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Narm / Percy Jackson and the Olympians

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The Lightning Thief

  • When Poseidon rises out of the ocean and the fisherman sees him, he just looks to the side. Cue audience chuckling.
  • The part where Ms. Dodds (aka Alecto) says “Where is it?!” and her subsequent roar at Percy should garner even a light chuckle from the sternest man alive.
  • Capture the Flag, where attempted murder is put above the actual goal. Also, let’s have Luke yell “GO!” all of the sudden and Percy trip while running.
    • Only God knows if the latter was meant to be there.
  • When Medusa says, “I used to date your daddy!” Make of that what you will.
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  • ”We’ve been expecting you, Mr. Jackson.” Threatening? You must be kidding.
  • "Do you think I’m an idiot? I’m HADES! Now give me the bolt, or say goodbye to your mother!" Let’s break stuff while we’re at it too!

Sea of Monsters

  • When Thalia is tossed backward by the Cyclops, it looks so fake and stiff, one might have an aneurysm from stifling their laughter.
  • During the climbing wall sequence, we clearly see one demigod get pushed off, and another one simply jumps off.
  • Tyson’s eye. That’s all you need.
  • When the Oracle is talking to Percy, her mouth isn’t synced up.
    • This is Narm to those who hadn’t read the books.
  • The way Annabeth cry talks when trying to reason with Luke is a major case of Failed Attempt at Drama (played straight, not for laughs).
  • The way Percy kills Kronos is not only anticlimactic, but also hilarious at how Kronos screams as he breaks apart again.
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  • As Grover falls to the ground, an obvious goat sound effect is thrown in.
  • The opening and closing monologues, mostly due to how bored Logan Lerman sounds.

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