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Anyone with a drawing tool and an idea can write a Web Comic in the World Wide Web. While several gain followings, countless others inevitably go unnoticed.

  • Archipelago. It... it kind of defies description, actually. It may not look very impressive at first, but undergoes massive Art Evolution and the story itself is very compelling. Perhaps best described in the words of the comic creator: Here you will meet demons, Ravens, crazed pirates, and were-sharks. Enjoy the ride!
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  • Between the Lines. It's a comic about 2 transsexual teenagers who come from messed-up families, and find acceptance in each other. It's based off the experiences by the author, and it will make you feel the hardships Shay and Dani go through.
  • Boulet Corp. Although it's already widely known to French webcomic readers, the recent english translation has been sadly overlooked by English speakers. Gorgeous art, brilliant scenarios, and language-barrier-conquering humor.
  • Carpe Chaos: Space Opera with gorgeous art, intelligent mature writing and is building a complex universe with thousands years of history.
  • Color Blind is a fantasy comic about five middle school kids who find a colorful fantasy world with interesting creatures and a dark underlying conflict.
  • Commander Kitty is quite the Long Runner, telling the story of an egotistical wannabe spacer and the Rag Tag Bunch Of Misfits he calls a crew.
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  • Crankrats is a steampunk series with a decent amount of world building and a ton of characters.
  • Distillum is a series by Sarah "Pickles" Dill and tells the story of Rob, a young man with unusual psychic abilities, as told by his friend, Jamie. After they save the life of Kavitha (who was supposed to die), they're dragged into the world of the "Distillum" by the ever-cranky Sidney.
  • Domain Tnemrot is a low sci-fi story about gladiatorial games where the fighters have super powers. They fight each other, trying to stay alive while they plan their escape from captivity. Ensemble Dark Horse characters abound.
  • Dramacon by the queen of Original English Langauge Manga, Svetlana Chmakova. This work features a solid story, effective characterizations, and art quality on part with many classics of this genre.
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  • FAMIB has been around since 2001, it's in an Alternate Universe and about a boy and his dragon, horribly subverted as that same dragon adopted him with after murdering (all but one) of his family. The other group of the Two Lines, No Waiting are special forces / agents of the government looking for the dragon, among other duties.
  • The Frumps: the Adorably Vulgar pairing of Lance and Vergil need more love and just basically recognition.
  • The Gamercat: A webcomic that started in 2011 which stars a cat who played video games. It's like Garfield but with video games.
  • Gifts of Wandering Ice - a scifi story about ancient things people find in melting icebergs. A webcomic focused on worldbuilding and exploration instead of action, with a peaceful postapocalyptic society where people got better instead of turning into savages.
  • I'm My Own Mascot, by the same artist behind the much more recognized It Sucks to Be Weegie! and Ensign Sue Must Die, is a Gag Per Day Life Embellished comic starring an Author Avatar Butt-Monkey. It is silly, witty, and fun, and can effectively satire fandoms and the like without getting preachy or mean-spirited. Unfortunately, the strip's coverage on This Very Wiki is very minuscule.
  • Law Of Purple is an excellent sci-fi webcomic that makes a statement about social issues such as racism and homophobia while still managing to be absolutely hilarious.
  • The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal by E.K. Weaver follows the form of a typical Road Trip Plot. It features the budding romance of the title characters in the most nerdy, believable way possible, as well as some superb dialog, well-crafted characters, and great art that pays special attention to the little details of life.
  • Let's Ask Violet- The premise is about a college student answering questions. Sometimes, her answers can be insightful, while others can be hilarious, depending on the asker. When she's not answering questions, she deals with her personal life such as relationships and her roommates. Definitely something I'd recommend. I learned about it when Linkara tweeted about it.
  • Life is a compelling little Slice of Life story about a friendly, well-meaning Manipulative Bastard named Felicia, her equally strange friends and friends-of-friends, and the various efforts they make (or don't make) trying to find a little happiness and fulfillment. Plus, it has a degree of Meta Guy genre thinking, Conversational Troping, and the like of near Tailsteakian levels.
  • minus. Great homage to old newspaper comics with a thought-provoking premise. Unfortunately, it's practically unheard of.
  • morphE is something completely different from other webcomics. It's made to "play" like a visual novel with some mild interactive elements and completely animated updates. It starts a little basic but so far it has run for a year with 200 updates. It deserves attention for its unique style and ambition if nothing else.
  • Necropolis is a fantasy series involving an Action Girl named the Third Sword who fights undead creatures. Has a deliciously Hellboyish feel to it. Unfortunately, only a few pages of the comic proper as well as a few preview pages are out, but everything's so promising that it already deserves a fanbase.
