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Narm / Resident Evil

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Resident Evil: a perfect storm of action, horror, and B-movie cheese (charm?)

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    Resident Evil 0 
  • James Marcus. He's a guy with hippie hair, who's 80 going on 20, who runs around in a bathrobe that looks like something out of Final Fantasy, who sees leeches as his children, and sings opera that controls the aforementioned leeches.
  • Enrico. Let's just say that the voice you get over the radio is not altered because he's shouting into a radio.
  • Less funny than most of these examples: the part where Rebecca briefly reunited with one of her team members stood out because after he left the room, she narrated, "I never saw him again". She did never see him again, but it always seemed like some pretty lazy storytelling...
    • Especially because it's the only other narration she does after the intro, long after you'd forgotten she was even narrating in the first place.
  • Rebecca's annoyed tone when she demands to know "WHO triggered the self-destruct mechanism?!" From the sound of it, whoever did is in for the mother of all timeouts.
  • Marcus' joyous line of "...and the world will BURN in an INFERNO OF HATE! AHAHAHAHAHA!" was so cheesy. It didn't help that his old man form looked a lot like Peter Cushing.
  • Wesker and Birkin's attempt at being menacing during Marcus' assassination. Wesker at least pulls off a semi-corny one liner, but Will can't even do that.
    Birkin: I will take over your research! Hahahaha!
  • Keep in mind that it was made after REmake below. The cheesy dialogue sounds intentional.
  • When Marcus temporarily reverts to his elder human body to tell his assassination story, the voice that comes out of his mouth sounds like a 16 year old doing a cartoonish "feeble old man" impression.
    Marcus: tEn yEarsh agOo...
  • Wesker Mode in the HD re-releases. It's basically the main game with Wesker replacing Billy during the story. Not only does the game still act like it's Billy and not Wesker, but neither the voice acting or the FMV cutscenes were changed to compensate for the change, making it either goofy or awkward.

    Resident Evil 1/Remake 
  • Pretty much all of the voice acting in the original game, to a legendary extent. Slightly less so in the remake, but still present at times.
  • Wesker's very first words if you play Jill first are utterly at odds with how cool he'd later become:
    Wesker: Wow! What a mansion!
  • Barry is responsible for 90% of the Narm in a very narmy game.
    • "That was too close! You were almost a Jill sandwich!" "You're right!" The "sandwich" metaphor? Was even in the Japanese version. Oh boy.
      • Some people think it sounds more like "jibble sandwich", which is even more narmish.
      • There are also people who think Jill's response makes it sound like she's about to start laughing.
      • More narm happens while the ceiling is descending. Jill stands there for about twenty seconds, hesitating, looking up at the descending ceiling and them at the open door, before finally deciding to exit the room. It's far too easy to imagine her making a derp face — complete with crossed eyes — while she's staring upwards.
      • When Barry leaves the scene after saving you, Jill thanks him and he just goes "yeah yeah" like he's annoyed he had to save her life, especially after sounding excited to see she's alive.
    • "It's a weapon! It's really powerful, especially against living things! note 
    • But you don't have to worry about Barry. He has THISSSS! The remake pokes fun at the line when you unlock Barry's customized Samurai Edge by saying "Chris and Jill now have this!" The HD remaster changes the line to "It's really powerful!", which also pokes fun at Barry's other narmy lines.
    • The two lines above come from a cutscene in which Barry gives Jill some acid grenades in the original version. The Remake tweaked these, as it did all of Barry's lines, but it's not exactly much of an improvement...
    Barry: Hey, hold on a sec; look what I found.
    Jill: What?
    Barry: A can of fizz. it's sure to yellow and mellow those things. (Gives Jill a set of acid grenade rounds) It's yours. Hopefully, you won't have to use it.
    Jill: What about you?
    Barry: Oh, don't worry about me. I like the buddy-system we have here. (Hefts his Magnum and admires it)
    Jill: I...see..
    • JUSTAMOMENT!...I've found that Barry is probably the narmiest video game character ever.
    • And Barry sure hopes this is not CHRIS' blood.
    • Don't worry! Barry will just go and get some fresh air, and be eaten by a monster.
    • Barry would like to know "WHAT IS THIS"!? In fact, he and other characters ask "What is this?" about half a dozen times over the course of the first 20 or so minutes of the game.
    • And then there's the infamous scene where he finds Forest Speyer's body... "Just take - a - look - at - THIS! It's Forest. Ohh my COD!"
      • Also ruining that particular scene is that though it's made clear exactly what they're talking about in REmake; in the original, because of the fixed camera angle, Forest's body is obscured from sight. A few people wondered exactly what was so mortifying about the forest below the balcony.
      • "I'm going to find out what caused Forrest's death.", followed seconds later by "It looks like he was killed by a CROW or something!"
  • After finding the Tyrant, Barry's reaction? "Wesker is a crazy man!"
  • Richard reminds you that there are terrible demons. OUCH!! Haha, who yells "Ouch"?
    • At least, it's not as monotone as the voice actor in Deadly Silence (who can't act to save his life).
  • "It's not just a poisonous snake... it's a MONSTAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!"
    • Also, he forgot his serum. Something you don't really think about every day.
  • Jill is, apparently, the Master of Unlocking.
  • "Wesker! Where on earth have you BEAN!?"
  • In the live-action opening to the first game, as the team watches the helicopter fly away, Chris screams in hilarious despair, "NO! DON'T GOOOO!"
  • Barry doesn't think a huge snake is interesting. He's also bad with ropes.
  • Throughout that entire game, they were calling the zombies and other Umbrella experiments "demons" and "monsters". It was really annoyingly inconsistent.
    • And in a similar vein for the PSX version, everyone insisting on referring to the mansion, and even the underground lab at one point, as a "house". Understatement much? note 
  • Speaking of serum, whenever Chris or Jill get poisoned by Yawn in the original game, both of them sound annoyed as opposed to, well, scared of impending death.
    • "Am I...poisoned? Dammit, gimme serum."
  • When Rebecca says "OH NO!" after spraying Chris with bug spray in the medical room by mistake, it sounds like a four-year-old said it. Meanwhile, Chris's shock is more like "did someone just shout my name?" than any sort of irritation at getting sprayed in the face.
    • "Yeeees, SIR!", by Rebecca again.
    • "Look at those MONSTERRRRS!" Let's face it: PS1-era Rebecca is a wellspring of Narm.
    • "Chris! Don't die!" says Rebecca while Chris is being crushed to death.
    • This dialogue happens if you finish the game without saving Jill:
    Rebecca: I'll hold back the mooooonsteeeeers!
    Chris: OK, I trust you.
    Rebecca: TRUST MEEEEE!!!!
    Chris: ...
  • Chris' truly terrible pun after killing Plant 42 with Rebecca's help: "So much for him! We got to the ROOT of that problem!" Rebecca, in what is perhaps the only moment in the 1996 original where the player can fully relate to her, does not laugh at this.
  • Wesker's "Don't come this way! *gets stabbed* NO...!"
  • The scene between Wesker and the player character just before the first Tyrant fight is funny both ways, but Chris' version doubly so. Chris starts laughing, and Wesker tells him "Chris?...stop it!" in an uncharacteristically whiny voice that makes him sound like he's 10 years old.
    • Chris after he finishes laughing, sounding almost like a cheesy superhero would say while posing: "Wesker, YOU'RE pitiful!"
      • And then Chris drives it home after the Tyrant kills Wesker by taunting it in a very over the top boast. "You can't kill me!"
    • When Barry pistol whips Wesker, it takes a full second for him to cry out in pain, after he's already started flopping to the ground. Must have really hurt his knees...
    • The Remake isn't safe either. Chris' line to Wesker is changed to a chucklesome "Wesker, you've become senile!" And when Jill fights the monster in the remake, she gives Tyrant the immeasurably awkward insult of "viral-cultured freak!"
  • Jill Valentine's "Watch out, it's a monster!" in the REmakenote  had a certain cheesy appeal to it, if less so than the version in the original game.
  • Even better is Barry's response to seeing the zombie in the alternate first zombie cutscene; "Get away from him, Jill! He's insane!" Even better, this secret cutscene appears in both the original and Remake versions of the game, and is almost identical! note 
  • And as pointed out in The Dark Id Let's Play: Martin Crackhorn. That poor bastard's name was Martin... Crackhorn! One can only imagine the amazing restraint Capcom showed in not making his first name Jimmy.
  • This song for the Mansion's basement in the Director's Cut Dual Shock Edition is ridiculous, like a strange band of demented farting trumpets. Possibly So Bad, It's Good.
  • The bit where Rebecca nearly (or does, but that prevents this from happening) gets offed by the Hunter in the library; she's panicking when the thing's about to kill her, she's remarkably calm about it after it's dead, then if you speak to her again immediately afterwards, she's panicking again. Make your mind up, woman.
    • In the original, after you've killed the Hunter, Rebecca just stands up and leaves without even saying a word to Chris. Or, in case she's being attacked under the staircase of the first floor, she'll share this dialogue with him:
    Chris: We are in great danger, we must organize a search for the others... and get - the - HELL outta here. Understood?
    Rebecca: Yeeeeeeeessss, sir!
    Chris: Okay, I'll go first, proceed with your own judgement. Alright, can you do it?
    Rebecca: (enthusiastically) Yes, I can!
    Chris: (snickers) Good luck.
  • After beating Yawn for the 2nd time (original game) as Jill, you can have her climb down the hole in the floor with the rope used by Barry. The rope falls off after Jill reaches the bottom and Barry tells Jill to wait as he runs off for another rope. The way Jill calls for Barry's name makes it sound like she's going to give him one hell of a scolding. She also does it again after the Tyrant fight in the lab when she checks on Barry, who had gotten knocked out by the creature.
    • Speaking of the 2nd Yawn fight, it's entirely possible for Barry to walk near, around or even through Yawn's dissolving corpse...and promptly ask Jill if she's found anything interesting.
    • In Rebirth Mode in Deadly Silence, you have to fight Yawn three times. And the third and final fight in that mode is after Yawn already melted. Either the snake reformed itself, it had a twin or Umbrella had another in stock and it just so happened to wake up after the last one died.
  • Upon finding that Wesker's vanished from the team along with Chris, Jill has this oddly worded thing to say, like its some sorta demented threat more than complaining that their team's dwindling:
    Jill: Now it's Wesker's time to disappear.
  • Barry freaking out after finding Plant 42. There's two versions of this and both are amazing. Either he sounds unbelievably bored or he is flipping the fuck out:
    Barry: What a monster! I can't believe— What the hell is this place, anyway?!
  • A big part of The Reveal about Wesker being the game's Big Bad is finding a photo that shows him as an Umbrella scientist. Except he's, you know, Wesker, so naturally even in a labcoat he's still got his slicked-back hair and Cool Shades right next to some totally ordinary fellow researchers. Naturally, your character has no reaction to this at all.
  • In the original game, when Jill finds Enrico and asks if it's him, he gives the most deadpan "yeah" ever as if he was bored out of his mind, despite having been shot off screen previously. There's also a long, awkward pause before he answers, as if he has to think about it. In the remake, after Enrico is killed, examining him has the player character think something to the effect of "Whoever shot him is definitely a professional." As if it really takes a lot of skill to shoot a person who is not moving.
  • In the original Japanese version, the cast intro was accompanied by the song "Icy Gaze" by Fumitaka Fuchigami. As soon as Wesker, who was supposed to be revealed later as the traitor, has the singer telling the viewer to "Never believe in the liiiiiiIIIIIIEEEEEEEE!!!!!".
  • The Black Tiger is an even bigger Giant Spider in the catacombs. Its appearance is pretty scary, but in practice, it's pretty easy to beat (especially with Jill) because it makes such a huge target and only attacks you one at a time, unlike the regular arachnids. Its huge size instead comes off as the Goliath to your David as your reaction goes from "AHHH- oh, you're already dead" as it dies after you pump it full of Jill's grenades or scorch it with Chris' flamethrower fuel and top it off with some magnum or shotgun rounds. However, in the REmake, it's not just an oversized Palette Swap of the slightly smaller ones, as it's given a design overhaul based on a deadlier real life tarantula, which may be a nasty surprise for those used to the original Black Tiger.
  • The game's box art in the West is a little narmful, in contrast to the Japanese original. It features Chris as the centerpiece with a loony expression on his face, which makes him look a lot crazier than his character has ever been in the series. It almost seems to invoke memories of Ash Williams.
  • Though the scene of the Hunters being released is also pretty damn scary, it's hard to deny that the original version's depiction, with the Hunter calmly turning the last doorknob and walking up to your PC, kind of undercuts it. This is replaced by a far more aggressive "charge through the doors and leap at you offscreen" approach in the remake, which is far less narmful.
  • In the original version, if you decide to go back to the hall without seeing the first zombie, Wesker will calmly tell you to go back and investigate; your character will simply remain quiet and bow their head down as if they had just been scolded. In the remake, they'll act embarrassed and sound like they had just forgotten what they were about to do.
  • In the DS version (Deadly Silence), the Rebirth Mode adds more voice clips for Jill and Chris when they do the newly-added phonograph puzzle and when they check one of the bathtubs in the Guardhouse. However, they're pretty cheesy (especially Chris' "Oh yeahhhh!" when he solves the above-mentioned puzzle) and it's painfully obvious that they were done by someone else rather than the original voice actors, meaning you have two different voices for the same characters when playing this mode (although it's justified in Chris' case since his original voice actor, Scott McCulloch, is long dead).
    • The aforementioned Guardhouse bathtub is in itself goofy, as examining it will cut to black, cause your character to say their line, then fade back in to a zombie standing a solid 5 feet away from said tub before attacking you.
  • The computer puzzle in the lab adds in some arm animations for Chris and Jill while operating the thing...and gives them adorably goofy victory poses when they get a password right. Apparently, inputting "MOLE" was so triumphant that it deserved Chris' patented Redfield Arm Flex.
    • When going to type in the passwords, your character's arms will robotically move to each individual key, lift, and essentially whip the hand to hit the key.
    • Get the password wrong, and they'll hit the desk in exasperation, with Chris yelling "Damn!" and pounding on it with both fists.
  • Barry's line "Do you think we could see" The line itself, plus the way it's delivered, makes him sound like a kid in a museum, who's been forcefully holding in his excitement all day to see a dinosaur skeleton in the back.
  • How does Brad encourage Jill in the final battle upon dropping a rocket launcher? "You're an Amazon, Jill!"
  • Jill's voice acting in the original game makes her sound like she's on the verge of tears or a nervous breakdown half the time. Gets even sillier when she encounters Wesker at the lab and she suddenly acts like she knew all along what he was planning to do and is condescending towards him.
  • If you let your character get crushed by the ceiling room trap after picking up the shotgun, their death doesn't quite match what you see on screen. Rather than hearing a crunching sound, you hear your character collapse to the floor, making it sound like they died the moment their head brushed against the ceiling. The remake gives a more appropriate sound effect for being crushed.
  • If Chris gets poisoned by Yawn, you'll take control of Rebecca to get the serum in order to cure him. If you take too long in getting back to Chris, Rebecca discovers Chris has died. What makes the whole thing narmful is Rebecca collapsing to her knees and letting out an anguished cry that sounds like she's in labor (possibly recycled audio clips of Rebecca's death cries).

