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Narm / Mawaru-Penguindrum

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  • Episode 8. That barrel roll type thing Shouma did in the air after the car hit him after he pushed Ringo out of its path.
  • It's not that... easy to take a shady figure like Masako Natsume seriously when her Weapon of Choice (which she uses to erase people's memories) is basically a freaking slingshot with a laser pointer!
    • And the ammo of said weapon? Red balls that actually stay stuck to the victim's forehead. And EXPLODE in shadows.
  • Masako kidnapped Shouma in episode 10. She gagged him with a ballgag and handcuffed him to a bed. She even ballgagged his penguin. Can't get more over the top than that.
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  • The scene in episode 14 when Shoma cuts off contact with Ringo was a Tear Jerker, yeah. And then we have this face. Eeep.
  • Episode 15. For some, Yuri's nightmare about Momoka screaming and bursting up in flames was just... a little too much.
  • Episode 16 has the whole Sadistic Choice situation surrounding the Natsumes totally ruined by Mario's legs sticking up and out of the garden pond while Masako undoes said "choice" via a third option.
  • Episode 17 gives us both set of twins (Kanba, Shouma, and Sanetoshi's creepy twin assistants) being dispirited and worried after they find out that Himari and Ringo snuck out of the hospital. It's a really tense scene up until we see one of the live octopi that Kanba and Shoma snuck in the medical center to make takoyaki hanging on the window to dear life.
    • Also, we have the scene centered on Tabuki's past with his emotionally abusive mother is ruined for many people by the super clichéd piano melody acting as background music. On one hand, It Makes Sense in Context because it showcases little Tabuki's mental torment upon not wanting to be a pianist despite his mom's mental manipulations. On the other, it's almost like one of these "[horrible things happen] while unfitting music plays in the background" videos!
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  • Episode 19 has Masako confronting Himari and brutally smashing her already kinda low self-esteem with words alone. The fact that they show off their shiny foreheads of doom (alongside the horrible Off-Model animation) is... distracting.
  • Episode 21 and 22 are genuinely dramatic, but the fact that Tsubasa can't stop hamming it up even after almost killing Tabuki in the second one totally ruined the scene:
  • Episode 22 has Masako preparing to face down the police in order to ensure Kanba's escape. as if her catch phrase didn't already ruin dramatic moments, the dramagic light streaks as her eyes open and her standing in the shining spotlight comes off as something you'd expect from a superhero show, rather than a realistic, emotional drama moment.
  • Episode 23. The revelation about Sanetoshi being the culprit behind Momoka's death has two VERY stupid details. First there's the absurdity of an all-knowing little girl trying to stop a MUCH older dude from destroying the world, and then there's the ridiculous way to "silence" her... via placing a magical sticker on her forehead. The heck?!


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