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  • Shortpacked!: Happens to Robin in-universe. She's a decorated war hero, and served two terms as her district's congresswoman, having ran actively for a third term, and having been key an a great deal of landmark legislation, including one bill that resulted in a month of world peace. All people remember her from is that one sex tape.
  • Monette in Something*Positive has since been adopted by the MacIntyres and become a successful actress. But, despite now being in a committed lesbian relationship, she'll be remembered as the most man-loving lesbian ever...who'd rather do animals than women.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Del's Hatedom used to have a lot of reasons to hate CAD. All of them have since been replaced by the miscarriage arc.
    • The comic has had several other Never Live It Down moments (Abbygate, "black" Zeke, "don't fuck with us", Lucas' date with Kate), but chances are that the miscarriage is the one that even people who don't read webcomics will know about.
    • Of the Miscarriage arc is the strip titled "Loss". The culmination of the dubious art, Dull Surprise, and bad scene blocking has made this particular strip outshine the popularity of the entire comic all together. The memetic nature of Loss will always be held as a testament against the comic.
  • In Sidekick Girl, Illumina has a reputation for being a death magnet to her sidekicks (Part of the reason immortal Val was assigned to her). Only one, Val's immediate predecessor, actually died. Of her other long-term sidekicks, one quit on her in the middle of a fight and the other went insane from the stress of being an eternal twelve-year-old.
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  • Head Trip has this invoked.
  • Bug Martini provides us with this example.
  • El Goonish Shive has an in-universe example with Abraham's creation of the Dewitchery Diamond. Every properly trained wizard has heard of him.
  • A somewhat meta-example in Gunnerkrigg Court: In one page the readers didn't recognize Eglamore, so whenever he now appears, Tom will always point out to them that it's Eglamore.
    • He lampshaded this at one point by pointing out that "the girl next to Eglamore is Antimony Carver, the hero this strip".
  • In-world example: One fan-based World of Warcraft comic included a troll with a nickname he absolutely despised. It was just the one time on a dare, but nobody ever lets it go. They just keep calling him Baby-Eater.
  • Bittersweet Candy Bowl has this in-universe for Jessica and Tess to the rest of the school (Jessica is not actually a slut, and Tess regrets the bullying she did).
  • The rather... tactless way Melna's rape was handled in Dominic Deegan is still the single most pointed out problem with the strip the Hatedom brings up- To the point that even years later, that comic is still the most linked to page of the comic's entire run according to one Snarker's google search.
  • In-Universe within Homestuck. Nobody will let Karkat forget the shipping chart.
    • Meanwhile, the fandom will probably never let John live down his "I'm not a homosexual" comment. Try to find one slash fic involving John where he doesn't say that or bring it up.
  • This transpires In-Universe in Girl Genius when knowledge of Tarvek's ... "adorning" of Lucrezia-controlled Agatha becomes widely known. Even Gil heard about it. He still does it in his head sometimes, so he has only himself to blame for it.
  • Fireball 20XL and its webmaster, Bryon "Psyguy" Beaubien, were brought down after a highly publicized callout movement brought his abuse of women and sexually predatory behavior to light. He would attempt to silence his victims and detractors, but all of his efforts were thwarted, and a Tumblr account documenting the evidence of his misdoings would be set up to ensure no one would ever forget what he did.
  • Another In-Universe example occurs in White Dark Life. Quite a few of them, actually, most involving Luigifan:
    • A downplayed example is Tails' "You just told me, foxboy!" incident from Sonic Adventure 2.
    • Luigifan had a lot of trouble living down the time he nearly killed Tulip with his Yveltal. The incident made it onto the Quotes page for "Didn't Think This Through" for a damn good reason.
    • Luigifan will never, ever live down the time he accidentally hit Uma in the face with a glass bottle and knocked her unconscious. Even worse, the contents — he tried to make a Love Potion using assorted pheromones. What he actually made, due to not being all that much of a chemist, is a stinkbomb.
    • Another from Luigifan is claiming that Princess Torch would make "beautiful firebird babies" with Inu. (He was actually expressing relief that Torch wasn't saying something outlandish about Inu, with the example being that they would "make beautiful firebird babies", but everyone around him reacted... poorly. Torch absolutely hates it when the incident is brought up.)
    • Speaking of Torch, she'll likely never live down her repeated glomping of Inu, including when she nearly crushed him to death on their first meeting and the extended cuddle session that prompted the aforementioned "beautiful firebird babies" remark.
  • Captain Tagon, in Schlock Mercenary, gets this in-universe after he crashes into a table and winds up with a fork in his eye. For the rest of the Mallcop Command arc, his crew keep making fork jokes.
    Captain Tagon: I bet I can live that down after I turn it to my advantage.
  • Stand Still, Stay Silent:
    • During the chapter of Reynir's arrival, the idea of eating him if the crew ever ran out of food was brought up very briefly, and that same chapter ended with actual orders to the crew to keep Reynir alive. Several real life years later, comment quips about the crew's food reserves or cannibalism will inevitably find a way to involve Reynir.
    • Ever since Håkan Västerström cut Onni's ear in the real world right when he was getting a similar injury in spirit form, subsequent appearances of he and the siblings with whom he's The Dividual tend to make the readers a little more wary of them than strictly necessary. The three children have had two scenes ever since the incident, one playing in the background, one hovering over Onni during his Power-Strain Blackout coma.


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