    Resident Evil 2/Remake 
  • It's a little hard to take a horror game seriously when it takes place in a town called Raccoon City.
  • The voice acting is not quite as bad as in the first game, but it's definitely not good. The worst may have been Sherry's line, "Daddy must have been caught by the monsters! I have to help him." The punctuation is not a mistake. She goes from panic in the first sentence, to flat in the second.
  • The second worst was Ada's fake death, if Leon is the second scenario. It's not so bad if Leon is the first scenario, but this one has Ada suddenly become the love interest.
    "I'm just a woman...and in love with you...nothing more. **kiss** *dies*"
  • From Ben's dying monologue: "Get...that...scum!" And yes, like Sherry above, the punctuation isn't a mistake.
    • "Bitter irony...Chief of Police...Co-Conspirator!" - as Pat points out during the Best Friends playthrough, it almost sounds like the writers were doing their best to make a pun based on Chief Irons' name.
  • Leon's "Hold your fire! I'm a human!"
    • Even better is Kendo's pervy attitude towards the middle of a zombie apocalypse.
    "But don't you worry, girlie! You'll be safe in here. I'm keepin' a close eye on things."
  • "That guy's a maniac! WHAHDEBAHTME?!"note  What's better, his tone sounding more irritated than terrified, or that he only looks at it, comments on it, then just forgets about it? The Dark Id puts it best:
    "This is said in the tone of mild curiosity as if to a address a minor discourtesy. Not "JESUS FUCK HE BIT OFF HALF MY BICEP!!" as, you know, anything within a fifty mile radius of realism would react. This is definitely Resident Evil..."
  • Leon's entire post-gunshot wound diatribe in Claire's B route when she sees him: "Someone tried to kill me", when actually Annette was trying to shoot Ada, and Leon jumped into the line of fire and "Ada went after the sniper" when said "sniper" only had a dinky little handgun and was only a few feet away.
  • The fact that your character still utters a death cry even after their head has been completely dissolved off by an Ivy creature.
  • And how about when Ada heals Leon by placing the bandage on the outside of his uniform?
  • Claire's monotone "There's a gun inside."
  • When William Birkin is gunned down by Umbrella Special Forces in Annette's flashback, she stops him to take care of the "bullet wound." Wound? he got shot, like, fifteen times!
  • There's a gigantic, mutated alligator in Raccoon City's sewers, hyped up on the T-Virus and not even zombified yet. Except it makes absolutely no sense to be where it was, and just sort of pops up to give Leon/Claire something to deal with as a Puzzle Boss in their A scenarios. It is almost literally a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment since it just pops up with little warning beyond scaring Ada or blocking Claire off from an unconscious Sherry, and once half of its head is blown off, none of them never even make note of it.
  • There is a diary you pick up in the police station that starts with "The police station was unexpectedly attacked by zombies. Many have been injured, more have been killed." What kind of a place do you live in where you can write this like it's an everyday occurrence?
  • The bonus EX Files in the Nintendo 64 port of the game are alright aside from one being a transcript of Jill's monologue from the opening of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis and some of them being lifted wholesale from that game, but two of them, Brad's Note and Chris' Report to the Chief take the cake. Brad's Note is humorous for him actually writing down stuff that would be more suited to a voiced inner monologue like "No!! It's that monster in the black suit again! Why does that thing keep chasing me?! What did I do? This must be someone's sick idea of a joke." even if he was in a panic with Nemesis chasing him, but Chris' Report is funnier since he's relating the Mansion Incident to the Chief, but not only does he forget that Enrico Marini was shot dead by Wesker and not killed by the monsters (Moreso if you played as Chris and got to Enrico since Chris would be there to witness it) but he looks especially silly with the line about the zombie dogs with him saying "We later discovered that these dogs were actually zombie dogs as they did not even feel our gunfire." How does he expect Chief Irons to take him seriously if he's writing insane stuff like that? Also Rebecca's Report on Billy Coen's "death" which misspells his surname as "Koen".
  • Leon's delivery of "Running off like that was reckless AND stupid!" towards Ada, making him sound like he's giving her one hell of a scolding and a possible time out. Naturally, Ada replies with a "Yeah, whatever" attitude.
  • Leon's overenthusiastic "It worked!" when Sherry survives in the end of the scenario even though he has no idea what is going on. First brought up here.
  • "Ah, my god has protected you. It will always be with you." This line from Claire's ending would be a rather tender reassurance, except it's said in reference to the "Made in Heaven" vest she gives to Sherry, hinting that Claire either subscribes to an unbelievably bizarre garment-based theology or she's quite possibly the biggest Queen fan ever.
  • Even the beta, RE 1.5 isn't safe. Particularly G-William Birkin's roar of "Sherry!" when you fight him in the warehouse. It sounds nothing like a mutated person, just a bloke with a fair bit of liquid (that particularly ISN'T blood) in his mouth trying to say "Sherry." The idea of G-William screaming Sherry's name made it into the Darkside Chronicles retelling of RE2...where, though it now sounded a bit better, was still narmy as hell.
  • In her introduction, Ada refers to Ben as "one of them reporter types", like she's suddenly in the 1930s.
  • In the police station, you can find a series of diaries written by a secretary, the last of which ends with a blank page. Pretty unsettling, until you think about it...why would you bring your personal diary to your workplace? And more importantly, why the hell in the world would you write "I know what the Chief is doing! If he finds out about it, I'm dead." on it and bring it to his workplace?
  • If you check Annette's corpse after she shoots Ada in Leon A, Leon will comment: "What made her do that?!". I don't know, Leon. Maybe Annette was on her period, maybe she was trying to kill a zombie behind you, or maybe Ada shouldn't have tried to steal something that killed her husband, mutated him, infected the entire city and had put her own daughter in danger.
  • Claire's conversation with Annette, both of them Dramatically Missing the Point:
    Claire: Annette!
    Annette: Where's Sherry?
    Claire: *nods* But I've asked her, she's never even heard of the G-Virus before!
    Annette: Which room? Tell me!
  • Claire about to administer the G antivirus to Sherry: "I have the antidote! If I give it to her..."What? WHAT?! WHAT'LL HAPPEN YOU STUPID-!
    • The fact that throughout that whole scene, Leon literally has no idea what's going on with Sherry and when he asks, Claire brushes him off. Poor sod.
  • The fact that it takes a minute for no less than three NPCs to register that the person they nearly shot is obviously not a zombie. Robert Kendo, Ada Wong AND Brian Irons pull guns on the still-living Leon and Claire, who look markedly clean, healthy, ambulatory and capable of using guns. At least, Irons has the excuse of being balls out cock-in-his-hand insane but Kendo and Ada, not so much.
  • "Ada, Wait!"
  • The cops preparing a welcome party to Leon's first day on the job is not so bad, but once you realize the game is supposed to take place in September 29th, 5 or 6 days after Raccoon City has been hit with a deadly virus, and then you see the preparations for said party scattered around, you can only imagine the real reason the police station all died wasn't because they lacked firepower, they all died because they spent the whole outbreak preparing Leon's recruitment party.
  • Ada and Annette's poorly animated struggle over Annette's gun, culminating in Ada pimp-slapping Annette so hard she falls over a nearby railing.
  • The E3 trailer for the remake looks incredible and terrifying, as it opens with a rat's POV while it skitters through a dark storage room as a hapless cop meets with a fatal Not a Zombie encounter from just offscreen. Leon and Claire can be forgiven for that kind of a mistake because they both walked into the situation blind, but when you remember that by this point the outbreak has been well under way and the city has been overrun with zombies for quite some time, you realize this guy was obviously just Too Dumb to Livenote .
    • Despite the more serious, Darker and Edgier tone of the remake and the serious dialogue (even moreso than the first game's remake), it's not entirely exempt of Mood Whiplash dialogue from Leon. In this recorded first zombie encounter from the E3 demos, he jumps from panicking and freaking out to a passive annoyance after the zombie just refuses to die.
  • The remake allows you to switch the OST with the originals. While some of the music can make fitting melancholy atmosphere (such as the S.T.A.R.S office) or badass (such as boss fights with Birkin), some such as Screaming Target which uses a zombie jump-scare attack in the beginning can be hilariously off (as opposed to this track, which would have been a much better fit for the sequence). Then there's Mr. X's badass theme that plays...for 5 seconds after you run from him, it plays the second vocal half of the theme.
  • Leon's grunts of pain in the remake sounds really hilarious when he gets hit by an enemy's strong attack, since it doesn't sound like he's groaning in pain and more he like outstretched his back.
  • For some reason Ada decides to wear a stereotypical Femme Fatale costume to a zombie infestation. While her dress and high heels might have some utility in her spy work (especially if she needed the sex appeal to give her a social edge), she freely wears them in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse, which is laughably impractical. Those heels certainly won't help her outrun the living dead, and visibility would already bad enough if she weren't wearing Sunglasses at Night.
  • Near the end of his scenario, after an explosion stumbles Mr. X, Leon's line "Gotta keep going!" sounds less like he needs to escape at all costs and more like he's getting late for work.
  • In the remake, right at the start of the third fight with G, the damn thing takes a few steps forwards and does a pose that can only be described as "Come at me bro", with all four of its arms held out, palms facing up, chest thrust forwards, head tilted like some drunken frat boy.
  • A pair of free Downloadable Content for the remake lets you play as Leon and Claire in their classic, polygonal models all the way back from the original game. This results in blocky mitten hands that can't hold anything accurately, no change in expression, and looking absolutely out of place next to all of the realistic looking environments and highly detailed characters. Want to destroy the seriousness of a scene? Bring in classic Leon with his ever-constant Fascinating Eyebrow as his face alone silently invokes a certain Memetic Mutation. Want to highlight some of the biggest graphical disparities in gaming yet? Put Leon in his '98 polygon cardboard modela nd Claire in one of her regular costumes. Its pure surrealism watching a gorgeously rendered human girl interract with a chunky PSX boy.
  • The remake adds exclamations for Leon and Claire to occasionally let out during combat. Saying "What the hell?" makes sense the first time a zombie keeps coming at you despite having half of its head blown off, but it becomes unintentionally hilarious when your character continues to display the exact same level of astonishment and exasperation the twentieth time it happens.
  • When you encounter the G bursting out of Irons' body in the orphanage, Claire barely reacts to it, despite the angle it jumps out, meaning it'd go through her. After the cutscene, it's gone and gameplay resumes like nothing happened.
  • Leon's response to Ada explaining what the virus does is "That explains all the horrible things I've seen!" in a bizarrely chipper tone. Worse, this conversation happens immediately after the incredibly tense scene where Kendo puts down his own infected young daughter off-camera, making it seem even more out-of-place.
  • When Leon is blaming Annette for the entire mess, she tries to defend herself by admitting she helped to create the viruses but she didn't want them to be used "like this". Even by the low standards of Just Think of the Potential!, one wonders what other applications the T-Virus and G-Virus could have besides nightmare monster apocalypses.
  • One of G Form 4's attacks is him dive bombing the elevator like a wrestler.

