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Given 1000 Ways to Die's penchant for Nightmare Fuel, this show also has a plethora of sickening moments.

  • "Face Offed": The Vegas showgirl who contracts necrotizing fasciitis after shaving her legs with a rusty razor, especially when she finally dies of sepsis. She should have just thrown the darn thing in the trash. It’s also gross when she pops a zit with dirty hands.
    • Similarly, in "Bush Defeated". The woman with a large mound of pubic hair (which her boyfriend finds disgusting) decides to shave and wax it off herself. Yeah, too bad she waxed off more than what's necessary (and decided to do it herself rather than shell out the cash for a professional wax job at a salon or a spa), took off some of her skin, and infected herself with the same thing that the showgirl had.
      • Bonus points for having these deaths consecutively numbered.
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  • "Bank Ruptured": The Frenchman with pica who dies when a nail in his stomach slices his abdominal wall.
  • "Killdo": The woman who used a peeled carrot as a substitute for dildo and died of an embolism when she cut herself from the inside and didn't know she was dying until she neared orgasm. The whole thing just makes you (if you're female) want to put off masturbation (and carrots) for a very long time.
  • "Jack 'n' Croaked": A whiskey distiller dies from sepsis after trying to kick open his safe (which is how Real Life whiskey distiller Jack Daniel [of "Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey" fame] died).
  • "Easy Slider": A man who tried using a wet tarp as a Slip-N-Slide and disembowels himself on a nail sticking up from the ground. You see both his intestines and a trail of blood on the tarp itself...
  • "Fat-ality": An obese man whose friend performed amateur liposuction on him and sucked out his viscera.
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  • "Catch and Decease": The Portuguese man who ended up ripping out his penis while trying to remove a candiru fish from his urethra and the resulting blood attracts piranhas that eat him alive. Just like "Killdo", this qualifies as both Nausea Fuel and Nightmare Fuel.
  • "Hair Today, Dead Tomorrow": A female nudist painter from the 1960s with trichophagia (a compulsion to eat one's own hair) whose habit eventually destroyed her gastrointestinal tract by way of bowel obstruction and internal bleeding. What's really gross (and horrifying) is that it really happened: a British girl (who, ironically, was supposed to be a hairstylist) from the 1990s was found dead in her room and when the autopsy was done, a trichobezoar (hair plug) was found in her stomach.
  • "Potty Mouth": The geophagic (compulsive dirt-eater) executive who ate her hippie neighbor's organic soil out of stress over her failing savings and loan. The compost had her neighbor's feces in it and she ended up dead from E. coli (meaning that she literally ate shit and died).
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  • "Vom-Ate-Dead": The female emetophiliac (one who derives sexual pleasure from vomit) who choked on a hot dog eating champion's blown chunks.
  • "Tenta-killed": An overprotective, traditional Korean immigrant father who tried to scare off his daughter's suitor (who was Korean-American, and, in his traditional mindset, was seen as unworthy) by forcing him to eat traditional Korean cuisine consisting of live sea creatures. He would end up choking to death on a live octopus, also known as "San-nakji".
  • "Injecti-cide": An elderly former beauty queen who injected her face with corn oil as a cheap substitute for Botox (as she couldn't afford the actual treatments). Some of that got into her bloodstream, and then it started leaking out of her face and destroying her from the inside.
  • "Eye-Sick-Kill": A stoner mall Santa gets fired for sexually harassing his elf coworkers and smoking weed on the job. As he's banging on the door to get his boss to let him back in, an icicle IMPALES HIM RIGHT ON HIS EYE! Cue the girls screaming and a horrible shot of the dead man with a huge blood red welt on his eye covered in blood.
  • "De-Faced": A Jerkass father and husband warms up his recently purchased snow-blower by letting it run in his garage while he drinks several beers, gets dizzy from all the carbon monoxide in the air (and from drinking himself stupid), and falls face first into the blades. You didn't think they would show the end result... but they did. Close up.
    • Similarly, in "Batter Upped". A redneck food vendor at a carnival and got too pushy on a cute co-worker who rejected his advances. He ends up falling face first into a frying machine, suffering fatal third-degree burns to his face.
  • "Chippin' Dale": The man who was shredding tree branches with a woodchipper; the chipper gets jammed and the man tries to unjam it with his foot, but his foot gets stuck and he ends up being shredded to pieces, starting with his leg. It's arguably one of the most gruesome and horrific deaths in the series because it was so slow and drawn out (not made at all better by the fact that his coworker had to see his best friend and partner shredded alive and get his blood all over him, and that deaths like this are common).
  • "Lazy Bumday": A lazy, obese scammer who posed as a homeless Gulf War vet had maggot-infested bedsores squirming all over his open wounds (those, however, didn't kill him — the scammer dies from massive heart failure caused by years of eating junk food and not exercising) and lived in complete and utter squalor with said maggots crawling all over his dirty dishes.
  • "Gone Green": A self-proclaimed Rich Bitch steals a dress colored Paris green (which isn't used anymore as there is a chemical in it that's also used in rat poison) for a St. Patrick's Day party for the purpose of stealing another girl's boyfriend. She is doused in booze over the course of the party, only to wake up the next morning to find her skin green from the Paris green dye soaking into her skin, then vomiting green slime and dying shortly thereafter.
  • The Scottish bodybuilder in "Ass-Plosion" whose intestines fell straight out of his ass!!! What's worse is that he was still alive to see it and he died of a massive heart attack over the shock of it. Worse than that: what happened to the Scottish bodybuilder is actually a common hazard in bodybuilders. It's called "rectal prolapse." Don't google that. Seriously.
  • "Cham-Pained": There's a high-class art thief who holds an illegal auction and decides to pop the champagne herself rather than get her waitstaff to do it. When she gets the champagne open, the cork hits her in the eye, she falls back on her champagne glass pyramid and dies from excessive blood loss from all the broken pieces of glass getting embedded in her body.
  • "Pop Goes The Cholo": There was a gang banger who was shot in the chest (but somehow survived) so his fellow gang members take him to a gang doctor. The gang leader ends up pistol whipping the doctor out after losing patience with him. One of the gang members decides to intubate the shot man. He accidentally puts the breathing tube in his esophagus and they actually show the stomach inflating and exploding (they also show the aftermath).
  • In "Hi-Jacked Off" there is a would-be hijacker who is pushed into an air brake hose by the woman riding shotgun to the truck he's trying to hijack. He inflates and his entire body EXPLODES, complete with ALL OF HIS INTERNAL ORGANS SPLATTERING EVERYWHERE!!! The driver and woman who pushed him are understandably horrified.
  • The mobster on parole in "Arriva-Deadci", who neglects to lock the wheels of a dumpster in place. The dumpster rolls down a hill and pins him against another dumpster. The end of the first dumpster punctures his abdomen and spills his intestines.
  • "Par for the Corpse": A groundskeeper has been using a cemetery as a personal golf course and freely disrespecting the graves. He breaks out in blisters from an allergy to the fungicide he was spraying the place with, which he was exposing himself to by holding his golf tees in his mouth, and decides to sleep it off, only to wake up and find that they've evolved into bloody lesions and a piece of his nose is sloughing off.


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