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They got a lot better at animating vomit over the years.

Most episodes of South Park go out of their way to gross out the audience. After 20+ years of runtime, they could give The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs a run for its money.

In general:

  • Anytime a character vomits or pukes on the show.
  • Some of Kenny's deaths might be hard to look at, depending on the type of person you are.
  • Cartman is gross for the sake of being gross, indulging in every opportunity he can to be disgusting. Hell, his actions would make even Peter Griffin from Family Guy retch. Though the writers may have intentionally tried to incite this response from the viewers.


Season 1

  • Kenny's first onscreen death. Kyle confirms it by tearing his head off.
  • The ending of "An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig" will make you leery of Mr. Garrison.
  • The Moral Guardians protesting outside the studio that produces Terrance and Phillip ends up producing a massive pile of shit and urine. The stench is so bad the studio executive caves into their demands.
  • When Kenny turns into a zombie in "Pinkeye", he spends the entire episode a rotting corpse, with both his arms dropping off.
  • Mr Hankey's debut. He leaves poo stains everywhere he goes, smacks Cartman in the face and bathes in Mr. Mackey's coffee while he's still drinking it.
    • From the same episode, we get an ad for a "make your own Mr. Hankey", parodying Mr Potato Head. The episode ends with a newborn baby eating the turd.


Season 2

  • Nurse Gollum's conjoined twin. Despite the animation still being in its early years, special attention is given to show the fetus jiggling.
  • Cartman takes swimming lessons and has to deal with kids peeing in the pool. The episode ends with the entire pool turning yellow.
  • Sheila's attempts to help the kids get chickenpox from Kenny. At one point she tells Kyle to play a game which involves letting Kenny spit in his mouth.
    • The boys get back at their parents by letting a herpes-riddled streetwalker put their belongings in her mouth.

Season 3

  • In "Rainforest Schmainforest" the children witness a man get swallowed by an anaconda, who promptly shits his semi-digested corpse up seconds later.
  • The sight of the jakovosaurus giving birth. Over and over again. With after-birth getting everywhere.
  • "World Wide Recorder Concert" ends with the entire planet shitting their pants.

Season 4

  • "Quintuplets 2000" has a very graphic sex scene involving Stan's grandfather and the quints' grandmother. The orgasm seemingly killed her, as she's shown a fly-ridden stiff the next morning.
    "So that's why she didn't say goodnight."
  • Cartman becoming the poster boy for NAMBLA, which involves posing in a Speedo for a photo shoot. Same goes to Timmy being groomed by one of the NAMBLA members.
    • From the same episode, Kenny's dad goes through a series of mishaps that lead to him bleeding, puking and shitting uncontrollably.
  • The ad for Cherokee hair tampons has a teenage girl tell her mother about that scene from The Shining before being cut off. The commercial ends with the mother using a used Cherokee hair tampon as a toy for the family dog. The dog doesn't just chase the tampon, it tries to maul it as it's overcome by the scent.
  • Ms Choksondik's (more like Ms. Makesmesick) sagging breasts. When she raises her arms, they peek out under her top.
  • "Fat Camp" is just an entire episode of Kenny doing degrading things such as eating organs and turds, giving his grandfather a sensual massage and crawling up into Ms. Crabtree's uterus. It turns out this isn't the first time a boy has crawled up inside her.

Season 5

  • "Scott Tenorman Must Die": Putting aside the climax of the episode, Cartman glued someone else's pubes to his face.
  • After attending some badly-handled sex ed lessons, the children all come to the conclusion that the boys must wear condoms at all times. Cartman pees into his condom and chucks it into a bin, which it misses.

