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There are those who spend a lot of time on this sight. For some, it was a fulfilling chapter in the great saga that is their confusing existence, for others it wrought unforeseen consequences that left them broke and alone. But you have to remember something: it's a wiki. Wikis are just bits of code in the unknowable cloud of infinite numbers and trivial information that people will question if it ever really should have been documented in the first place. Its been there so long, you kind of start to forget it was even there in the first place, like landline phone-booths and Star Wars merchandise.


This page is Just for Fun, so if you actually meant anything that you add to the following list down below, it is unlikely that you had any investment to the site to sign up for your own TV Tropes account to make the edit in the first place.

  • TV Tropes exists.
  • TV Tropes can be found on Google.
  • TV Tropes introduced me to new forms of media that I will never have time to really look in-depth over. I have bills to pay and kids that need my attention, so I'll never have time to see if I want to read As Miss Beelzebub Likes or watch Pushing Daisies and form opinions about either of them.
  • TV Tropes delivered my mail this morning. They were all cut-out coupons for Walmart.
  • TV Tropes works at the local butcher shop.
  • TV Tropes tastes like New Coke.
  • TV Tropes has a giant maze that is its Forums section. Some of it is useful, other parts irrelevant and you have to be careful if you want to start something new.
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  • TV Tropes directed the film adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are.
  • TV Tropes sells beanbag chairs.
  • TV Tropes has a wiki page.

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