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You see a person wearing a distinctive hat pushing through the crowd. It's a witch hunter's hat.

  • In certain section of Exalted fandom, the Dawn Caste, two-fisted fighter Demetheus is known as the hat man, simply due to a wide-brimmed hat he's been illustrated with a few times.
  • In L5R, Isawa Tadaka has a nice hat. Seen here. Also fairly excellent on the Experienced 2 card.
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  • The High Elves of Warhammer Fantasy and the Eldar of Warhammer 40,000 both have an fascination with really, really tall helmets. The converted Avatar at the bottom left of this page takes the cake, however.
  • Murlynd's Hat. In the Greyhawk Dungeons & Dragons setting, Murlynd of The Company of Seven's leather chapeaux can have near any non-magical object be pulled out of it, and it grants a degree of protection. He also had revolvers and a whip, making him probably the most badass wizard/paladin in existence. But the hat man...the hat.
    • In the Forgotten Realms setting, Elminster's large wizard's hat is one of his most distinguishing features. (Along with his flowing beard and smoking pipe).
  • The Commissars of the Imperium from Warhammer 40,000. They aren't nice to anyone, least of all their own troops, but the hats are pretty cool.
    • Though at least one commissar would rather wear a helmet...
    • All Orks of the Blood Axe clan seem to love Commissar's hats, or similar peaked caps looted from other officers.
    • While we're talking about orks, several Freebooters wear pirate hats, the most notable of them being Kaptin Badrukk's.
    • It's a long running joke (with some truth to it) among 40k fans that the person with the biggest hat in any given place is the most important person there, although going bareheaded often shows higher status than wearing a helmet.
  • Warhammer Fantasy: The Empire. Every bloody soldier has some sort of outrageous wide-brimmed plumed construction, or a massive plume on a metal helmet. Except for the archers. Truth in Television of course: These huge elaborate hats were the fashion in western Europe in the 17th century; they were indicators of social status (nicer hat means wealthier owner, and it's where the term "doffing your hat" comes from - men would doff their hats to higher-ranking men and equals would doff their hats to each other, and when wigs became fashionable in the latter half of the century it became awkward to doff without removing the wig as well and so was replaced by the gesture of it, which is where the modern salute comes from) and these hats also served practical use in battle as the wide brim could protect the eyes of a musket user from a gunpowder discharge, and metal caps worn under the hat could protect the user from overhead sword strikes.
    • The Chaos Dwarves apparently had hats whose height reflected the wearer's status. The superstructure of their warships also tended to look like giant versions of their hats.
    • Heinrich Kemmler's model gives him a very distinctive Robe and Wizard Hat - the robe appears to be sewn out of skin, and the hat is a giant pointy thing with at least two skulls on it.
  • In Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, your character gets an 'Outrageous Hat' as a trapping if you have Charlatan as a career.
  • Warhammer also has the Witch Hunters's Hat of Doom. Characters have take a will test against fear just by seeing it.
    • The Lizardmen Skink Hero riding a Stegadon gets a choice between a skull hat (for a wizard) and a rather badass gold stegadon mask for a fighty hero. And for all your giant mummified frog fashion needs, there's Lord Kroak's deathmask. Of course, since so few Lizardmen wear any clothing at all, they have to make the headgear badass.
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  • The Magic Burner for Burning Wheel covers wizard characters, who as part of the traditional Robe and Wizard Hat can find themselves with the "Impressive Hat" described as follows:
    This character's hat is mightily impressive. It can be seen for miles! It's so impressive that people often remember the hat more than the person.
  • Munchkin has several, such as the badass Bandanna, the Helm of Peripheral Vision, the Horny Helmet, and the Helm of Courage (which is on backwards). For the grand prize, we have...the Magnificent Hat, complete with what appears to be a Jägermonster looking unusually proud. Does any other game have a hat so nice it reflects curses? Nope.
  • Many characters in Privateer Press's Warmachine tabletop game have pretty nice hats, but special props go to Protector of Menoth for their multitude of clergy hats and Deneghra for hers. Since the setting is Steam Punk, it's kind of required to have one.
  • In the party game Werewolf/Mafia, a role with a Nice Hat, Big Hat or White Hat will always be revealed upon elimination, even if roles would normally be hidden. A Black Hat, by contrast, will never be revealed regardless of circumstances.
  • Pathfinder: Alahazra the oracle sports a truly epic chapeau. And Imrijka the inquisitor has her wide-brimmed red number.
    • A Cassisian familiar, which proves that Evil doesn't get all the stylish options. Why settle for an ordinary hat when you can wear a living angel on your head?
  • Magic: The Gathering has many of them, ranging from Kaldra's awesome helmet to whatever this is Voidmage Husher is wearing, but worthy of note is Innistrad, with plenty of hats handed out to its struggling human populace. To quote creative director Doug Beyer: "And hats. If we were going to a gothic horror setting then BY HOLY AVACYN ON HIGH THERE WOULD BE HAAAATS."
  • The fan made game Touhou: Mystical Yokai of Necrophantasia (usually shortened to MYON) is based on the Touhou video game series where every character ever either has a nice hat or a fancy ribbon. NO EXCEPTIONS. This is so prevailing that Hat is actually a stat for characters!
  • In the Yu-Gi-Oh! game, Dark Magician has such a neat hat, that he seems to have started a style; a lot of other famous Spellcasters have adopted it, including most who are associated with him, like his apprentice Dark Magician Girl, Sorcerer of Dark Magic, and even the far more modern Gagaga Magician, it seems.
    • Of course, the monster with the coolest hat in the game is arguably Cosmo Queen. Seriously, just look at it! So much that it's become a tradition in fanfics for someone to comment on it when she appears.
    • Then there's Amplifier, or as GX Abridged called it, the Snazzy Party Hat. A hat that sharpens psychic powers is pretty dang nice.
  • Chrono-Ranger of Sentinels of the Multiverse has a real nice cowboy hat. In his own words:
    You don't take a man's gun, and you certainly don't touch his hat.

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