Season 6

  • "Jared has Aides": The boys fatten up Butters and try to perform an at-home liposuction. They end up spraying fat and blood all over the place, and nearly kill Butters in the process.
  • "Asspen": Those breasts.
  • "The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer": Shelly's menstruating. When the boys fail to get her tampons in time, she floods the house, The Shining-style.
  • "Simpsons Already Did It":
    • Cartman hides inside Ms Choksondik's corpse.
    • Cartman collects semen from some guy by closing his eyes and "sucking it from a hose".
  • "Red Hot Catholic Love": Cartman and all the atheists start literally spewing crap from their mouths. What's freaky is how their jaws dislocate like a snake's when they do it.
  • "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society": Wendy getting a boob job. Possibly the best ad for keeping it au naturale ever made.
  • The journey of Lemmiwinks to escape a gay man's ass.
  • "Red Sleigh Down": The poo-choo train.

Season 7

  • Christoper Reeve assimilates stem cells by drinking the fluids of aborted fetuses.

Season 8

  • Butters takes a shuriken to the eye, then gets peed and crapped on by some stray dogs.
  • "AWESOM-O": The scientist who is disemboweled and shows off his organs.
  • Michael Ja...Jefferson has his nose torn off. As he's been getting plastic surgery for years, his face falls apart from lack of support.
  • The hundreds and hundreds of men (and the boys too) having an orgy to protest time immigrants.
  • The reveal that PETA commit bestiality. One couple has an ostrich-human hybrid that begs for death.
  • Paris Hilton sticks a pineapple up her vagina, then she ends up stuck in Mr. Slave's ass.

Season 9

  • Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina is often considered the most disgusting episode in the entire show, and not without good reason:
    • The Crowning Moment of Nausea: Mr Garrison's sex change. It's actual footage of a farm animal being castrated. The surgeon's results are far from pretty for any of his patients.
    • Gerald's transition into a hideous human-dolphin hybrid. The bags under his eyes are blackened and he has visible scars below his chest. He also has a fin made from Mr. Garrison's scrotum.
    • Kyle underwent surgery to become a tall, black person to play professional basketball, except his new body wasn't designed for athletics, so when he tries for a slam dunk, his knees burst open. It would be standard fare for this show, if it wasn't for the fact that the surgeon used Mr. Garrison's balls as Kyle's new kneecaps. So when Kyle's knees burst, we see Mr. Garrison's balls fly out of them along with a nauseating squishing sound effect.
  • Jimmy lost his virginity to an overweight street walker with an infected urinal tract.

Season 10

  • The death of Chef. He's impaled, dismembered by a bear and a puma and finally craps his pants, despite his lower body being ripped off.
    • From the same episode we have Chef getting his face shoved between the buttcheeks of an obese stripper.
  • Mrs. Garrison flings her own shit at Richard Dawkins. Later that night they have anal sex.
  • Miss Stevenson's sexual relationship with Ike in "Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy." Not only is she having sex with a kindergartener, with two scenes depicting them naked together, but she breathlessly describes how good Ike is in bed to an obviously disgusted Kyle.
    Miss Stevenson: He makes me feel like nobody else does. He loves me and only me, and I know I'm a goddess to him. When we make love, he can give it to me HARD, or soft and gentle-
    Kyle: All right! We're getting the hell out of here! [takes Ike out of the house]

Season 11

  • Randy's football-sized crap, which he immediately alerts Sharon to. When Bono reveals that he took an even bigger crap and is in fact made of crap, Randy rises up to the challenge and creates an entire pillar of shit.
  • "I haven't showered yet. My balls are extra vinegar-y".

Season 12

  • "Britney's New Look" opens up with Britney Spears blowing her brains out. The media scrutinizes her in spite of this, pointing out her spare tire, surgical scars and camel toe, showing that even corpses aren't safe from them.
  • "Major Boobage" is all about kids getting high from sniffing cat pee. Kenny and Kyle's dad don't just sniff it, they have the cats squirt right into their faces.
  • "Over Logging" has the now-infamous scene of Randy going through several hard-core porn sites and drenching himself in...uh..."ectoplasm".
  • "The China Problem":
    • The imagined scenes of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg raping Indiana Jones.
    • Butters and his habit of shooting guys in the dick. Telling is that Cartman - the kid who tricked a boy into eating his own parents - is disgusted by it.

