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Narm / Ghost Rider

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The Film:
  • Any time Johnny Blaze dramatically points. What Ghost Rider can make intimidating doesn't translate particularly well when he's depowered. Especially when his teenage self does it.
  • "I address the spirit of elemental fire within myself," or something along those lines. Yeah...
  • When Blackheart quotes "My name is legion, for we are many", it should have been scary. But he does it with what was supposed to be a group voice but turned out to be a "demonic possession has turned me into a dumbass" voice. Any scene involving that actor is so badly acted, it should be narm-worthy.
    Legion: Our name is Leeeegion, for we are maaaaaaaanyyyyyyyy.
  • A special scene:
    Woman who's about to be killed: "Why are you doing this??"
  • Johnny's Pre Ass Kicking One Liners against the Earth demon ("Hey dirt bag!") and the Wind demon ("Time to clear the air!").
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  • Mood Dissonance. Johnny uses magic Badass Biker weapons against all his enemies, but he goes too far when he uses a spiritual shotgun against the final enemy.
  • The final battle involves Ghost Rider flinging burning rocks at Blackheart's face, which makes him scream in hilarious agony.
  • The face Johnny makes as his motorbike starts by itself.
  • The guy that Blackheart kills by the trains is carrying a lantern. Said guy looks like something out of a Scooby-Doo cartoon.
  • Mephistopholes' goofy shadow showing his true self when he appears to teenage Johnny.
  • Johnny likes to eat red and yellow jelly beans out of a martini glass while watching monkeys doing karate, as per Nicolas Cage weirdness.
  • Sam Elliott's mumbly performance. The second half of the line below is spoken in mumbly wonderment accompanied by his signature grin:
    Any man who's got the guts to sell his soul for love [beat] has got the power to change the world.
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  • Roxanne consults an 8 ball on her woes. A grown up woman consults a children's toy.

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