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Considering the overall nature of Bart's parodies, you're expected to see a lot of downright disgusting scenes, along with Squick and Nightmare Fuel.

  • There's a great deal of Fan Disservice in his videos, especially when he crossdresses.
  • Miley Cyrus is shown licking feces off a plunger, and we almost see her lick a condom in "Wrecking Ball". Steve-O takes it before she can do this...but then he immediately shoves it in his mouth. It doesn't help that at that part the lyrics were "I'll lick anything for more attention. This condom looks delish."
    • There's also her licking a jar of her own STDs in the "Dark Horse" parody.
  • Miley biting off part of her arm like a piece of chicken in the "Adore You" parody.
  • Zayn sucking his own dick in the "Kiss You" parody.
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  • From the "Kiss You" parody, Harry suggests that they should play "a game of Drop the Soap". We are then treated to a montage of pictures of everyone naked holding soap bars (with censored bars, of course). Liam drops his bar of soap. You all know what happens next.
  • In the "Live While We're Young parody", Zayn claims he drank too much cum, causing him to faint. Sure, we don't actually see him drink semen, but just the thought of it is rather disgusting.
  • Some of the titular Butthurt Comments can be this, including one on "Blank Space" that describes the commenter's desire to see "Weird Al" Yankovic give Bart an Ass Shove with his accordion. In graphic detail. Bart claims that the same has already happened to said commenter.
  • The "Applause" parody has the lyrics "I'm so conceited and smug I eat my own shit/Then I wash it down with a glass of Gaga piss". The scene features Lady Gaga doing just that.
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  • In the parody for "Problem", when Big Sean has broccoli and meat stuck to his teeth. Downplayed, but still kinda disgusting.
  • Pretty much the majority of his "Friday" parody.
  • His "Hot Problems" parody. If the Fan Disservice wasn't enough, there's also the rather gross lyrics talking about drinking cum, taking "it up the butt", and puking to stay skinny.
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  • A lot of his older videos in general are this. There's a parody of "Boom Boom Pow" by the Black Eyed Peas, titled "Big Old Pubes", and parody of "Judas" by Lady Gaga titled "Anus", which features badly-made CGI turds as background dancers. Yeaaaah...
  • The entirety of his "Thrift Shop" parody, which involves Macklemore wearing STD-ridden, used clothing from a thrift shop and becoming more sickly by the moment, with some pretty Body Horror-esque lyrics accompanying it (e.g. "My hands are turning black, I can't feel my nutsack, I got gonorrhea and the clap"). It eventually results in him becoming so diseased that he has to get all of his limbs amputated.
  • Harry Style's face getting torn off in the "22" parody. While probably not as disgusting as the other stuff on this list, it's still pretty cringeworthy.
  • In the "We Can't Stop" parody, Miley Cyrus and Amanda Bynes get into a fight, which involves Miley ripping out Amanda's piercings. It ends with both of them foaming from the mouth from a heroin overdose, before eventually passing out. Even the narrator lampshades how squick-y the scene is.
    Narrator: I am done narratin', this is too disgustin'.
  • At one point in the "Royals" parody, one of the background characters coughs up a lot of blood onto a mirror. Apparently first aid is one of the "luxurious things" that Lorde hates. And there's the implication that none of them use toilet paper.
  • The "Sugar" parody. Adam Levine's voice is so high that it causes glass to break, disfiguring people's faces, and causes violent vomiting and diarrhea.

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