    Resident Evil 3: Nemesis/Remake 
  • "He's after S.T.A.R.S. members! There's no escape!"
  • "All the foxy ladies love my accent. It drives 'em craaazy!" That is to say, when he even has one.
  • Nemesis's final form. After a whole game's worth of running away/blowing the crap out of him, to the point that his HEAD falls off, he's still alive. Just as you put the first battery in, Nemesis drops in, eats part of one of the tyrants, and mutates one last time. All very scary and frustrating, until you see what part of the tyrant he's feeding on.
  • The fact that you can encounter Nicholai after he gets caught in a gas station explosion is a bit silly. And so is the time he jumps out of a hospital window on the 4th floor.
  • In one scene at the Clock Tower, Jill and Carlos meet up, and depending on how you exited the cable car, Carlos will either be fairly all together, or Carlos will begin to crack, saying they should just give up since the zombies keep coming. Jill slaps him across the face and asks him if he is really giving up. What does Carlos do? "No! I just...can't handle it!" and runs off like a crying child who was told he couldn't have any ice cream. So much for driving the ladies crazy with his accent.
    • And yet at the end of the game, if Nicholai stole your escape chopper, Carlos is inappropriately chipper and optimistic as ever...despite that, to the two of them at least, there was no possible, logical way they could escape at that point!
  • In contrast to RE2's zombies groans sounding like they have a serious case of constipation, RE3's zombies groans all sound feeble, like they all have sore throats, or perhaps like Grandpa Simpson without his teeth.
  • Just as Nicholai goes to escape Raccoon City in his stolen escape chopper, he threatens Jill with a "regretful death" more or less...and then just flies away, not quite following through on his threat. Gives Jill all the time in the world to blow his chopper out of existence.
  • Carlos and Jill at the Gas Station:
    Carlos: The zombies are coming!
    Jill: Hey, calm down!
    Carlos: Any objections to me playing hero this time?
    • Nicholai's equivalent scene. He doesn't try to move the sparking cable out of the gasoline puddle, he doesn't make a run for it, he just stands there like a tit in a trance and gets blown up. And Jill somehow learns his name despite not hearing it at any point. And Nicholai survives all of this.
  • Carlos in general is a fountain of Narm. Depending on how your first meeting with him goes, after Jill is done having a go at him for being with Umbrella, Carlos counters with this...oddly worded attempt at philosophy:
    Carlos: Do you really think the master would tell his dogs why they have to retrieve the stick he just threw?
  • The fact that the game's attempt at adding romantic tension between Jill and Carlos extends to...Carlos boasting about his accent and Jill laughing him off. Nothing else.
  • The ending scene of the game is truly spectacular for a Playstation game. Take a look. A nuclear missile swoops in and detonates, obliterating the city in scenes and an audio track that would feel right at home in The Day After or Threads. And then, at least in the ending where Carlos is piloting the chopper, it's all ruined by Jill's stilted emotionless And That's Terrible! commentary (especially in the A ending):
    That's it. I've had it. This time, they've gone too far.
  • In the remake, the mutated Nemesis has been reimagined as a bestial four-legged beast still clad in the remains of his trenchcoat, and there's a single flap of coat on his ass which kind of just hangs and flops between his bare legs...which makes him look like he's wearing a loincloth or an oversized thong.
  • When Jill shoots the gate down and impales the Nemesis's arm, the sound effect used for the bullet hitting the chain and ricocheting is Jimmy MacDonald's infamous clanging bell, better known as the "Cartoon Bonk". It's more suited for getting hit with a falling anvil than a portcullis.
  • The latest trailer gives us a brief look at the redesigned second-form Nemesis, who looks appropriately hideous. However, his crouched positioning and weird-looking bone growths on his arms has the unfortunate effect of making him look like a giant chicken.
    • For that matter, during the equivalent boss fight in the released game Nemesis' most powerful attack involves him scaling the top of the clock tower before backflip-rolling through the air. The lead-up to this move is also silly; him running across the arena on rooftops in a very telegraphed window for you to hit him with a Mine Round. After you pull this off a second or even third time it ends up making Nemesis look more than a little stupid.
  • Even Nemesis's first form is pretty goofy when you realize his redesigned mouth makes him look a bit like like Emperor Zurg.
  • Carlos' introduction in the remake is a legitimately badass moment, firing a pair of rockets at Nemesis to stop him from killing Jill... but of course, he couldn't resist a cheesy one-liner in the form of "Hey! Fuckface!" He sounds less like an elite special forces operative and more like a Joisey mob goon telling Nemesis "hey, hey, you want STARS, I've got your STARS right here, pal!"

