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Narm / Street Fighter

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  • Some of the English dialogue in Street Fighter IV is like this, particularly all of Akuma's overly dramatic speeches about "nothingness." They're probably just as wordy in Japanese, but at least his voice sounds cooler.
    • Vega's normal speaking voice in the english dub is calm, low and haughty. Which makes it incredibly jarring when he suddenly switches to his classic high-pitched, screechy "AYAYAY" voice when doing attacks. Hell, it's not even consistent! For basic attacks he normally uses the classic voice, but occasionally he'll use the deeper voice instead, just for a simple grunt. It's as if he's constantly switching voice actors mid-fight.
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    • In the arcade version of Street Fighter II, one character punctuates his attacks by saying what sounds like "Cool Whip".
    • Also, considering some of the words are unintelligible, some things end up sounding wrong -- such as The pipes are broken! or "Ghetto Uppercut!"
    • Sagat sounds abnormally high-pitched in the second set of games compared to the deeper voice later titles would give him. But then he starts spamming his projectile, and the result is him repeating, "Tiger- Tiger! Tiger! Tiger!" It's hard to tell whether you're supposed to laugh your ass off or be pissed at the cheap AI.
  • Ken's ending in the original SFII is supposed to be a really cute scene where he reunites with his estranged girlfriend Eliza and then they get Happily Married. Considering how Off-Model poor Eliza's sprite and portrait look when compared to Ken's, it's ridiculous instead. Thank God it was fixed when Champion Edition came in.
    • Not helping is the fact that the "Game Over" music plays directly after the picture of Ken and Eliza getting married, making it look as if it says that Ken's "life" is over, now that he's married (similar to a novelty T-Shirt).
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  • Some of the rival dialogues in the first two Alpha games is a bit stilted in translation, sometimes to funny effect. But Akuma's "You dare ME?" to Ryu in his final stage of Alpha 2 is just...
  • In Super Street Fighter II, Guile's "Sonic Boom!" sounds exactly like it did in Street Fighter II... except if the guy had inhaled a whole bunch of helium this time.
    • Also the announcer being guest voiced by Big Bird.
  • For Super II, all male characters sans Ryu and Dhalsim were given new K.O. voice clips. (And Ryu's voice still had a slightly higher, more youthful pitch.) However, not only did Guile get the above mentioned helium "Sonic Boom!", but he also got the death scream of "OOO-AHH! OOO-AHH! OOO-AHH!" (sounds like Ru Paul! Ru Paul! Ru Paul)
  • Akuma's newest transformation, Oni, looks... cool, but quote...
  • Hakan. Oil. Ultra combos that involve the oil. Yes, we know, Turkish wrestling DOES involves quite a bit of oil but STILL. WHAT THE HELL?!
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  • Seth's Ultras. They have to be seen to be believed.
    Goggy, a random YT commenter in the last one: "hands down the funniest ultra in the game"
  • Any mention of the so-called "dark hado" is infested with narm, mostly caused by how silly it actually sounds - "ha-dough", and the whole clichéd, inherent Wangst of the main-character Ryu "wrestlng with his dark side", like some sort of Emo teen.
  • Whenever Fei Long's Funny Bruce Lee Noises are typed out and written in SF Alpha III's Story Mode. Having him burst into "WA HOATAAAAAAAAAA!" and other screams is cool when one can hear him, NOT when the player's reading what he tells others.
    • Likewise, Dhalsim's massive CMOA of neutralizing and destroying the Psycho Drive by himself is ruined when the script has him chant "Yogaaaaaa" all over.
  • Super Street Fighter 4 has Sagat's ending. The ending itself is actually a Heartwarming Moment, as it shows how far Sagat has gone from being angry, despaired, and obsessed with revenge to happily walking with the children of his village and calling Ryu his "friend". Unfortunately, this is all undermined by the fact that Sagat looks as if he is ten feet taller than the children and adult with them.
  • In Street Fighter 4, when using the Mettsu Hadouken Ultra, an animation error makes Ryu extremely wall-eyed just as the move finishes.
  • The DLC costumes SFIV can be souce of many, many laughs. Dan, Blanka and Thunder Hawk get some that make them look like the Pillar Men from Jojos Bizarre Adventure, for crying it loud!
  • Ryu's alternate costume in V has surprisingly caused narm for other fans. Looking like Chuck Norris is one reason, the other being that he's too fucking hot to take seriously.
  • Ken's new hairstyle and lifeless face in V is a point of contention for many fans, who claim it looks like he's wearing a bunch of bananas on his head.
    • Similarly, Akuma's appearance looks like he got stung by a bunch of bees before showing up to fight.
  • Evil Ryu for Ultra Street Fighter II in the UDON graphics and on a Time Out or Buddy Battle loss as the teammate standing has one particular pose that makes him look like he's suddenly having a heart attack or taking a massive crap. It's hard to even tell what expression his face is supposed to be making.

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