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Narm / The Predator

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  • The Ultimate Predator's character design is admittedly impressive, but the fact it features a hulking upper body on top of strangely slender legs and digitigrade feet makes it unintentionally ridiculous, like a badly done mix-and-match creature or as if he had forgot to work out on half of his body. Amusingly, none of the otherwise quite spoilerific marketing pieces shows clearly the baddie's lower body, which means the producers probably realized this by themselves at some point and tried to hide it until the release.
  • That the attack dogs used by the Super Predator are literally Predator-dogs (with tiny dreadlocks and all), instead of something like the horned hounds used in Predators, is already narmy by itself. However, that one of them breaks out of his training and befriends the heroes after being lobotomized through a gunshot to the eye is, aside from a medical oddity only forgivable by its alien biology, just as absurd as it sounds.
    • And then it comes the final touch: that after its Heel–Face Turn, the damn critter starts behaving exactly like a regular dog, even becoming eager for playing fetch. It's a bizarrely sentimental touch that you'd think Shane Black, of all people, would know better than to include.
    • Then one of the Vets does play fetch with it. And he throws it a grenade. Not, not a primed grenade to blow the dog up in a Black Comedy way, but an unprimed one. As in really playing fetch and not having anything else handy.
  • Dr. Bracket enters the decontamination lock while trying to escape the rampaging Fugitive Predator, but she gets trapped inside, fully naked, with the hunter looming over her. Although it was clearly meant to be a tense, scary scene inside the parameters of the franchise, in which the viewer knows she will probably be spared and it will end up in a scare and a realization of its honor code, the Mars Needs Women trope is so known and parodied nowadays that it can be hard to watch it without giggling.
    • It doesn't help that she's running away from a killer, yet still takes the time to undress as the place's rules demand, even although the scene is notably not played for Fanservice.
  • Casey literally shooting herself on the foot with her tranq gun while chasing the Predator. For all her earlier talks about having prepared herself for her mission and her admittedly impressive athleticism, it all falls short by way of slapstick self-injury.
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  • In a case that's deliberate comedy, but so farfetched it counts as narm: the Predator hijacking the army truck and deceiving the clueless driver by holding out a severed arm with a thumbs up. The most questionable part is not that the Predator shockingly knows the meaning of that gesture in human culture, but that it actually works and gets him unnoticed. It feels so much like straight out of a Deadpool movie that one cannot help but wonder if it was the latter's success what inspired the writers to put it on this film.
  • The Vets awkwardly piling up cheap gifts next to an unconscious Casey, like stereotypical cavemen making an offering to a god, all while goofily discussing how to even interact with her for being a woman. This even more jarring because, even if they had been established to be all loons, the movie is otherwise insistent to remind that they are simply professional soldiers with PTSD, some of them with stated families.
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  • The sight of a little boy innocently wearing a functional Predator mask as a Halloween costume is grossly out of tone in a Predator film, but it at least doesn't break any convention of the franchise and is funny in a postmodern sort of way. But after a jackass from a balcony tosses a can to him and hits him over the head, the mask automatically pulls out a minuscule plasmacaster and shoots the guy with such power that it blows up half of the freaking house. This is so unexpected and such a departure from established lore (no Predator mask in the entire EU had ever carried built-in weapons, and even their bulkiest plasmacaster models had always struggled to completely destroy man-sized things) that it could easily pass for a full-blown Predator parody.
  • Autism, particularly the unrealistic Idiot Savant archetype, being considered "evolution's next step". It only avoids being offensive by being laughably inaccurate by evolutionary science standards. The fact that a race as biotechnologically advanced as the Predators from this film and an evolutionary biologist like Dr. Bracket would find it so is even more far fetched.
  • The fact that Rory is such a Child Genius that he gets inducted into the military project for the Predator recovering is already improbable enough, but that he seems to be in charge (and not part of the team, but solely in charge) of decoding the mysterious cargo is worse.
  • The audience probably figured out that the Fugitive Predator's cargo was a humanoid being or thing because it had vaguely the shape of a sarcophagus. The way the movie builds it up, you'd expect it to open up and have Dutch, Harrigan, Royce, or even a Xenomorph inside. However, even if it was so, that the key to frustrate an Alien Invasion by an incredibly advanced species was a single badass individual (or a parasite animal species) would have been too hard to take seriously. Eternally memetic as it could have been, Dutch coming out of the coffin and spitting an Austrian-accented one-liner would have probably been as delirious as what actually came out.
    • Just all about the Predator-Killer. It is the point in which, feeling wise, the movie (finally) stops being Predator and becomes... Predayver? Predation Machine?
    • The last hilarious thing is that an Iron Man-style personal infantery unit is considered to be the key to thwart a full-fledged planetary invasion. Even if the sarcophagus contained several armors and mankind could find the way to further replicate and mass-produce them, it wouldn't do a big difference against entire ships and armies, unless the Yautja expected to conquer the planet by the same tribal warfare they perform their hunts by (which would be narmtastic in its own way).
    • In a meta-sense, the similarity of this ending to the blatant Sequel Hook endings of Independence Day: Resurgence, Beyond Skyline, and Pacific Rim: Uprising (humans acquire the ability to give the alien invaders A Taste of Their Own Medicine) is rather chortle-worthy, especially as those films wound up being franchise-destroying box office flops (as The Predator itself would ultimately become).
    • The crew also seriously considered making the cargo Ellen Ripley, except they apparently couldn't actually get Sigourney Weaver to film the cameo, or were just hedging their bets against her refusing, as we wouldn't have actually seen her face due to her wearing a cryosleep mask that just happened to look exactly like a Facehugger, which they realized was too silly and tried to make a bit less on-the-nose before scrapping the idea completely. And then you add in that Ripley is from far in the future while this film is in the present day, which it's completely a toss-up whether they would have even tried to explain in any following films.

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