    Resident Evil: Code Veronica 
  • The original Code: Veronica was almost as bad as Resident Evil in terms of this. Code: Veronica X tried to trim it down. Key word being tried.
  • Pretty much everything Steve says.
    SHUT UP! I DON'T WANNA TALK ABOUT IT! (Uzis the living hell out of a wall)
  • This:
    Claire: I'm Claire.
    Steve: Heh. Nice.
  • Steve's infamous "FATHERRRRRRRRRRR!" Including wasting all of his ammo, his amazement that he did not shoot Claire by accident once, and his equally narmful cries afterwards.
    • That 'trimmed narm' from the Dreamcast version included Steve's screams being overlaid with the cries of a baby in this particular scene.
  • The way Claire has a tendency to emphasize words oddly is quite narmy, too.
    I need those! Give them to me.
  • All the above Code Veronica moments were parodied in this Let's Play.
  • Alfred Ashford's Nobleman's Laughs are truly creepy in their own strange way - but his goddamn girlish giggle ruins it.
    • Alfred Ashford, in general. It's hard to project a convincing aura of evil menace when you sound exactly like Archibald Asparagus.
    • In Alfred's introduction scene, he very clearly mispronounces his own name as Alford Ashford.
  • Claire herself at times - during the death animations, whether it be getting sniped in the head, eaten by a zombie, or torn apart by a spider, she sounds like she's...doing...things....
    • This is made even worse when one notes (or at least has a perverted mind) that Claire often looks like she's getting sexually assaulted when she's killed by a zombie/two zombies/a dog/a Bandersnatcher.
  • Wesker sees Chris on a security monitor and his immediate reaction is..."Oh, little fishy, come see my hook." One can scarcely believe a guy like Wesker just said something like that.
  • Alexia loves hamming everything up. Especially where she's every last bit a stereotypical Saturday morning cartoon villainess. "You want it? YOU ARE NOT WORTHY OF ITS POWAH!"
  • The Wesker-Alexia brawl. Either the Dreamcast version hurts Wesker's viability not long after returning from death by having him get pimpsmacked by Alexia, or the later versions hurt Alexia's viability as a mutated super villainess by having Wesker easily fight back and confound her.
  • Claire's delivery upon her and Steve discovering that Alexia they met on the island was actually Alfred, dressed up as her. Her voice just cracks hilariously as she tries to say Alexia's name.
    Claire: So there never was an Alexiahhhfter all!
    • Even better? Reconcile the way Claire throws herself into the delivery of this "Eureka!" Moment like an amateur dinner theater actress with the fact that, by this point, she's already seen several files and a home movie confirming that, yes, at some point, there really was an Alexia.
  • The game's intro. Yeah, there's some decent action to be gotten out of Claire evading an Umbrella attack chopper (even as it shoots up its own offices) and her standoff with an army of Umbrella grunts all training their higher-caliber guns on her...up until she drops her own pistol, and somehow manages to fall to the floor faster than her pistol can so she can grab it and blast some gas tanks behind the mooks. Yoooooooou lost us there. Compare that to how she controls in-game.
    • It really says something that Resident Evil: Apocalypse, a movie that spends its entire runtime desperately trying to convey a 12-year-old boy's idea of badass, saw no need to embellish this stunt to make it "cooler", and more-or-less copied it verbatim. That is how out-of-place the sequence is.

