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Don't mind Brian; he just took a look at the page examples.

It's no surprise that Family Guy is no stranger to gross-out humor. The show lives off of jokes about shit, piss, dicks, cunts, tits, jizz, and clam chowder. Some episodes even revolve around these concepts. So much so that many fans of the show have claimed the show has gone overboard with this type of humor and deem these episodes to be the worst of the series, while other fans laugh their asses off, as to them, this is what Family Guy is supposed to be all about.

  • "Stewie is Enceinte" is considered one of the grossest episodes of the series for having Stewie use a machine to impregnate himself with half-human, half-dog babies. It has a long sequence of Gory Discretion Shots where Stewie violently and painfully craps and vomits the kids out.
  • "Herpe the Love Sore" is all about Brian giving Stewie and Chris herpes via blood pact, followed by several detailed shots of the three characters' herpes sores, as well as a live-action photograph.
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  • In "Girl, Internetted", Meg becomes internet famous by eating whatever gross stuff the internet tells her to. This is followed by Meg becoming so fat that she gets diabetes. Her feet become all black, shriveled up, and greasy, and they eventually have to get amputated.
  • In "The Unkindest Cut", Quagmire gets attacked by a shark who, as shown in a scene that does not fail to go into detail, bites his penis off and the episode centers around him living without a dick. The episode ends with Ida donating her old penis to him. Not only that, but the post-credits scene tells us that Ida has a massive, unsightly mole on her dick that Quagmire has to deal with and also has an Overly Long Gag about Quagmire painfully pissing with his new penis.
  • The side plot of "A Fistful of Meg" is about Peter constantly exposing himself to Brian for his own amusement. In the end, Brian gets fed up with it and gets revenge by shaving his fur off and touching Peter with his disgusting, wrinkly, pink skin and forcing him to rub his many nipples.
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  • "Once Bitten" is about Peter shoving a pill up Brian's ass and getting his arm violently bitten by him (twice).
  • "Fresh Heir" has many disgusting moments. Not only is the main plot about Peter and Chris getting married, but there are also scenes in which Chris manually stimulates his grandfather's genitals, Carter gets an open fracture, Babs' overly veiny legs are prominently displayed, and Peter holds a pair of bloody testicles.
  • In "Short Cuts", Brian is forced under the knife by another dog, who forcefully neuters him and cuts one of his balls out and replaces it with a jingle bell.
  • "Brian and Stewie" had a scene where Brian ate Stewie's shit out of his diaper as well as a scene where he jammed a needle through Stewie's ear to pierce it.
  • In "Road to the North Pole", we not only see a sick, dying Santa Claus, but a scene where Stewie amputates an elf's arm with a small switchblade.
  • "Dead Dog Walking" has an overweight Brian trying to stand up, only to snap his leg like a twig under his weight.
  • In "Quagmire's Dad", Brian vomits for 29 seconds, upon realizing he just slept with Quagmire's transgender dad. This moment provides the page image.
  • "Brian in Love" has Brian fail to control his bladder and pee on the floor. An old woman then walks into the puddle, trips and falls head first into it.
  • "Brian Griffin's House of Payne" features a sideplot in which Chris and Meg accidentally smash Stewie's head open by causing him to fall down the stairs and expose his bloody brain. Instead of taking him to the hospital, they spend the whole episode trying to hide it, causing his head to get more and more rotten and moldy.
  • "Rich Old Stewie" has an elderly Peter Griffin, watching VR pornography and specifically mentioning that he's watching "Lactating Pregnant Latinas". There's also a gag about the now elderly Chris having a talking penis, which seems to be straight out of an episode of Big Mouth.


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