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Narm / Transformers Film Series

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Franchise as a whole

  • In general, the way the Bay films each try to outdo their last entry in terms of secret conspiracies and convoluted mcguffin plots, can end up being this. At least first time around it wasn't too terrible besides the cliché nature of the Allspark's importance, but as the sequels got on it just became ridiculous. The way they'd somehow be able to stumble upon another, unrelated Ancient Conspiracy involving the Transformers in human history that would add more convoluted layers to their mythology, ultimately just turning it into an unintended joke.
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  • Depending on who you ask, Bumblebee's mouth looks like a gag or a pacifier.


  • The opening monologue. Optimus Prime's wise, deep voice says, "Before time began, there was... THE CUBE."
    "The Allspark is two hundred and thirty miles from HERE!"
  • Most notable is Sam's hilariously over-the-top, melodramatic reaction to finding out that Mikaela has a criminal record. Not only is this not something that's a huge deal in and of itself, but all of the Autobot-military stuff going on around him right then makes it look unimportant by comparison.
  • Bonecrusher's Angrish comes off as awesome and terrifying, except when he transforms, for which you will find many people who think that he says "WANT TEA".
  • The following:
    "You want a piece of me, Megatron?"
    "No, I WANT TWO!"
    • Which the Hungarian dub turned into:
    "What is it, Megatron? You want one?"
    "No, rather... YOU want one!"


Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

  • This gem:
    "Give me YOUR face!"
  • Again, the Hungarian dub made Prime's Pre Ass Kicking One Liner into an example:
    From: "I'll take you ALL ON!"
    Into: "I will defeat you!" (spoken in a rather bored voice)
  • During the otherwise spectacularly rendered forest battle, there's a very glaring animation shortcut, where, for a split second, Megatron goes from charging furiously at Optimus to strolling complacently. It's partially obscured by the nature of the shot, but many sharp-eyed viewers found it hilarious.


Transformers: Dark of the Moon

  • Megatron dramatically yells "All. Hail. Megatron!". At a bunch of elephants and zebras. The implication there seemed to be that Megs was a tad delusional by that point, given his horrific head injury and all. Still, at least it wasn't as bad as it was in the novel and comic, wherein he follows up said yell by randomly blowing up an elephant with his fusion cannon.
  • If not that, his telling off Dylan Gould certainly qualifies:
    Megatron: Begone, insect operative, your work is done.
  • Optimus' strange sputtering as the Driller sends him flying.
  • The RUNFAAAGH! used by Sentinel towards the end of the final battle. The fact that's it's a stock sound effect from the previous film, from Megatron no less, doesn't help.
  • Sam's complete meltdown and utterly ridiculous screaming when the security tries to impound his car.
  • Starscream's utterly pathetic death. Even disregarding the silliness of Sam of all people being able to take out the second-in-command of the Decepticons, Starscream's behavior during the scene (flailing about wildly, spitting out oil(?) whenever he opens his mouth) make it impossible to take seriously. Then again, given that it's Starscream, this may be the point.

Transformers: Age of Extinction

  • When Cade asks Savoy if he has a warrant, Savoy replies with "My face is my warrant!".
  • Optimus literally growing Kibbles and Bits when scanning his alternate mode. There's a reason why the camera usually cuts away when characters scan their alt modes...
  • Optimus Prime flying to space. It comes out of nowhere and is an immediate WTF. You almost expect the Superman theme to play.
  • The finger-like protrusions that form Lockdown's collar are shown wiggling a few times. It's very silly-looking and clashes with his general visual style.
  • In a similar fashion, Hound's clothing can be rather hard to take seriously, particularly the upscaled dog tags and pouch vest.
  • "You see my face, your life is done!" Especially hard to swallow as this particular bit of nonsense loses Lockdown the fight at the end.

Transformers: The Last Knight

  • When the Decepticons of this film have strange names like "Dreadbot", there's something hilarious about Megatron sounding dead serious when reciting their names.
  • The Autobot's reunion is dramatic... and then you see Optimus Prime do something as mundane as jogging, which comes off as hilarious.
  • Optimus constantly repeating the phrase "My name is Optimus Prime" over. And over. And over again. For the last five minutes of the movie!

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