  • Next Town Over A beautiful webcomic detailing the Stern Chase of the Wicked Cultured pyromancer John Henry Hunter by the pale Gadgeteer Genius Vane Black. It is created by Erin Mehlos and updates weekly.
  • Prequel is practically a must-read for any fan of The Elder Scrolls, and still a pretty good idea for everyone else. The story centers on Katia, who might be the most pitiable Khajit in all of Cyrodiil, as she attempts to make a new life for herself, and fails. The art is surprisingly good, and the audience can submit commands for Katia to consider, which she will, in comic. Be warned, it can swing pretty heavily from lighthearted humor to bitter depression and back in an instant, but don't let that dissuade you.
  • The Quick and Dirty Life of Fritz Fargo is a webcomic set in Canada about Fritz, a loud, hyperactive vocalist for a rock band and Eddie, his kind dependable friend. It has awesome art that gets better as time goes on and some pretty funny moments.
  • Sarab, an interactive sci-fi webcomic where the readers vote on the protagonist's solution to a problem at the end of each page. The artwork is beautiful and you can tell the creators put real effort into the characters and setting. Funny, heartwarming at times, and the action's very... uh... action-y.
  • The original version of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, the first of which is archived here. It seems like just another webcomic by and for college students; but this is Zach Weiner, and the strip has the intelligence and dark humor that made the later comic so awesome.
  • Shadowbinders is a steampunk fantasy about a girl named Mia who finds out she can cross dimensions to some place she's been dreaming about, when looks through some heirlooms of her grandfather given to her by her grandmother and finds a very special ring.
  • Strong Female Protagonist: A lengthy and amazingly well-written story revolving around a young former superheroine, showing the consequences of her retirement from vigilantism, her trials at school and at home, and her search for how to make a difference in a world where superpowered individuals are common but seemingly unneeded. The art is great, the story is deep and consistent, and all of the characters have delicious but believable drama.
  • Suppression is a 3d Webcomic about a town called Ebon Creek being struck with a horrible plague, giving people odd types of powers before possibly turning them into monsters. It updates twice a week and has a rather large cast of characters and a very interesting story.
  • To Defeat Them All: 2 brothers blindly play through the entire Classic Mega Man series, suffering hundreds of unique and hilarious deaths along the way. On hiatus right now, unfortunately.
  • Korean Webtoons in general. They combine the artistic freedom of webcomics with a heavy influence of Anime, Manga and Manhwa in a chapter-long vertical, full-color strip.
    • Noblesse is a series that has incredible World Building amongst the world of the Nobles (which are basically vampires) going up against the forces of the dreaded Company (an organization comprising of many different factions). The story follows Cadis Etrama Di Raizel as he wakes up from an 800 year slumber after recovering from a past battle that forced him into an endless sleep. Upon waking up, Cadis faces off against many challenges as he tries to figure out what's going on in the present time, and reuniting with his loyal and devoted servant, Frankenstein. Was it mentioned that there's also Werewolves involved?
    • Tower of God in particular excels in tight story-telling and World Building, using interesting games and tests to flesh out characters and advance the plot. The story follows a boy who chases his only friend into a mystical place called the Tower, where he is told that if he wants to find her, he must reach the top. He then has to compete with many other people for the right to ascend to the next floor, because apparently any wish can be fulfilled upon reaching that place. During his travels he accumulates a bunch of comrades and they are all pretty awesome by their own right. Take for instance a noble that likes to scam his way through the tests and loves to bend and use the rules to his advantage or the giant bipedal alligator that spouts badass line after badass line. But the best thing about the series is how unpredictable it can get. Especially in the latter chapter, after everything has been established, the author loves to play with the perception of details so that whenever a surprising twist comes, it makes perfect sense.
  • Trying Human: A very interesting comic with Interspecies Romance, a strong plot, amazing characters, and a nice mix of humor and drama. The art is also well done and early chapters are being reworked even as new ones are coming out in order to keep the art consistent.
  • Twisted Kaiju Theater: An extremely Long Runner, one of the first and best photo comics around.
  • The Veligent is about Kade and his misadventures in the highly unusual fantasy world he lives in as he gets to work on his new job.
  • Weapon Brown: Charlie Brown out-maxes Mad Max.
  • Worst of the Time Lords. Doctor Who fan or not, this comic is hilarious.
  • Zoophobia is a webcomic about a teacher that has the titular zoophobia and has to teach a class full of mythical and anthropomorphic animals. The art is great, and the story isn't half bad either, but the comic only has about 500 or so people who follow it.

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