck Hat". One of his advisors, Guo Jia, wears a Baozi (Meat Bun) Hat. Both hats possess the power of hypnosis, but Guo Jia's is apparently stronger.
  • PvP occasionally features the 'Gaming Fez', a Fez which makes you awesome at (virtually) any game BECAUSE the Fez makes you look awesome. Only the remarkably thick-headed Skull the Troll has proven able to handle its awesome, shining power, while anyone else who've donned it soon became drunk on its power...
  • Freefall's Florence Ambrose receives a gold cloth hat that proves to be quite popular with robots for its transponder-blocking qualities: starting here.
  • Marten's (and, consequently, Hannelore's) "Worry Hat" in Questionable Content.
  • In El Goonish Shive, Sarah's beret is so cute/awesome that the principal allows her to wear it despite it being against the school dress code. (Also, author Dan Shive is quite aware of the importance of hats, as seen here.)
  • The Brigade du Chapeau from Kukuburi consists of a gang of strange creatures wearing hats with special abilities (such as Rendo's Hammerspace bowler hat).
  • MegaTokyo: Largo's outfit in this strip is impressive enough, but the hat is impressive in its own right. It out-steampunks Gil's!
  • In The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob!, Galatea's beret contains a holographic projector to make her appear human.
  • It's really hard to beat the third guy in this Scribblette.
  • Homestuck's Courtyard Droll's hat requires a four-page introduction.
    • He apparently has more of them.
    • And how could we forget the Bunny Sassacre Fedora?
      EB: but i think we need to stop and acknowledge the bunny sassacre fedora i just made.
      TT: It's awesome.
      EB: yeah.
    • Aradia takes quite a shine to Dad's hat (spoilers).
    • The members of the Midnight Crew are very touchy about their hats, especially Diamonds Droog. Most of the Felt also have damn fine headgear.
    • These seem to be a Heart aspect symbol.
  • Being largely about Team Fortress 2 it isn't surprising that Nerf NOW!! features an assortment of nice hats with one storyline featuring various characters wearing Mini-Medic as a hat culminating in Heavy wearing Mini-Medic as a hat while she wears a plush heavy wearing a knit hat as a hat.
  • America in Scandinavia and the World has the best hat of all: Canada.
  • The Princess in Rusty and Co. always wears a LARGE cone hat with a tassel. The hat never falls off, even while she beats the stuffing out of someone.
  • In Magic And Physics the character SPDA wears a hat (suspiciously similar to the one in xkcd). Also the character Marvil used to until he sold his hat for beer.
  • In Daddy-Long-Legs, everybody has a nice hat. Even the parasites.
  • Greta Gravity from Spinnerette, who wears traditional bavarian clothing, including an alpine hat. In her inaugural appearance, she's with her boss Dr. Universe during a meetup between Spinnerette's superhero team regarding a rogue werewolf. In the meetup, Greta mocks Spinny's deodorant bill, and she angrily answers with "If I were going to insult you, I wouldn't go for the obvious. I'd make fun of ... your stupid HAT!" The Greta is outraged - you can insult her, but no one insults traditional Alpine hats.
  • Lowping, the Gnome rogue in Flintlocke's Guide to Azeroth, ninja looted an epic mage hat, twice from Bloodrose, the group's mage. One of his most recurrent stock phrases (being a bot) is "I lewt da hat".
  • Nobody Scores!: Swank hats are Sara's bag.
  • Panthera: Pardus takes one from a guard.
  • Circuit: most everyone wears a hat at some point, a gangster hat or a fun guy hat or a wizard hat, the hats help describe the character for the whole story or perhaps just a period of time.
  • Concession's Roland has a very nice flat cap. Thonnen even specifically asks him to leave it on during sex.
  • Sinfest:
  • Luca and Francesca of The Thing That Would Not Leave don a cap and a bandana, respectively.
  • In Bird Boy the outfits worn by Bali's tribe include painted Native American style animal headdresses. Bali's is a bird (hence the title) with a beak so big it often hides most of his face. And it's pretty cool.
  • ROSCOE SCAGGS wears a strange yet impressive mix of wizard hat and winter cap.
  • Valentine from Cloudscratcher. Comes with being a Smooth Criminal homage.
  • Kid Katydid from The Bug Pond wears a leaf on her head.
  • In a flashback from Slice of Life, Cloud Cuckoolander Pinkie Pie wears her "Serious Hat" (a black top hat) when she's not joking around.
  • Spoofed in this Naruto fancomic, where Naruto derails Sasuke's Motive Rant by citing the Hokage's hat as a requirement for the position.
  • In Kiwi Blitz, Steffi wears a pickelhaube in her superhero identity, Blitz.
  • In Baskets of Guts fancy wizard hat is a part of military uniform for battle mages. Some civilians also sport them.
  • Every magician in Gloomverse gets one of these, along with a Magic Wand.
  • Early on in Champions of Faraus, Daryl and Skye get a cowboy hat and a beret respectively.
  • The Comic Adventures of Left & Right: Guy's hat broadcasts his mood or thoughts. The Magic Tree Saga revealed that it is an LCD hat, although it's possible that this hat is only one of his hats.