Season 13

  • "If you're like other Americans, then you love to eat Chipotle! But you hate the sight of all those terrible bloodstains in your underwear!"
  • In "Butters' Bottom Bitch", Officer Yates goes undercover as a streetwalker. He lets an entire frat house cum in his anus.
  • The entirety of "Pee". The crowning moment being when Kyle has to drink the offending liquid.

Season 14

  • "The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs" is apparently a very effective example in-universe. A straighter example from the same episode would be Sarah Jessica Parker's hideous character design, with her leathery skin, excessive mascara, greasy hair and skeletal frame.
  • "Medicinal Fried Chicken": Randy's attempt to give himself cancer for some legal weed leads to him getting super-sized testicles. The other men follow suit, with Jimbo's extra-hairy balls standing out. The episode ends with Randy's balls going back to their normal size and the excess scrotum being used to make a coat for Sharon.
  • In "The Coon" trilogy the boys lock up Butters and force him to either starve or eat his own crap.

Season 15

  • "HumancentIPad" has the obligatory ass-to-mouth torture, with Kyle forced to eat turds laced with cuttlefish and asparagus.
  • "You're Getting Old" and "Ass Burgers" has everything from Stan's POV look and sound like shit. Randy also tries making it as a tween pop star, where he gets up on stage and shits his britches.

Season 16

  • "Reverse Cowgirl" has the town's toilets - both public and private - undergoing police-state regulations. It gets to the point where civilians can't even be trusted to wipe their own asses without police supervision. Then there's the creepy masturbator who watches everyone while they make dookie.
  • "I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining" has the in-detail narration on Cartman's bowels. When the plot shifts to live-action, we get this delightful shot of Cartman spraying brown liquid from his rectum.
  • In "Sarcastaball" the latest energy drink being made from Butters' own semen. The commercial features athletes getting bukkaked without realizing it, and Randy is the only one able to notice the taste, which is a whole other can of worms.

Season 17

  • "A Song of Ass and Fire" has the newscasters screwing each other. They're brother and sister.

Season 18

  • "Gluten Free Ebola" has the horrifying sight of the dietitian eating concentrated gluten, which causes him to decompose from the inside-out as his dick shoots off like a rocket.
  • Randy's "cock magic" features self-castration.

Season 19

  • The Citipa Town ad, particularly the photos of a very cheap and filthy Chinese restaurant interior, plus "our state of the art baswoom can be used by bos men and rimmin and is a gweat prace to squeeze out all sat shitty food you've enjoyed."
  • In "You're Not Yelping" Cartman tells the boys that he's never crapped solid before.

Season 20

  • Caitlyn Jenner spewing member-berry juice straight into Randy's face. Randy then spews a similar juice at Sharon and Shelly. The way their jaws dislodge when they do it is unnerving.

Season 21

  • Mrs. McGillicudy from "Hummels & Heroin" has urine stains on the front of her dress and lets loose "old people" farts every second.

Season 22

  • In "Nobody Got Cereal?", Grandpa tells Stan that Randy was an accident, in the most graphic manner possible.
    I didn't think I'd have grandkids. I didn't even want children. That's why I always came on Gram Gram's tits. But then, one night, I'm having sex with your grandma, and she sticks her finger in my ass. She had sometimes licked my ass before, but this was the first time she used her finger, and I came inside her like that. I pulled out and your grandma was like "Did you just come in me?", and I was like "Well, you stuck your finger in my ass." And that's basically why you're here, Billy. I'm just saying that I wasn't thinking about the future because your father was supposed to be nothing but dried-up crust on Gram Gram's titties.
    • For some Fridge Horror, Randy is in his early 40s while Grandpa is over 100. That means he was sexually active into his 60s, while grandma would have to have been decades younger to get impregnated from his old-man semen.

Season 23

  • "SHOTS!!!" features Cartman sneezing into his hands, creating a nasty "snot web." As if that's not bad enough, you can notice bits of his sneeze end up on the other kids' food.
  • "Turd Burglars" opens up with Sheila's bowels exploding from both ends and doesn't relax from there.


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