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Narm / Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

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Violet Beauregarde: The gift that keeps on giving.

Despite Tom and Jerry being a comic duo and the original Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory being a Black Comedy with its fair share of funny moments, this movie is full of Narm and Narm Charm, between its Off-Model animation, Limited Animation, and its Unfortunate Character Designs.

  • Violet Beauregarde's weird design.
    • Pictured is Violet upon entry to the chocolate factory. Between her broken wrist, her Squicky gum chewing, and her always-inconsistent facial expression. It's downright hilarious.
  • The addition of Tom and Jerry fighting each other with bras and slippers to Grandpa Joe's song "I've Got a Golden Ticket". Due to skipping some minor story beats to get the show on the road, Grandpa Joe jumps from comforting Charlie to beginning to sing rather abruptly.
  • Charlie's facial expressions are notoriously Off-Model:
    • Lazy eyes are very common.
    • His expression when everyone ditches school early to get Wonka Bars, as well as the fact he's so into a stupor he doesn't pay attention to anyone else. He looks like he's hopped up on drugs.
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    • Time and time again, the movie cuts to Charlie just standing there, making a weird expression most of the time as if it's attempting a Reaction Shot.
  • Slugworth's Disney Acid Sequence can make anyone wonder "What am I watching?"
    • The song itself is more or less a retread of "I Want It Now" from the original film. It's hard to take a villain seriously when he's singing lines like "I want a party with roomfuls of laughter" and "I'm going to scream!".
    • When Charlie is running into the tunnel, Slugworth can be seen walking into the light at the end from the side. However his walk seems to be a little silly. Given how dramatic his appearance in the original film was it's difficult to tell if this is meant to be Played for Laughs or not.
  • Willy Wonka walks like someone broke his legs, but during "Pure Imagination", he has protrusions poking out from his knees.
  • Veruca Salt kicks a tree and the way her knee bends suggests it should be broken.
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  • Freeze frame at the candy bars, and you'll note that every single candy bar appears to have an inconsistent label, with the hat going right over the border. They messed up candy bars.
  • Wonka's Freak Out! at the end was intended to be scary. And it would be if it not quoted word-for-word (with the addition of taking a cat into the factory) from Gene Wilder's Freak Out! in the 1971 movie with someone obviously trying to sound like a Gene Wilder impersonator. (To be exact, it's one of Warner Bros.'s new voice actors, J.P. Karliak.) Even the "You lose! Good DAY sir!" line sounds like it came out of a school play.
    • The Homages themselves become unintentionally funny. "Pure Imagination" has absolutely zero of the wonder of the original because Tom and Jerry are too busy fighting and trying very hard not to get noticed (crossed with Violet's increasingly weirder facial animations).
    • Plus, they still include the bit where Wonka goes over the contract, despite cutting the scene where the contract was signed in the first place.
  • The homage to the famous boat scene. It feels incredibly out of place in this version, especially since Tuffy is the one giving the speech rather than Wonka; unlike Wilder, Kathie makes it sound insane instead of creepy. Granted, however, you can tell she was having just as much fun with that scene as the audience was.
    • And it's not censored either, resulting in Tuffy reciting the entire thing, utterance of Hell and all - and then screaming at the top of his lungs as his face distorts wildly. And yet they did censor the background by adding in things like floating dog toys instead of the chicken decapitation.
  • Wonka's face in his closing lines of the film. The odd animation makes him come off as flirty before he makes a rather unsettling expression to Charlie on the drop of a hat.
    Willy Wonka: You know what happened to the boy who suddenly got everything he ever wanted; he lived happily ever after.
  • The film puts a lot more effort into making you think Slugworth's a bad guy than the original did, including scenes of Slugworth evilly cackling lines like "The Factory will soon have a new owner" and "Charlie will get what he deserves". Problem is, being a shot for shot remake of the original, it's well-established he's actually an employee of Wonka's so these blatant attempts to throw the audience off come off as eye-rolling.

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