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Neutral Wiki / Legally Exists
aka: Sweet Exists

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Hello. Also, not-hello. It is neutral to have you.

This is the bland and impartial side of TV Tropes, all content disqualified from the Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism all-together. The Neutral Wiki are Just For Fun things that are dry, flavorless and lacking any and all stimulating and nutritional value. Every type is Normal-Type, every attribute is EARTH, every color is either grey, gray, beige, lighter shades of the color brown and whatever you call that medium shade of green in 60's office interior. You know the one.


If Sugar Wiki is a delicious cup of strawberry yogurt and Darth Wiki is bitter, rum-infused dark chocolate, then Neutral Wiki is a wafer cracker.

Leave your quirks and personality traits at the door - that has no place in The Neutral Zone - and have fun.

Please note: Darth Wiki, Sugar Wiki and Neutral Wiki do not go on main or YMMV pages. For more information, please read What Goes Where on the Wiki.

"This wiki shall be subjected to termination for violating the Neutral Wiki Code #9772-A by being too much fun."

Alternative Title(s): This Exists, Sweet Exists, Neutral Wiki


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