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Nice Hat / Pinball

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  • In Eight Ball Champ, the Victorian woman on the backglass is shown wearing a large feathered hat.
  • The fourth Doctor in Doctor Who wouldn't be the Fourth Doctor without his.
  • Slash in Guns N' Roses has his iconic top hat.
  • The protagonist of Jinni Zeala wears a rainbow-feathered turban.
  • In Gottlieb's Mayfair, based on the film version of My Fair Lady, almost everyone is wearing fancy headgear; Eliza's massive feathered hat dominates the backglass and playfield art.
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  • The Evil Sorceror in Flash Dragon wears a black hat with glossy bat wings.
  • Hook never depicts Captain Hook without his large and ornate feathered hat.
  • The Undertaker and Randy "Macho Man" Savage from WWF Royal Rumble have these.


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