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  • The entire point of Home Of The Underdogs.
  • IGN has an award for this in games: Best Game No One Played. Recipients have included such gems as Psychonauts and Beyond Good & Evil.
    • Gamespot had an identical award. Later on, they inverted the trope by introducing the "Worst Game Everyone Played" award. The first recipient was the mediocre GTA clone Jaws Unleashed, and it was accompanied with a video featuring Alex Navarro expressing his outrage on said game having sold five times more than Psychonauts.
  • During a 'Game of the Year' feature in Electronic Gaming Monthly, Persona 3 was given an award for being "The Most Controversial Game That Caused No Controversy". Considering that Persona 3 had subplots featuring student/teacher dating, references to teen suicide, more occult imagery than you can shake a pentagram at, Satan, Lucifer, and Beelzebub, and lots of tender moments between teenagers, this reward was extremely merited. Note that this was the same year that Mass Effect garnered piles of media attention for apparently being a pornographic simulator.
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  • The Overlooked Manga Festivals, which is Exactly What It Says on the Tin.
  • Many independent video game review sites focus on obscure cult classics, such as Hardcore Gaming 101 and That Guy with the Glasses .com contributor Benzaie's Video Review Show Games You Might Don't Know But That Are Still Pretty Damn Sweet [sic].
  • The Happy Video Game Nerd, the inversion of The Angry Video Game Nerd. He reviews old, obscure, but really sweet games.
  • Game Pro once called out the video gaming fandom, using this trope.
    "Four million copies of promotional games sold, while perfectly-good copies of Ōkami gather dust on the shelves?!"
  • Movies You May Have Missed: Seen here. Two guys who just seriously want to tell you about good movies out there that didn't get enough eyeballs on them the first time around. They make it a point to choose movies that they actually like (even if there's some parts that are just silly) and not just ones that are So Bad, It's Good.
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  • The Musical Chair by Nash features various music performers that he considers under appreciated.
  • Apollo Z. Hack who reviews obscure, more cult hit type movies that he often feels deserve more exposure.
  • The entire point of video game music podcast Nitro Game Injection. From the FAQ on the website: "We have an undying love and appreciation for video game music, and the various arrangement/remix scenes surrounding it. We want to share this music with the world, and to give exposure to this great art form. We want to let you know about great musicians and arrangers that you may have never heard of to encourage you to check out more works from them. That is essentially why we have created these shows."
  • Frankomatic's Obscure Game Theater.
  • The Red Team Round Table reviews media that may not have gotten the attention they deserve on their release and operates on the notion that many things are under appreciated.
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  • Get Up On This with Jensen Karp where Jensen, co-host Matt Robinson and a weekly guest discuss three things you need to check out and some things they admit they were late up on.
  • Chuggaaconroy is a lets player who plays underrated Nintendo games that he feels need more appreciation than they deserve.

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