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  • One of Lucy's personality-cementing moments in Peanuts is the famous trick of pulling a football away from Charlie Brown optimistically trying to kick it (He managed it once... with hilarious results.). The actual frequency of this gag has more to do with the sheer length of the strip; Schultz specifically commented he only did these strips once a year at most to make sure the joke stayed fresh and keep Lucy from appearing too nasty. So she did it 48 times in 17,000+ strips. What's even more sad is that Schulz said in an interview that letting Charlie Brown finally kick the football would've been a grave disservice.
    • Of course, doing it at the worst possible moment and getting away with it in the Animated Adaptation might have helped worsen things...
    • Put the previous two together, by the way, and you get X-Nuts.
    • Fun fact: the very first football pull was actually performed by Violet, not Lucy; she pulls the ball away because she's afraid he'll kick her hand, not out of malice. And in the last one, Rerun replaced Lucy - we never find out whether Charlie Brown kicked it or not.
  • Whether as a Shout-Out, coincidence, or someone involved in the comic actually having something to do with the site, Witch Girls has two characters named Denora DeSade and Claudia who are quite similar to characters with the same names from the long-defunct transformation fetish site "The Shrinking Sorceress". Cue detractors of the recent, better-known RPG spinoff Witch Girls Adventures (which features the same characters and a rather large amount of artwork dedicated to witches transforming helpless victims into various objects) ranting about how it's a Bleached Underpants version of the site and nearly every adult character is lifted from it. MANGA GRAPHIX, the company that publishes Witch Girls, is mentioned in the copyright blurb on Shrinking Sorceress. Malcolm Harris, the author of Witch Girls and the owner of Channel M (which owns WGA), lists himself as a writer for MANGA GRAPHIX in his resume.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics):
    • Sally Acorn had her own share of moments which did not really help her reputation for some:
      • In issue #134 of, Princess Sally slapped Sonic across the face. Since then, some fans have used it as "evidence" that Sally has always been a bitch. However, that one instance was terribly out of character (per editorial order), and since then she's been restored to her old self. More than a few call backs have been made to this moment in-universe later on (usually with Sally shown to be highly remorseful about it), something that is almost certainly an attempt to fix this treatment with fans.
      • What makes it funnier is that she had already shown worse acts of dickery in the past. Take for instance that issue in which Sonic fell under mind control by Robotnik. Her reaction when she realized Sonic was under mind control? Ordering without hesitation to have him drowned. Granted, the stakes were high as Robotnik ordered him to show him Knothole's location, but you would think that she would try to come up with a better solution than murdering Knothole's champion.
    • Within the wider Sonic the Hedgehog community, however, Sally Acorn will never live down her status as the Canon Foreigner who violated the "dress code" of the franchise, due to her original set of clothes from Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM). Or more accurately, her distinctive lack of clothes other than a mere vest and boots (and she didn't even wear the vest in the earliest issues!), which made her a rare example of a female Accessory-Wearing Cartoon Animal in a franchise known for strictly limiting such outfits to male characters. Many Sonic fans were caught off-guard by how "naked" Sally looked compared to much of the female cast, especially after the comics began to shed its Early Adaptation Weirdness in favor of following the mainstream games more closely in style. Some even viewed Sally as a outright Shameless Fanservice Girl because of this, despite her actual portrayal and personality not even being close to one. Even today, any time the concept of Appropriate Animal Attire is mentioned or discussed in the context of Sonic, or sometimes any other work featuring Funny Animals, expect Sally Acorn to be brought up sooner or later. Fun fact! 
    • Some fans, especially those who hated the character, will never live down the fact that Antoine used to be a cheese eating surrender monkey, completely ignoring that he Took a Level in Badass. It doesn't help that some Sonic fans only watched the Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM) cartoon, where he didn't get any Character Development. Sonic himself references it in Issue 204.
      Sonic: Remember your old yellow streak?
      Antoine: Oui. I recall it all too well.
      Sonic: Because I totally could bring it up right now.
      Antoine: I know.
      Sonic: I've got a list.
      Antoine: Stop eet.
  • While Novas Aventuras De Megaman did have rampant nakedness, that only started with issue 12 of 16. The comic is now mostly known for this.
  • The Walking Dead:
    • Lori will always be remembered as the bitch who lets down her husband and cheated on him with his best friend. Even a decade later, she is still loathed by many.
    • Sebastian Milton will be forever remembered as a man who shot and killed Rick Grimes.
  • Alan Moore supposedly including rape or some kind of extreme sexual atrocity in almost all of his stories, an allegation to which he has written a lengthy response. There's a reason he had to tell people that no, Joker didn't rape Barbara Gordon.
    Grant Morrison: I was reading some Alan Moore Marvelman for some reason today. I found one in the back there and I couldn't believe. I pick it up and there are fucking two rapes in it and I suddenly think how many times has somebody been raped in an Alan Moore story? And I couldn't find a single one where someone wasn't raped except for Tom Strong,note  which I believe was a pastiche. We know Alan Moore isn't a misogynist but fuck, he's obsessed with rape.
  • Despite Characterization Marches On, Betty from Archie Comics is known by many for being a bit too obsessed with Archie.
  • Judge Dredd: Due to the sheer memetic-ness of his dedication to THE LAW (thanks to Sylvester Stallone's hammy portrayal of him in the 1995 film adaptation), it can be surprising to new readers to find that Dredd is actually one of the more sensible Judges. Judge Dredd is fairly unique among long-lived comic book characters in that he ages in real time, and his personality gradually changes over the years as he increasingly questions his role. Despite this, fans still often think of him as being obsessed with THE LAW and arresting criminals. He doesn't even use that Catchphrase very much.
  • Simon Furman, a well-respected writer known for his extensive Transformers work, will never live down his... interesting ideas regarding the gender of Cybertronians or his attempt to "justify" Arcee being female. He asserts that Cybertronians are all genderless beings who use male pronouns because they do — something that doesn't fly right with many to begin with — and that Arcee used to be just like that, until she was experimented on and given a forced gender reassignment, and this experiment turned her into a bloodthirsty psychopath. Needless to say, many were concerned what this story was saying about gender and transgender issues, as well as why it was so... weird. Eventually this was retconned away by later writers, and it was established that female Transformers do exist, and all new Transformers universes after said story have made female Cybertronians commonplace.