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Narm / Friendship is Failure

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The title of this series alone should give you an idea of what you're in for. It sounds like a parody of FiM, but Mykan expects you to take his stories completely seriously.

  • Like with Starfleet Magic, Mykan feels the need to shoehorn in a song from out of nowhere on multiple occasions despite this being a text-based medium where such a thing doesn't work as well as it would if it were on TV.
  • Some Rouge Angles of Satin moments are pretty hilarious. In "Beast Boy in Equestria", when Beast-Boy-In Name Only states that he and the Titans had a fight, he says that "Complete and postal fallout" wouldn't even begin to describe it.
  • Mykan's tendency to insert onomatopoeia into the writing turns any dramatic scene into a goldmine of unintentional hilarity.
    • Special mention goes to when Miser Stash is beaten by his Abusive Father. What should be a horrifying scene of child abuse instead plays out like a fight scene from the Adam West Batman show.
  • What kind of name is "Talon Ted"? Especially considering we are only told by the narration that he is a talented actor. Also, the pun doesn't work because he is a pony (i.e. an animal who lacks talons or anything resembling one) and much like "Mykan Stevens", "Ted" is a name more associated with the real world than Equestria.
  • Why is Talon Ted so upset? Because his sister made him get a degree in acting and that hurt his "pride". And now he refuses to do anything with his life because of his bruised ego.
  • As much as we adore Cherry-Lei and Ath-Lita, Mykan's portrait of her leaves a lot to be desired. As in, he clearly didn't even try to remember his own story. She already has a cutie mark in the story itself, yet she's a blank flank in the picture. She also looks like a bad Palette Swap of Fluttershy with Bon Bon's colors. We know they have the same voice actress, but this is really pushing it.
  • The same thing with Talon Ted also applies for Stone Heart. Usually, a pony's name corresponds with their respective talent but Stone Heart's name isn't connected to either waste management (his job) or writing (his hobby). There's also how pretentious the name sounds; Mykan is trying so hard to hammer in the fact that there's nothing you can do to change this pony's way of thinking, and it comes off as silly.
    • The Write a Wrong version of Stone Heart actually does have a cutie mark related to fiction: a broken pencil and pages flying out of a book. Because of this, it's even easier to believe that this Stone Heart's special talent is sucking at writing.
    • Ironically enough, the Stone Heart in Write of Way has the same cutie mark and he even says outright that it's a cutie mark in bad writing, except this Stone Heart is actually able to write a good story. You'd think that the positive reinforcement from readers of his good books (including Princess Celestia) would encourage him to climb out of his rut and turn his life around, but instead, he pulls a Talon Ted and instead starts wangsting about how it goes against his preferences and hurts his pride and dignity, pawns his paychecks off to charities so he doesn't have to look at them, and curses out the princesses for daring to pay attention to him for something he hated making. Long story short, he's a ridiculously overblown Drama Queen even by the usual standards of these fics.
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  • At the end of Write a Wrong, Celestia has all of Stone Heart's rewritten stories burned because he didn't like Twilight's edits to them. It brings to mind the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! episode "A Novel Approach" where King Dedede has the resident Harry Potter expies in Cappy Town burned simply because he Never Learned to Read. The difference is that Dedede's portrayed as an Evil Is Petty Authority in Name Only who's meant to be in the wrong for this action, while in-canon Reasonable Authority Figure and Big Good Princess Celestia is supposed to be in the right for the same act. In short, Celestia is making King Dedede look good right now.
  • As sympathetic as he is, we again have to wonder: who names their foal "Bill Dollar"?
  • In End of Ends, during Count Logan's introduction, it is stated that his eyebrows "magically show through his mask to show his mood". An Expressive Mask isn't unheard of in media, but when the fic outright states that the eyebrows come out, it sounds even more silly than it probably should.
  • The chapter "Nightmare comes true" as part of the END OF ENDS story is chock full of this. Let's start with the fact Equestria is destroyed in this chapter. You'd expect this to be an exciting and horrifying action scene showcasing the stakes but it's ruined by multiple factors:
  • Bill Dollar's death plays out like something from a Black Comedy but Mykan expects you to take it completely seriously.
  • Helper Soul figuratively dies from a broken heart. Unlike Bill, he doesn't even have the excuse of suffering from existing health problems; this physically healthy pony just drops dead from sheer Wangst. As if that wasn't absurd enough, he gets in a full song with his dying breath (with five different versions of the pony performing the musical number), which pushes the whole thing over the top into full-on hilarity.
    • There is foreshadowing: Helper's own mother died of the same exact condition in his backstory. Apparently, narminess is genetic.