    Resident Evil 4 
  • Future Resident Evil games have been considered quite campy even with improved voice acting. It has surely evolved into self-parody in Resident Evil 4, with Leon howling in soul-wrenching woe at the deaths of the Mexican cop from Spain and the helicopter pilot who he knew for all of 10 minutes.
  • “No thanks...bro!
  • When Leon finds a deep freeze room full of corpses infected with parasites, his reaction: "Sucks to be them."
  • Giant. Robotic. Salazar. Really, now? The fact that it had absolutely no thematic connection to either the previous areas or the key needed to enter the room was silly enough. The fact that the hands moved up and down to be used as lifts (which enemies could barely maneuver) was silly enough. Hell, the idea of Salazar spending money on a giant robotic statue of himself is enough narm for the entire series. But the chase at the end with falling pillars... Just what? Here's the scene, but sped up and set to a familiar piece of music.
    • Tiny organic Salazar is also a rich source of narm, being a midget who looks about 40 years older than the 20 years of age he claims he actually is, dresses like a 18th-century nobleman, and sounds like an evil Frito Bandito despite being [allegedly] Spanish and shares his name with a B-list villain from 24. If his ludicrous giant robot wasn't enough, then you're sure to crack up at his comical temper tantrums each time Leon breaks his balls, or his insistence on referring to Leon as "Meestair Kennedy" (or, in one scene, "Meestair Scott Kennedy").
  • When you get to the Island, you have to go through a kitchen-like area in the medical facility. When you walk past the oven, a mook bursts out of it and attacks you, on fire. And then when you examine the oven, Leon even comments, "What the hell was he doing in there?"
  • Mike's appearance in this game could count as this. We never see his face, he shows up in a helicopter killing Ganados for two minutes, and he is killed by one of them. His death became a meme, as Leon is incredibly angered by the death of a guy he never saw and barely even knew.
  • Leon's subsequent comm link conversation with Saddler, where he audibly shouts "Saddler, you bastard!!"...which is nonsensically censored in the captions as "Saddler, you..."
    • Every one of Leon's back-and-forths with the villains on his comm link, really. Even funnier when Saddler's reaction to Leon's groan-inducing quips is a good natured laugh. What a guy.
  • Saddler's big, hard, throbbing, killer tentacle wang. Salazar gets his own literal one-eyed snake when he goes One-Winged Angel.
  • Leon's goofy-ass death... Wheeze? Moan? Whatever it is, it's a common cause of this in-game.
  • Accidentally (or deliberately) killing Ashley will result in Leon saying "Oh no..." with a delivery that sounds less like he just killed the president's daughter and more like he accidentally left his phone at work. This is accompanied by him kneeling dramatically, completely opposing the delivery of said line.
  • At one point later in the game, Leon briefly succumbs to the parasite in him and tries to strangle Ada, forcing her to stab him in the leg and knee him away in order to stop him. Not only does the former wound fail to trouble him at all, but he then proceeds to give a "sorry" about as intense as if he had spilled water on her dress rather than tried to kill her. An otherwise intense and Nightmare Fuel inducing scene is ruined by Grade F voice acting from Leon.
  • While Paul Mercier is a good VA for Leon, he does slip into some sort of accent near the end. After he saves Ada from her Unwilling Suspension situation, he asks her the usual "You okay?" stuff. Or rather, "You oKEH?" It's weird since, otherwise, his accent and delivery is on point everywhere else. Saddler was probably laughing at that, actually.
  • There's a particular room in Salazar's castle that is absolutely batshit insane, even by the game's already bonkers-mad standards. It starts almost as soon as you walk in, where you have to ride a gigantic gear contraption just to get to the room proper. Then you have to traverse spinning carousels of doom while evading fire-breathing dragon statues that inexplicably fall to pieces upon the deaths of their operators. And did we mention that, for no particular reason at all, the entire room is filled with lava? Overall, it looks and feels like a Zelda dungeon wandered into the wrong game by mistake. It really has to be seen to be believed.
    • And to top it all off, once you get the key item from there, in order to get back to the main area of the castle, you... ride a roller coaster. Yep. We know what you're thinking, and yes, this is much too insane to make up.
  • Ada and Krauser's awkwardly worded exchange regarding the latter (as well as Wesker) not trusting the former: Ada tells Krauser that she met Wesker before Krauser did (as if how long you knew a person factors into how much you trust them). Krauser responds with "We'll see soon enough if you did." which makes it seem as if Krauser is trying to verify whether Ada is being honest about the exact point in time she met Wesker.
  • Being able to kill Salazar in five seconds with the right set up. All that build up into his monstrous flower Tetsuo form blow his eye out with a Magnum and blast him into Salazar chunks with a bazooka.
  • If you are from Spain (or speak Spanish at all), you can find that broken Spanish from the enemies quite narmy. Particularly because the "Spaniard" villagers speak with what's very clearly a broken Mexican accent.
    • Speaking of linguistic issues, there's the name of the parasites behind this mess. Las Plagas. Sounds scary enough, right? Not so fast! You might think it means "The Plagues," but it really translates to The Pests. As if their greatest threat was annoying you and eating your food stores.
      • It should be worth noting that the Spanish words for "plague" and "pest" respectively are actually inverted, as "peste" is the correct Spanish translation of the former. Naming the parasites "Las Pestes" would sound like Fluffy the Terrible to an English speaker the same way "Las Plagas" would sound to a Spanish speaker.
  • Saddler's mutated form: he sprouts tentacles from his head that sport numerous eyes (he even has a large eye in his mouth). This form would be incredibly intimidating... if not for the fact that Saddler's human body is mostly unchanged and just dangles from the rest of the mutant's body. It ends up looking completely ridiculous.
  • Due to censorship issues, the VR Edition removes the "ballistics" line from Luis Sera to Ashley Graham in the cabin, and instead has the scene cut to Ashley angrily shouting "who are you?!" to him upon their first meeting. This makes Ashley look weirdly rude and hostile to Luis for no good reason.

    Resident Evil 5 
  • There's a moment in the middle of the final boss battle where Chris Redfield needs to push a boulder out of his way; he gets so caught up in the moment he resorts to sucker-punching the boulder with all his might. If this doesn't qualify as narm, nothing does.
    • You have to wonder how anyone could think that would actually help, or not break his knuckles either. He clearly hurts himself when punching Wesker, just to add further confusion.
  • Wesker delivering a line in an over the top manner: "A new Genesis is at hand, and I will be the creator!"
    • Then, after he dies, he tries to give a serious dying monologue about how the world's changing.
    • The fact that Irving ("Let's go get this eeeeeerrrving") sounds like one of the cartoon weasels from Who Framed Roger Rabbit does not assist in taking him in any way seriously.
    • For quick perspective, Irving is where the inspiration for Retsupurae's screechy, Jersey "Ridley Voice" came from. That's what he sounds like.
    • "Oh I'm not like them, I'm a business man with steaaandaads" (standards)
  • "The Human race requires JUDGEMENT!" "And you're going to judge us? Do you get all your ideas from comic book villains!?" Considering Wesker's plan, though, that question actually makes sense.
  • Complete... global... saturation... SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
  • Everything Wesker says and does in the entire game is Narm Unleaded. He is, after all, a cat-eyed Johnny Bravo lookalike (right down to the permanent sunglasses) clad in a leather trenchcoat and armed with all the physics-bending strength and speed of Agent Smith, not to mention a god complex on par with only the best cartoon supervillains. If all of this does not seem Narmful enough for you, perhaps this will do the trick.
  • Sheva's shouting, "This guy's lost it!" after "this guy" has mauled both her and her partner and thrown them off a balcony. Well-spotted, Sheva. Well-spotted.
  • Oh, and if you're playing as Sheva, she grunts just like Chris when Wesker kicks her through the doorway.
  • Relish? Good ol' Wesker? Nah. But that's why we love him.
  • During the quick time event scene during the final battle with Wesker on the plane, if Sheva manages to miss one of her button presses, Wesker does a back flip over Chris and snaps his neck in mid air. Easily the most hilarious thing in the franchise.
  • Let's not forget Wesker's constant "There's no point in hiding!" and "Found you!" if you try to hide from him during a battle. Especially when you walk around the pillar you're hiding behind, shoot him in the back, and beat the shit out of him. Bonus points because you can pull this little trick off several times and Wesker never gets smarter.
  • During the second battle, you can turn off the lights. Wesker will then stand around and just rant about how he's going to kill all unworthy humans, at which point you can just sneak up on him, shoot him in the face, and punch him out. When he gets up again, he will just stand there again and continue his rant. Villain Ball, anyone?
  • Kirk, one of the longest-surviving helicopter pilots in the series (next to Brad, of course), dies when he is attacked by flying B.O.Ws, which causes his helicopter to crash. This is silly for two reasons: 1) The B.O.Ws in question are big enough to hurt individuals, but they shouldn't be able to knock a helicopter out of its flight pattern and cause it to crash, especially if you have a support gunner who should be able to suppress them with small arms fire (in-game, it only takes a few bursts from a machine gun or one blast from a shotgun to take them down). 2) Kirk's reaction to the B.O.Ws and the crashing of the helicopter is downright hilarious, even though it is supposed to be a serious situation.
  • We learn how the heal sprays are used in this game: by closing your eyes and spraying your face with it for a second. Instantly healed!
  • The Giant Majini's battle cries sound too much like Curly.
  • The two mercenaries mini-games have this. For starters, when you play co-op with Chris and Wesker, it is absolutely hilarious to hear Chris scream Wesker's name in sorrow if he dies. Then we have the Mercenaries Reunion where Rebecca's catch-phrases are "I'm Rebecca!" and, "Oh no!" In addition, pretty much everything about Excella in this game. She bitch-slaps time, can make enemies' heads explode by slapping them, and there's her "first aid" finisher move which involves her injecting the enemies with Uroboros. Oh, and Barry's catchphrase of "I have THIS" returns during a certain melee move or when he's planting proximity bombs.
  • The scene where Chris and Sheva learn that beating Wesker involves making him overdose on his virus (via an injection of course) is pretty serious up until Chris says "Let's give it a shot." C'mon Chris, now is not the time for another pun!
  • And Wesker joins in on the pun fun too! Its entirely possible to run near a certain door in the first Wesker fight in the ruins, triggering a cutscene where Wesker boots you through a door...while shouting "Your future HINGES upon this fight!"
  • As this is the first game in the franchise that didn't feature Umbrella as the megacorp responsible for everything, it had to resort to making another Megacorp to pick up the slack...which just so happened to be ANOTHER Pharmaceutical company. Apparently studying medicine in this universe instantly makes you evil. It gets worse with later series, as it seems there's even Illuminati-like organizations controlling all the world's medicine manufacturers and they're all evil!
  • The scene with the motorbike Majini and the following car chase.
  • The jungle chapters in general, between the Indiana Jones style temple and the stereotypical tribesmen.
  • One of the many majinis you can come across on the town area looks a lot like Sadam Hussein.

