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  • The Fabulous Kangaroos wore bush hats.
  • Randy Savage had several large cowboy hats in the 1990's, in place of the headbands he usually wore in the 1980's.
  • The Undertaker's entire persona would be a lot less creepy and intimidating if it weren't for his Badass Longcoat and trademark wide-brimmed hat together making him look like a gigantic psychotic Amish gravedigger. Also the bandanas that he wore as Biker Taker. He even color-coded them to an extent— when he was wearing red, he was in full-blown heel mode, while black/dark blue generally were for his face persona, although the rule wasn't absolute.
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  • Hillbilly Jim's straw hat, although he can be seen wearing baseball caps these days.
  • Evil Russian Nikolai Volkoff's fur hat, which he later added a small American Flag to after he made his face turn to become an All-American Face.
  • Mr. Fuji was famous for the bowler hat he wore as a manager until 1993 and which gave him a look that drew comparisons to the character Oddjob from the James Bond movie Goldfinger, played by wrestler/actor Harold Sakata, and, like Oddjob, Fuji also qualifies for Badass in a Nice Suit.
  • Trish Stratus rarely came to the ring without her trademark cowgirl hat.
  • Billy Gunn and Bart Gunn/The Smokin' Gunns with their cowboy hats. The Berserk Button aspect was invoked when the Heavenly Bodies invaded and then made fun of and finally stomped on those hats, prompting a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown.
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  • ECW Superfan "Hat Guy" is actually an inversion; his straw hat and loud tourist shirts made him look like he's (as Joel Gertner put it) "still hung over from the Reagan administration."
  • WCW's Buff Bagwell wears that giant top hat during his entrance theme.
  • Triple H and occasionally Stephanie McMahon would don backwards flat caps during the McMahon-Helmsley Era/Faction/Regime/Factime.
  • Along with Shawn Michaels wearing a cowboy hat.
  • JR and the Resistol? Jerry Lawler and his crown? Paul Heyman and his baseball caps?
  • Kurt Angle proudly wears any hat.
  • Prince Nana has his multiple gold cross adorned "crown", the loss of which was enough to make him crawl back to Ring of Honor after his first departure.
  • John Cena and his many baseball caps, available at
    • Much more impressive to some when he wore fitted caps (as opposed to the adjustables he wears as "Super Face" Cena) that matched his throwback jerseys.
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  • The Miz after joining with John Morrison.
  • Sheamus' Celtic crown that he began wearing ever since he became King of the Ring.
  • Zombie Clown of AAA's Psycho Circus with his tiny tilted top hat.
  • Daffney Unger is also, if less frequently, known for her tiny tilted top hats. She eventually created an All-Star Squad, whom nearly all wear such hats.
  • Sami Zayn is known for his. He even wears it on his T-Shirts!
  • In a podcast with Chris Jericho he expressed awareness over how his fans associate him with his hat, and how it was even stolen by Tyson Kidd as a prank.
  • James Storm alternates between his black cowboy hat and a more subdued trucker cap. Usually the latter is for promos while the former is for matches.
  • AJ Styles has a trucker hat of his own
  • Jim Ross and John "Bradshaw" Layfield are known for their cowboy hats, JR's being black, JBL's being white.
  • The goggles may not do anything but the hat Becky Lynch wears is nice.
  • "Cowboy" Bob Orton also wore some cowboy hats back in the day.

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