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  • Odin had a wide-brimmed hat along with his cloak whenever he went out for a stroll or to impregnate Jotun women and so on.
    • Since Mat Cauthon from The Wheel of Time is an Odin Expy, he gains a really nice wide-brimmed hat in The Shadow Rising that he wears constantly even in battle.
    • Similarly, Gandalf from Tolkien's works had his appearance directly based off of Odin, complete with the iconic traveler's hat. This is where the popular image of a wizard wearing robes and having a wide-brimmed pointy hat come from.
  • Hermes from Graeco-Roman myth also has a hat like this. It may be partly this dress choice (along with the common interest in poetry) that led the Romans and Germanic peoples to identify Woden/Odin/Wotan with Hermes/Mercury, on the face of it a rather odd match.
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  • Also in the wide-brimmed-hat club is Ankou, the Breton version of The Grim Reaper. Doesn't get much more awesome than that.
  • Santa Claus' hat is basically synonymous with Christmas. His elves are usually depicted with neat hats too.
    • Saint Nicholas was a bishop who also usually have a Nice Hat, leading to some countries (Netherlands, Germany, etc) having a Santa with a really fancy hat.
  • The Japanese tale Hachikatsugi-hime ("the bowl-wearing princess") has Fallen Princess Hachikatsugi, who is told by her dying mother to always wear a big wooden bowl on her head; she even puts it on her, and somehow it stays on the girl's head and she cannot take it off. After Hachikatsugi runs away from home to escape from her Wicked Stepmother, the bowl-turned-into-a-Nice Hat actually saves her life when she tries to kill herself by jumping into a river but a fisherman spots the floating bowl/hat and pulls on it, also pulling the half-drowned teenage girl underneath. Hachikatsugi is then taken to the presence of the local lord, who hires her as a maid, and soon the lord's youngest and still unmarried son falls for her much to the chagrin of his parents... The parents plan to hold a "wife contest" to unfavorably compare Hachikatsugi to the wives of their other sons and make her give up; Hachikatsugi suffers an Heroic BSoD when she finds out, but when her boyfriend gives her an Anguished Declaration of Love, the bowl/"hat" falls off on its own... revealing itself as a magical Bag of Holding, full of the riches and treasures that Hachikatsugi needs to prove her heritage and win the "wife contest". The whole family is impressed and welcome Hachikatsugi into their clan, allowing her to marry the youngest son.
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  • The Guatemalan folk legend "El Sombrerón" (aka "the man in the large hat") features a boogeyman-like creature who enchants beautiful women with his singing and guitar-playing into falling in love with him and being unable to sleep or eat. Sources differ on El Sombrerón's true nature and appearance, but the one constant is the large sombrero that he always wears (and according to some illustrations, is bigger than the rest of his body!).
  • Ugatara, obscure ancient Hindu death goddess. Her hat penchant is nearly the only thing known of her. (Maybe Death of the Endless gave her fashion tips?)

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