    Resident Evil 6 
  • The game's own logo isn't safe from this; some have pointed out that the "6" in the game logo looks like a giraffe. And giraffes aren't exactly known for having a threatening appearance, either. Worse still for those with more vulgar minds who thought it resembled a giraffe receiving a blowjob. It's like the Fedex arrow, once you see it, can't unsee it.!
  • The whole "Good Job!" and "Thank You" options. It involves the characters putting a thumbs up while moving their arms in a rather awkward motion.
    • Even funnier when coupled with "Wait", which essentially results in the character saying "No" and their arms move in an equally awkward motion.
  • During Jake's campaign, you have to play a piano to get a piece of the puzzle. You can be playing wonderful notes while your partner stomps a J'avo's head off in the background.
    • Better yet, while Jake plays a Chopin peace perfectly, and Sherry plays Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star off-key.
  • Each time a boss or enemy you thought got killed returns and the characters say stuff like "This guy again?!".
    • Eventually, Simmons' ability to just keep coming back for more gets ridiculous. To wit, he can get harmed by things ranging from exploding barrels to lightning and still survive for the next encounter.
    • Simmons' motivations for creating Clone Ada out of Carla is essentially just him having a massive crush on Ada Wong, then, when he's fighting Leon, having half his dialogue be about Ada makes it seem like he's less concerned about his plans being foiled and more about trying to Murder the Hypotenuse. It's just so insane it's hilarious.
  • During Chris' campaign, you're able to go to a playground and play on it for god's sake.
  • Sherry's facebuster.
  • Simmons turns into a freaking organic Transformer! You can just hear the signature sound effect whenever he morphs. Anyone with even a decent grasp of the law of conservation of mass will also piss their pants laughing when Simmons goes from six-foot-tall man into house-sized zombie t-rex in seconds and back to boot!
  • "You jarheads all look the same to me pal, sorry.", says the bald-shaven man to the two armed soldiers with full heads of hair.
  • Jake punching out Ustanak with his bare hands is pretty damn narmy.
  • While the series' identity has evolved over the years, the cheesiness does too. Instead of B-movie horror, you overall get campy action movie cheesiness!!
    • The motorcycle Chase Scene during Jake's campaign at the beginning of Chapter 4 comes to mind. It's waaaaay too over-the-top to be taken seriously.
  • If you're playing Ada's campaign with 0 co-op, Leon's animation when he's protecting Ada is hilarious. Its bad animation puts the above "Thank You" animations to shame.
  • The rose for silly animations has to go to being killed as Helena while her sister is riding piggyback. Debra doesn't move or react to this at all, still tightly clutching Helena as they both fall down and faceplant. "Uh, sis? I just felt a big bump; you okay up there? ...Sis?"
  • Any time somebody dies, your partner screams their name; all are pretty narmy, but Piers's scream of 'Captain' takes first prize.
  • How do Jake and Sherry defeat the Ustanak? They hold a gun together and shoot it in the head. Together. ...Awww?
  • At a certain section of the game, both teams of Leon and Helena as well as Chris and Piers are in hot pursuit of "Ada"/Carla Radames. Depending on who you're playing as, you're chasing either an old ally of yours to question her on her take on all the chaos and why she's suddenly turning explosive motor-bots on you or the woman who slaughtered your squad mates and now you want her head on a stick. A very tense situation, no? All ruined by the fleeing "Ada"/Carla who's sprinting this awkward, spastic, arms-a-flailing attempt of a Girly Run.
  • Neo-Umbrella! Did nobody ever think how silly the name sounds?
  • Everything Leon and Helena touch dies! Seriously, they try to save a girl and it doesn't work. They travel in a plane and everybody dies. They travel in a bus and the driver dies. They even go to a cathedral and monsters appear out of nowhere, killing the poor guys hiding from the BOWs.
    • One scene has Leon and Helena spot two people on a camera feed, raising signs over their heads begging and pleading for help, as zombies slowly make their way to them from behind. Not only do Leon and Helena not react at all, but the two people don't even notice until they've been grabbed and are being eaten, at which point Leon immediately declares they must go help them. Helena tells him it's too late, leading to Leon dramatically condemning Tall Oaks.
  • Simmons' death is so similar to the 90s actions film that it could make Arnold Schwarzenegger jealous. He loses so much blood that he even makes the Umbrella logo.
  • Piers' insistence that he is the best driver the BSAA's got, depending on how much difficulty you may have with that particular driving section in Chris' campaign. It gets a little hard to swallow when "Ada"/Carla just keeps getting away.
    • And speaking of which, if you lose her during the chase sequence, Piers will hit the dashboard in frustration while Chris simply puts his hands on his waist as if he's disappointed in losing their target rather than being angry he was throughout the entire campaign.
  • The Lepotitsa. A fat, grinning, giggling monster with a really goofy bouncy run.
  • The Brzak is a shark-like BOW that is fought during Leon's campaign in Chapter 3. Nearly every sequence with this BOW is nauseatingly overdone. A swift swimmer like the Brzak should make quick work of its prey. At one point, it drags both Leon and Helena underwater. Cue a fight for survival in the form of Quick Time Events as the Brzak swims at high speeds in an underwater tunnel. It has Helena stuck between its many rows of teeth. Yet, this draws no blood whatsoever. Air also isn't a concern. Despite this terrifying ordeal, it's so poorly executed that no one would blame you for thinking they suddenly grew gills. If that wasn't enough, they fight the Brzak again in a water slide-like tunnel. This time, Leon and Helena must slide on their backs as they shoot the Brzak that is approaching them. All at high speed.
    • This is surrounded by playing through a part of the game that seems more like a Journey To The Center Of The Earth than Resident Evil. After a massive fall that made it seem like Leon and Helena fell miles beneath the surface, they come across mummified zombies, traps and puzzles built into massive crypts, and huge natural structures with bridges built between them. It all seems like a Indiana Jones homage after a point, especially when everything starts collapsing and destroying itself. And after that and the boss fight with Deborah amidst even more descending chaos via minecarts, the pair escape.. through a lake just outside Tall Oaks, as if they teleported miles back up through swimming out of a cave. Pretty sure no city in America has super massive natural ruins that work as nonsensically as this, Capcom.
  • During Leon campaign's Lanshiang market QTE against a Rasklapanje who's pushing Leon or Helena into a meat grinder, if the player fails the QTE, they'll see the Rasklapanje push the player character into the meat grinder, while the other player character can be seen be standing behind them watching the events unfold without any emotion or reaction.
  • The Switch port allows you to wear the unlockable costumes you can obtain from The Mercenaries mode in game. Unfortunately, most of the story critical cutscenes were made in a different engine and with the default costumes in mind, and since there are a lot of these cutscenes, the characters will be switching back and forth between whatever costume they’re wearing and their default clothing, which (similar to the Tales of Symphonia examples mentioned in the Narm page for the series) makes them look like Mario characters that lost a power up.

    Resident Evil 7: Biohazard 
  • Ethan's almost impossibly high pain tolerance and ability to simply shake off grievous (and scripted) wounds. Special mention goes to the first time Mia attacks him. He is stabbed and slashed multiple times, once through the hand, yet his tone of voice afterwards is just mildly confused rather than in horrible pain. Whether Resident Evil Village's revelation that Ethan is basically a walking B.O.W. fixes this problem, or makes it even funnier, is up to you.
    • Ethan using a first aid med is depicted as him emptying a bottle of regenerative fluid on his left hand. Do it enough times and it starts to look like he's suffering from obsessive compulsion about keeping his hand meticulously clean.
    • Ethan's death screams have an uncanny resemblance to when Jazz gets thrown out of the mansion by Uncle Phil.
    • The way Ethan presents himself to the deputy can feel awkward to the viewer, as most people would think he should be panicked and fearful for his life. Instead he remains mostly calm and confused in his responses, which definitely would make the deputy's skeptical reaction correct in such a situation. Asking for the deputy's service weapon doesn't help (as most people would probably ask if the person on the outside could help them figure out how to escape).
    • There's something a bit overblown about throwing away the phone itself because the video on it is a Tragic Keepsake. Yet Ethan does this in the bad ending. Just delete it, bro...
  • Jack Baker referencing Evil Dead, of all things, when he gets out his chainsaw shears during the Dissection Room boss fight. Then again...
    • Jack is pretty terrifying as an Implacable Man, but he does have a hilarious track record for convenient Offscreen Teleportation, especially when it comes to ambushing poor Ethan. Depending on how you move around the Bakers' Haunted House, Jack's Jump Scares can really stretch credibility with their speed and the sheer physical distance between them.
    • Another Jack Baker moment features him and Ethan facing off in the garage, after killing the officer and closing the garage door. After taking enough damage, he rips Ethan's car door off, tears apart the roof, and starts driving it to run over and kill Ethan. All inside the same garage, nonetheless. It feels less like a psychopath is trying to run him over and more like running around on a bumper car ride.
    • In the final fight, when he's gone One-Winged Angel mode, his dialogue is a bit.. Off due to a voice filter and yet his actual lines still reflect his standard mindset. The result varies wildly between creepy, sad, and sounding like he's had a bit too much liquor. It doesn't help that when he fully accepts the serum in hopes of ending his suffering, his response is a mumbling mix of Deadpan Snarker and sounding like a drug addict taking a hit.
  • Marguerite is pretty terrifying when you visit the old house as Ethan and she has access to her Pest Controller powers. On the other hand, there's a flashback VHS tape you can access where you play as Mia who's also being chased by Marguerite, and...she's just an old woman screaming profanities at you, without a single giant insect in sight, and a Face Palm Of Doom for a game-over screen. It's less than impressive.
    • It doesn't help that she looks and sounds almost exactly like Ms. Crabtree from South Park.
  • After remembering what happened, Mia rejects being Eveline's mother to her 'face'. Their response is to promptly appear in Mia's face and let out an Evil Laugh. Except this is done by the equivalent of a ten-year-old girl, completely ruining the tone and surprise with no effort.
  • After you are advised by Zoe to kill Jack with the serum, she'll later appear to be shocked that you've wasted it and there's only one left now for either her or Mia.
    • After doing the rest of her dialogue in a decent (if generic) southern patois, Zoe's actress suddenly undercuts the pathos of a particularly tragic scene by going with a cartoonishly thick accent for just one line:
    "This is mah home; 'pa'ently, Ah bel-AWNG hyuh!"
  • During the good ending, Ethan gives a monologue that sounds more at home in a crappy straight-to-TV movie about the dangers of peer pressure than a horror game. It doesn't help that A) there was no narration up until this point, and B) that the "door" symbolism was never mentioned before, excluding a very minor moment in the demo.
  • In the 21 DLC, there's only one or two voice clips recorded for each character hitting or staying. This leads to some serious dissonance, as those voice clips are mostly pretty calm. Clancy will go from screaming in pain to politely requesting a new card, and Hoffman will go from sobbing to doing the same.
  • "IT HURTS! DAMN YOU! DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!!" Come on, was that really the best time to drop in such an obvious movie reference, fellas?
  • "End of Zoe" is the living incarnation of Narm. How much? To start off, the protagonist can destroy monsters, alligators, doors, armed soldiers and basically everything else with his bare hands. The bosses in the game all try to have a fist fight with him. And by the way, he eats insects.
  • While the facial animations are rather nice, Marguerite's lip sync is noticeably off. The face she has while under Evie's control is extremely goofy, looking more like a clown mask than a terrifying serial killer. Her mouth in particular is stretched so far that it makes anything she says seem like it was poorly dubbed over.