    • Speaking of said musical number, it is a cover of "Christmas 1915" by Celtic Thunder, which is a song about The Christmas Truce. A song about two opposing sides in a war temporarily dropping the conflict and celebrating the holidays, only to continue the war as soon as the celebrations are over does not really fit with a pony whining about not getting their way and then dying.
    • On that topic, Helper Soul's leg. Despite being clearly paralyzed, it can still somehow feel pain. The reason it's in so much pain? Because it's meant to represent his aching heart. We seriously get lines like "my leg is in constant pain, but not as much as my heart...!" without a hint of irony. These are the kinds of lines you hear in a bad Soap Opera, yet just like everything else, it's taken 100% seriously.
  • Apparently, in Mykan's Hypothetical Casting for Helper Soul, he picked Samuel Vincent (best known for Double D from Ed, Edd n Eddy and Russel Ferguson from Littlest Pet Shop (2012)). Somehow imagining his lines spoken in Double D's voice makes them more laughable.
  • Every single time he uses Sound Effect Bleeps in END OF ENDS and DARKNESS OF DIMENSIONS. There's no point in using them, since both fics have a higher age rating. Knowing Mykan, he put this in to imitate syndicated TV where major swears are bleeped out. And once again, he expects it to be taken seriously. And the weird thing is, he censors the F word but not the S word.
    • Another layer of Narm is added once you realize what these fics entail. We have civilians dying, left and right, several of which are children, sometimes in hilariously edgy ways, and the one thing he omits from his fics are uncensored uses of Precision F Strikes.
  • Every single time a character starts ranting about how much everything sucks for them, they sound more like a child throwing a tantrum. Once again, we're meant to take them seriously.
  • "The Meanie of Hearth's Warming". It's a title so silly sounding, it's hard to take seriously.
    • Knowing Mykan's love of referencing other TV series, it's probably supposed to be a reference to the Rugrats Hanukkah special, in which the protagonists mishear the phrase "meaning of Hanukkah" as "meanie of Hanukkah". Not that this helps, as the protagonists of Rugrats are little kids who you'd EXPECT to mishear a phrase like that.
  • Mykan's typical mistakes in writing results in this gem of a line:
    Robin: That Count Logan and his bitches will be story they came into existence, and tried to wipe out our own.
  • In End of Ends, at the scene of the final battle where everyone is powered up for the final fight, every character gets a moment to vow to save Beast Boy from being Count Logan....but it falls completely flat with the MLP characters because they don't know Beast Boy. It just hammers in how pointless they are to the plot.
  • In Beast Boy in Equestria, there is a scene where Terra is visited by her Guardian Angel and where the Titans' computers suddenly become sapient so Mykan can deliver his obligatory Author Tract and Exposition Dump. Both of these scenes are so out of left field and random, it becomes unintentionally comical. It doesn't help that the scenes with Terra and her Guardian Angel are a blatant rip off of It's a Wonderful Life and the Titans' computers' dialogue is taken directly from an episode of The Simpsons.
  • In End of Ends, when the Mane Six and Discord realize they're probably doomed, they break out into song, leading to a very big Mood Whiplash in the form of an unnecessary, gratuitous musical number.
  • Hearth's Warming Eve Carol is chock full of this. Not only does the story manage to completely miss the point of one of the most adapted stories ever but Miser Stash's backstory is so over the top with tragedy, it becomes unintentionally funny in a Crosses the Line Twice kinda way. This line, in particular, seems to have come straight out of a Black Comedy, especially with the punctuation:
    "Why do I keep losing things... ON HEARTHS WARMING?!! TELL ME WHY———————-!!!"
    • Speaking of Miser's backstory, he has a deceased fiancée named "Twinkle Belle", a name which is hilarious enough in its own right, but when Miser is visiting her tombstone, the name is misspelled as "Tinkle Belle".
  • Darkness of Dimensions, like many of Mykan's stories, is framed as if it were a movie. One of the ways this framing device manifests itself is by giving the Dark Angels diegetic subtitles!
    • Speaking of Darkness of Dimensions, the emotional weight of Beast Boy's parents dying is almost immediately ruined when they are referred to not as scientists, but Scientologists, an error that comes up again in the epilogue where the Cosmic Retcon causes Pinkie Pie to become a much calmer pony with a desire to become a Scientologist. You heard that right: Pinkie Pie the Scientologist. That alone is worth uproarious laughter.
  • In the crossover between Teen Titans and Equestria Girls named "HSM V Ways of Life", Mykan gives an unnecessarily long explanation for why the Teen Titans are powerless and in high school: that they've been reincarnated into new lives with no powers and will never become superheroes... or what most people would refer to as a High School A.U.