    Resident Evil Village 
  • Early in the game, Ethan is supposed to take Rose to the bedroom, and while interactions with her is heartwarming, it is undermined by the fact that you can quick-turn when holding her. Modders discovered that when viewed in third person, Ethan holds Rose like an item when he does this.
  • Ethan's very dramatic "WHY!?!" was a very good delivery after Chris shoots Mia actually Miranda multiple times and Todd Soley emoting in the trailer. In the game proper, the exact scene happens, and... Ethan sounds disappointed instead of shocked when it happens as he sounds as if Chris only came in to ruin their date instead of tearful rage he had in the trailer.
  • What is Ethan's brilliant solution for escaping a burning building? Getting into an old truck and ramming it at full speed through the building.
  • Heisenberg's "Both of you, shut the fuck up!" is said at a really odd speed, coming across as "Bothofyoushutthefuckup!"
  • Lady Dimitrescu normally yells intimidating threats at Ethan when she chases him through the castle... but escape into a safe room, and watch as she just awkwardly stands for a moment before walking away without a word. It's hilariously out of character.
  • The game goes to comical extremes to hide Ethan's face from the player. This reaches its apex in the final cutscene, where Ethan has a full conversation with Chris Redfield prior to Ethan's Heroic Sacrifice, complete with standard shot/reverse shot continuity; even when the camera is positioned over Chris' shoulder, Ethan's face is never in the frame. It would be impressive if it weren't so funny.
  • When the BSAA's V-22 is hit by one of the Megamycete's giant tentacles, it lazily and clumsily spins out and falls to the ground despite taking no visible damage to anything, let alone the rotors.
  • While the name of House Dimitrescu might sound exotic to a lot of people, in reality it's a very common surname in Romania. Some Romanian players have commented how it sounds like a name suited more for a math teacher than for an actual noble family.
  • The censoring of gore in the Japanese version doesn't normally outright ruin the affected scenes, since the injuries would still be extremely painful and possibly debilitating even without the dismemberment, but the scene where Miranda rips out Ethan's heart and then drips blood from it into her mouth simply couldn't be convincingly censored. Her hand is clearly empty and while they may have attempted to make it look like the blood was dripping from her fingertips, it still very clearly just materalizes out of thin air.

    Resident Evil: Revelations 
  • When playing the demo, make sure the people around you understand that you're playing a game demo that is going to have a guy being strangled (if you have the sound on and don't have headphones on). Otherwise, the random grunting sounds rather... questionable.
  • The game is already narmy without even playing it because the title isn't even spelled correctly.
  • "Me and my sweet ass are on the way!" Come to think of it, a lot of Jessica's flirtatious lines are Narmful simply because of how amazingly inappropriate they are given the circumstances.
    • Not only that, but her over-designed wet suit with heels, a collar, half of her hair sticking out and nothing covering her right leg is so ridiculous looking that it makes the character impossible to take seriously. It doesn't help that nearly everyone else in the game wears realistic and sensible clothing.
    • Her default expression is a goofy cat grin that makes her look like she's having the time of her life.
  • God, these tentacles are so annoying!
  • Raymond's silly looking clown-red bouffant/combover 'do. It really undercuts his sinister characterization when he looks like he just wandered in from an A Flock of Seagulls tribute show.
    • His parter Rachael also sported a similarly ridiculous hairdo, complete with Sam the Sheepdog-style Blinding Bangs. The FBC's grooming and dress policies must be a hoot.
      • Let's not forget the fact that half a time, Raymond has this stupid, gritted teeth expression on his face, even when it's not appropriate, like when he's walking down an empty corridor.
  • Quint and Keith are a fountain of this, from Quint's ridiculous voice to the fact that their callsigns are "Jackass" and "Grinder".
  • How do you make a Big Bad blatantly obvious from the first 10 minutes of the game, well ahead of the twist and reveal? By making Morgan Lansdale look like an Evil Old Folks with a dark suit and Beard of Evil, complete with a brief pause in a scene he's introduced within that might as well be a Traitor Shot right next to someone else that turns out to be the real Big Good. On an in-universe news broadcast, of all things. It's so Obviously Evil that it's more like The Un-Twist than anything else, and the character acting like a Jerkass when he shows up in-person does not help at all.

    Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles 
  • Chris's amazing ability to state the obvious. After Plant42 has thrown acid at Chris and Jill and attacked them with its vines...
    Chris: "Be careful, I'm sure it's dangerous." NO SHIT DUDE.
  • This exchange from the TA.L.O.S. fight:
    Chris: He changed forms?!
    Jill: Is this his true form.
  • YEAH
    • From the same video, Chris and Jill noticing an enemy and frantically deciding they can't let it get away...and proceed to walk as slowly as they have already been doing for most of the chapter.
  • The encounter with T-A.L.O.S., a whole new boss battle designed for the game as essentially the Final Boss, is literally a Tyrant stacked from head-to-toe with body armor, an impractically large mutated claw, and a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher almost as big as itself. Compared to all the organic B.O.W.s the series became filled with, the design is almost childishly absurd, especially when you find out that this was the culmination of everything Umbrella worked towards for an ultimate bio-weapon to be used in military scenarios. Even worse, it inevitably mutates after enough damage into a hybrid of cybernetics and organic tentacles, looking like it dropped out of another series altogether.
  • The intro for Raccoon's Destruction. Surrounded by zombies and low on pistol ammo, Jill decides the best course of action is to...throw her empty gun at one zombie (sure, she was Dual Wielding but...) and when her other gun runs out of ammo she...jumps up and grabs a pipe and wraps her legs around a zombie's head, making no attempt to actually look for an escape. In retrospect, it was probably a Take That! at the increasingly ridiculous stunts from the live-action films, but it also required Jill to carry an Idiot Ball the size of a Volkswagen.
  • The last part of the second level and almost all of the third level of Raccoon's Destruction thanks to weird dialogue and programming errors. The last part of the second level is running from a group of Hunters in a dark corridor, and during it, Carlos proclaims he won't let anything bad happen to Jill. When the level ends, he suddenly shouts "We're screwed!" as it fades out. But depending on how well you do, he can shout "We're screwed!" practically a few seconds after he heroically proclaims to protect Jill.
  • As for the third level? Well first off, when Carlos and Jill hide from Nemesis inside the morgue (and summarily gun down an army of zombies thanks to making the stupid decision to hide in a frigging morgue during a Zombie Apocalypse), they both step out to an empty corridor, leading to Jill randomly saying "I think so too." And no, Carlos says absolutely nothing to indicate that the coast was clear (He didn't need to) yet Jill just randomly spouts that out with no context whatsoever.
  • THEN when Carlos and Jill are running around the Front Hall's balcony, they see Nemesis down below, holding a rocket launcher. Resulting dialogue:
    • This would be a fairly standard dialogue piece on its own, but a programming error leads to Jill's line coming first and as a result, lacks context and makes her look a bit schizophrenic, almost as if she says this to every big monster she comes across that doesn't go down in one bullet. And THEN it pops up in the last Nemesis encounter before the boss fight, with Jill saying the exact same line (the exact same vocal, too) with the exact same lack of context and programming error.
    • Carlos' line is hilarious too considering that you blow up Nemesis' rocket launcher while he's holding it. Carlos, when you accomplish that, triumphantly claims "Even he couldn't have survived THAT!"...except you can clearly see Nemesis is merely kneeling in the classic weary pose with only the mild smoke being any indicator, and Nemesis is still clearly moving a little, therefore clearly survived THAT. You're overestimating your chances there, Carlos.

    Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles 
  • Darkside Chronicles gives us a real gem during the Resident Evil 2 segment. You run into Sherry, of course, and she runs away, which confuses Claire. However, since the game likes Rewarding Vandalism, you're bound to get a downright hilarious amount of...
    Leon: "Why is she running away from us!?" (said while blasting the shit out of the entire room)
  • Blob!Birkin's gargled and muffled "SHEEEERRYYYYYYYYYY" when he comes bursting into the train. This is long after he should have the proper vocal chords to speak, let alone the sentience to do so.
  • During Ada Wong's "death" some of her lines come across as forced. This clashes greatly with her portayal in The Umbrella Chronicles.
    Ada: It's strange. I barely know you, but somehow I knew you'd say that.
    • All the dialogue in the final cutscene, like the "virus in your soul" line.
    • The Hunter's death animation when taken down with the shotgun. They almost always lift their head up, and slam it back down with a WHUMP sound.

    Resident Evil Survivor 
  • Resident Evil: Survivor. Oh my god, Survivor. Probably the moment that takes the absolute cake is Vincent's phone call from his mother which Lily is listening to on a computer terminal. What makes this better is that it's immediately followed by an equally hilarious moment: Lily seeing Ark approaching from behind, calmly turning her chair around and standing up, and then shrieking and trying to run away from him.
  • "We can keep flying as long as we have fuel." No shit, Sherlock.
  • The fact that depending on the path you take, the main antagonist will be Andy Holland... a Danny Devito-looking short guy. Not to mention in his story route, his reason for antagonizing Ark is nothing more than a prolonged case of Mistaken Identity. With Goldman he obviously doesn't want Ark getting in the way of his evil plans and the Trashsweeper commander is there to kill all witnesses, but Andy thinks Ark is Vincent Goldman and by gum he is not going to believe otherwise! Hypnos impaling him almost seems like a mercy.
  • In Survivor, Mr. X has an incredibly dopey death animation. He teeters from side to side like he is dizzy, then falls to his knees and faceplants to the ground/floor. It's the same animation he has in Resident Evil 2, but here you always get the see the goofy look on his face, too.
  • While it's presented as Nightmare Fuel and a Moral Event Horizon (which, to be fair, it totally is), the revelation that Tyrants are created by torturing and vivisecting runaway teens is tough to take seriously. It comes off as the writers trying way too hard to sell the audience on how evil Umbrella (and Vincent himself) is, as if destroying a lab full of their own researchers and then getting an entire town wiped off the map didn't make that case strongly enough.
  • The European box-art for the game, which is literally just... a gun. It's clearly trying to go for the same Nothing Is Scarier vibe that the Japanese and European box-art of the games (specifically the ones from the JP version of RE1, both the JP and the EU versions of RE2, and the EU versions of REmake, RE0 and RE4) were well known for, but it doesn't work quite as well.
  • When Ark regains his memories, he remembers that Leon asked him to investigate Umbrella. He doesn't call Leon by his first name, but by his full name, Leon S. Kennedy. Ark addressing his friend by his full name sounds outright silly and this was before a certain frilly princess prosecutor started doing it.

    Resident Evil: Dead Aim 
  • The written dialogue almost never matches the spoken lines in both words and tone.
  • Morpheus is a Card-Carrying Villain through and through as a Camp kind of guy, but he did manage to get Bruce at gunpoint at the beginning. Then Fong tosses a grenade down at the two, and while Bruce dives for cover, Morpheus looks at what Bruce was looking at, and then immediately turns to the camera with his jaw slack in a million dollar expression of cheap CGI. Everything with Morpheus just goes on a downward slope from there.
  • One infamous aspect of Dead Aim is Morpheus' transformation when he injects the TG Virus into himself. Turning into a sentient Tyrant is all well and good til you notice that, for no reason whatsoever, it gave him breasts. And flesh high heels.
  • Fong Ling's mission has been cancelled because the Chinese government decides to pay Morpheus' ransom demand money. So do they call her back home? Nope. They're content to fucking vaporize her from orbit with a fucking Kill Sat. And how does Bruce solve this problem? By slicing into Fong Ling's arm with a fucking knife and pulling out the microchip the Kill Sat was homing in on. No words.
    • Said Kill Sat has laser sights on it. Laser sights that can be seen by whoever it's targeting, from space.
    • And the explosion it causes looks like its enough to maybe kill about four or five people, if they were standing really close together. And standing outside, since it apparently can't hit anyone indoors. To sum up, China built an orbital laser sniper rifle, which can only be used on its own agents since it requires the target to have a microchip in them to work, only works if they're outside, and has a Laser Sight to warn their target that they should get to cover.
    • Considering how much of the series (and this game in particular) take place indoors, the "has to be outside" part is especially jarring. Thinking about it only brings attention to the fact that when this happens, Fong Ling just so happens to be standing inside a open, circular silo that just so happens to conveniently be perfect for the situation. This also further compounds how useless the damn thing is when Bruce tackles her to a couple feet away, essentially unharmed from the ensuing explosion. It even only shoots their shelter once and shakes it up a bit, implying the damn thing isn't even for destroying or penetrating bunkers - just killing a single agent at a time and hoping they're too stupefied to be able to casually move out of its sight line.

    Resident Evil Outbreak 
  • While not quite as bad as earlier games, the first Outbreak definitely had some Narm. The scene where you could attempt to make a call over a dead firefighter's radio in the "Hellfire" scenario was outstanding in its stupidity. Why? They used some of the random voice clips that you would get when you spammed the adlib button in-game for that scene, presumably a time and cost-cutting measure that wasn't done for any of the other cutscenes in the game.
  • One of the downer endings for the final scenario, "Decisions, Decisions", with Kevin and Jim stranded at the Umbrella University, was pretty cheesy too. Although, if you liked one or both of those characters, the ending is a little more sad, giving it more Narm Charm than full-on narm.
  • In File # 2, there was a weird thing about the good endings where you save Linda the scientist. Earlier on in the final scenario, Linda got shot in the leg by a sniper. But at the end, she appears to be standing and walking just fine on her own without being supported by anything or anyone else. What the f-?
  • "Mass Production? RIDICULOUS!!!" Notably, this was in the opening cutscene for the level, a few seconds in. It was an unspoken rule of the game that you didn't vote to skip the cutscene until after that line.
  • Quite a few of the ad-libs and scenario endings can come off as narmy, considering the weird dialogue. George's in particular seems to feature this because of his Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness, and the bizarre 'Hey. Hey! HAY!' when he's offering items. David's meanwhile is often because he's often trying to sound a little too cool for the situation.
    George: (upon seeing a huge zombie elephant) "Good lord, a rampaging pachyderm!"
  • In David's Ending of Hellfire, the firefighter finishes explaining the city's situation and compliments David for surviving. David, in apparent total disbelief he was rescued by the firefighter, replies "You helped..."

    Resident Evil: Gaiden 
  • Leon, with guns being pointed at him by Umbrella grunts, practically dares them to open fire on him ("What're you gonna do, shoot me?") and when they actually do, he takes cover and...
    Leon: I can't believe they opened fire!
  • The fact that Leon clumsily left Lucia, a little girl, alone on a sun deck surrounded by monsters.

    Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D 
  • If you thought The Joker's puns were bad... promotion for the game referred to the global virus outbreak as The War on Horror and the series has seemingly run with the idea.

    Resident Evil: Revelations 2 
  • Now they're doing it on purpose. The game opens with an advertisement for TerraSave, with the cheesiest possible catchphrase. Its got twinkly teethy smiles and everything!
    • The line "We are the unflinching mop that sops up the evils of bioterrorism and chemical warfare" makes you wonder if the writer has been watching Darkwing Duck.
  • Monster Neil, full stop. When the fucker isn't being a difficult boss, he's spewing the best lines in the game. Lovely gems include:
    • Moira's Bond One-Liner if you go for the Good Ending also doesn't help the case whatsoever. What should be a badass moment of Character Development comes off as just crass for the sake of crass.
    Moira: Go jump on a dildo, Boss.
  • "Mother of balls, my life is awesome!" Would probably be funny in most contexts, but in this game, it is said while the character in question is being chased by Zombies. Seriously.
  • Moira Burton isn't exempted from narm (it runs in the family).
  • A horrible line ruins a great ending:
    Barry (Joking): Fuckin' technology!
    Moira (Cheerfully): Fuck it right up the ass!
    • The sheer amount of profanity from Moira, not unlike Debra Morgan's legendary potty-mouth on the show Dexter. She sounds less like a tough, no-nonsense young lady and more like a 10-year-old Bad Butt whose parents are out of earshot (which, by all right, she kind of is).
  • Occasionally, the mooks will make a noise that uncannily sounds like a man saying "Aoooga!", which may prove amusing to some players.
  • The game's amount of Improbable Infant Survival for Natalia can get ridiculous. For example, if you fall off a 100-foot crane playing as her, it'll say she "Fainted" while if you do the same thing playing as Barry, it'll say he died.


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